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April 4, 2013

Such a privilege to be able to go backstage to see these Mimco pieces up close. The craftsmanship is truly amazing and they really do sparkle even more in real life. The ruby collar is probably my absolute favourite. Which is your pick?

Some of these one-off 'Made For Parade' pieces are still available here.

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rhodawong wrote:

such gorgeous pieces!


Mandi L wrote:

The detailing is exquisite!

xx Mandi

kcomekarolina wrote:

stunning pieces!

xoxo from rome

malu wrote:

Amazing pieces!
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Yolanda - BNE Style wrote:

I agree, the ruby collar is gorgeous! Great photos, thanks for the backstage exclusive!


Lucrezia Fausti wrote:



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Memosne wrote:

Absolutely beautiful! It's a tie between between the ruby color and the onyx bodice. I know this is a bit silly, but I would totally rock these on the daily if I purchased one. Hell, you can't save the nice stuff only for special occasions! ;) Well, maybe not on the daily, but I think you get it. As always your photos are so lovely. =)

meghan silva wrote:

They are such amazing pieces ! Gorgeous post.

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