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July 24, 2013

Since moving into the city, I have spent almost every weekend religiously exploring every nook and cranny. Now I feel like I've built up a decent repertoire of favourite hideouts, photo locations, cafe haunts and picnic spots.

1 // Vulcane Lane.
2 // Pancakes at Cafe Melba.
3 // Closest thing to leaf litter.
4 // Wrapped up and still cold.
5 // Belgian hot chocolate. The best kind.
6 // In Albert park, watching asians being... asians.
7 // Delicious new scents. Hugo Boss Green and Marc Jacobs Daisy (these perfumes are available from Smelly Cat for a song!)
8 // Back of the Art Gallery is possibly more interesting than the front.
9 // If I had a favourite bridge, this would be it.
10 // Yes, in case you were wondering, I stroll in flats.

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comments: 8

Dani wrote:

Moving to a new city is always so exciting and challenging... looks like you're having a wonderful time at it!

<3 dani

malu wrote:

Lovely pictures! :)
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Jennifer wrote:

These are great photos!

xo Jennifer

Joe Beverly wrote:

heels are for the bedroom and fashion shoots . . . :)

Sarah wrote:

That last photo.. everything.

Kate wrote:

These are such stunning images! You look very chic. I'd love to know some of your favourite go-to spots in the city being an Aucklander myself.... Xx

K a t e C r o s s | Modette

Kimberley Jade wrote:

Love the photo's! Very artistic.

Kimberley Jade

LeDan Pham wrote:

wonderful blog!

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