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March 13, 2014

The Conservatory @ Wynyard Quarter

The Conservatory @ Wynyard Quarter

The Conservatory @ Wynyard Quarter

My food haunt around Wynyard Quarter is usually Pescado's for amazing Mediterranean tapas. But on this occasion, having met with an exasperated "not again!", was the call to scout for a new eatery. The avenue of caf├ęs along North Wharf to choose from is somewhat bewildering, so basing the decision purely on patron numbers, we settled down at The Convervatory bar. We made the right choice as you can see - the food was really as good as it looks. These are literally the best beef sliders I've ever had, and the pizza menu was full of exotic options - we went for the Casa Blanca (Moroccan lamb, roasted butternut, rocket, pine nuts, cherry tomatoes, red onions and oregano) after a fair bit of deliberation. It was delicious but at 18", too big even for two to share. Lucky for us, they let us takeaway. Price-wise, well, it's definitely expensive enough to convince yourself you're somewhere classy - but sometimes you just have to treat yourself. My only regret was not getting a turn sitting on those giant, suspended swing chairs, but there's always next time...

The Conservatory bar & restaurant, 1-17 Jellicoe Street, North Wharf, Wynyard Quarter

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Julia Lutsyuk wrote:

So tasty! Great photos!

kcomekarolina wrote:

it all looks delicious!!

xoxo from rome


jamie-lee wrote:

Looks pretty good! It's always a little stressful going somewhere new, especially on a whim as it's hard to tell if it will be any good - something I'm currently undergoing with the move. Best thing is when they let you do take away - Blue Breeze Inn let Luke and I do that with all our leftover food. Best!

Jenessa Sheffield wrote:

Look at all that bomb food, and you look gorg!

Alisha T wrote:

Those sliders look so amazing!

xx Alisha

Gloria wrote:

your blog is really neat and lovely<3 and this post is adorable! i love your photos, and you are so gorgeous<3 looking forward to seeing more posts from you [:

keep up the great work, girlll!

if you're interested, let's follow each other! do let me know!!


Marcella wrote:

I love places with good atmosphere, plus the food looks amazing.
I just started following your blog. Great stuff!

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