March 23, 2013

Just got back from a whirlwind trip to Australia. Need to catch up on my zzzs but more to come soon!

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The Fashionista Tourist wrote:

I'll be in Australia tomorrow! I'll be in Cairns but for vacation! Have a great time!
-The Fashionista Tourist

Jennifer wrote:

Have a great trip!

xo Jennifer

Krys wrote:

Looking forward to hearing about your trip to Australia! Makes me super reminiscent of the time I spent there haha.

Nanne wrote:

Nice, can't wait to see some photos of Australia!

Elena Vasilieva wrote:

loving that zara biker. getting myself the same one next week

rhodawong wrote:

great shots!

Meghan wrote:

Hope you feel well rested soon , gorgeous pics.

xo Meg<3

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