2013 - unpublished series

January 11, 2014

Rather than doing a 2013 recap of posts that have already been seen, I thought it would be more interesting to go through the archives and pick out a few that didn't make it onto the blog. It's pretty strange seeing these actually, I must have done a fair bit of evolving in just a year so far as I can tell - let's just say I'm not sure I would wear some of these outfits again...

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barefoot duchess blog wrote:

Absolutely fabulous! Love your style =)

Lily C. wrote:

I just discovered your blog and I absolutely love your style! Will definitely be visiting often for inspiration :)


Beautiful photos


Aneta - FW wrote:

That last image should've made it to the blog - love it!

Joe Beverly wrote:

Love the outfit with the camouflage jacket!
Hope we get to see more from your archives . . .

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