Ortalana, Britomart

June 18, 2013

The start of the working week is always such a drag. Wishing I could rewind back to the weekend...

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Meghan wrote:

These are such gorgeous pics .

Meghan Silva's Blog

rhodawong wrote:

great shots!


Chic Trends wrote:

That pug is adorable! And the pictures, delicious.

Thanks for sharing, xx http://chictrends.co.uk

myblissisthisway wrote:

great snapshots!


Krys wrote:

Luckily, it's already midweek! (The weekend couldn't arrive sooner.) Hope you rest well between workdays xx

Mariska wrote:

Love Ortolana! Stylish place to eat yummy food x

M Monica wrote:

Just stumbled onto your blog while researching for my new blog. C
I just had to comment cos your blog and photos are AMAZING! Also in common is that I was also born in Hk and now live in Akl.

Would be cool to get some hints from you for my blog! Have saved you on my bookmarks now! Thanks!!


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