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July 1, 2013

Equipment FR Shirts

Something classic, something printed, and something blue. Can't wait to wear these beauties from EquipmentFR.

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Tatiana wrote:

I love the white shirt! Always so clean and beautiful.


lanciacoriandoli wrote:

love all!


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Joe Beverly wrote:

love the blue one, can't wait to see you model it . . .

L. wrote:

These look so chic and luxurious, I'm so jealous! And I'm fascinated by the print on the black one- I haven't decided whether they're thumbtacks, diamonds or sailboats. :)

rhodawong wrote:

perfect pieces!

jamie-lee wrote:

I recommend getting the sleeveless versions for the summer too - I virtually live in mine then x

Anna wrote:

great colors and prints!

Namasté wrote:

Aww... Really love the three of them! The blue one looks great for summer!

Have a nice day!!

Pip O'Sullivan wrote:

Ahhhhh they are all so gorgeous! So graphic! I didn't know about this brand until now but i love everything!

love outside is colours

Cassandra Too wrote:

The prints look so cute!

with love, Cassandra

Kstylick wrote:

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