May 13, 2013

Recap of last week, my graduation ceremony. Bit of a subdued affair, as this was my second capping, but that suited me fine (nothing stamps out the impulse to take cheesy photos like cringing over photos from the last outing). Numerous people have asked me what I studied, so to satisfy your curiosity - I did a BSc/BA conjoint at UoA before taking a gap year, followed by an Honours year majoring in Stats. Rather mundane, but there you have it folks!

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Coline Chavaroche wrote:

tu es toute belle !


Coline ♡

Jennifer wrote:


xo Jennifer

meghan silva wrote:

Congrats honey that is really amazing!

Meghan Silva's Blog

canvasofculture wrote:

Wow stats isn't easy! Congrats:)


Joe Beverly wrote:

Business or Science?

jenny wrote:

That means we graduated on the same day, then! I was in the second ceremony haha. Weather was crappy but hope you didn't let it ruin your day :)

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