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February 1, 2013

Valentino Rockstud Noir T100 Pumps

Oh yes, I did.

Valentino Rockstud Noir T100 Pumps

Valentino Rockstud Noir T100 Pumps

Valentino 'Rockstud' pumps (here, or here)

Of course my first paycheck would belong to Valentino.

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comments: 17

IAm Westie wrote:

GEEZUZ! I have no words but swearsies!

Elena Vasilieva wrote:

these are hot

MonochromeMagpie wrote:

They are So. Freaking. Perfect.

Jennifer wrote:

xo Jennifer

Maggie wrote:

Pierced my heart with love *sigh.

Love Scrapbook

rhodawong wrote:

so in love!

Nita wrote:

OMG I want them!! :D

xx Nita

Joe Beverly wrote:

Oh yes, I did. ** Which is why we love you. You deserve the very best.

Gigi Song wrote:

Ahh so jealous! They are stunning!

This Happy Little Blog

Aimee wrote:

I can think of no better way to spend a first paycheck. Those are killer heels. :)
xoxo Aimee

Annie Chen wrote:

New reader!

Can't believe you bought them! A paycheck well spent!
I love the photography, especially the last one. The striped shadow and b&w just go so well with NOIR.

Lab Coat Ambition

Venicakalambay wrote:

The Pink Ones Looks HEAVENLY!

Andrea wrote:

ahh my favourite shoes ever! i want them too! love <3

Meghan wrote:

love every single pic in this post!

Myblissisthisway wrote:

I'm insanely jealous.  Those are an awesome shoe!

joselin reyes wrote:

those are a dream!

Bren @ B So Chic@ wrote:

oh hotness! pure hotness. You prolly deserve them. I'm about to do the same. But with some Charlotte Olympia's :) :) 

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