in bloom

February 17, 2013

Lazy Sunday enjoying my beautiful Valentine's bouquet and catching up on my favourite blogs. Making good use of my handy new Snugg iPad case - no more balancing awkwardly on the legs or dinging the corners on unsuspecting doorframes.

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Sarah wrote:

Beautiful photos. That iPad case is awesome!

The Purse Snatcher 

pamela wrote:

beautifull flowers!!

Liliana Ferreira wrote:

I love roses ! And such great photos !

Maggie A wrote:

Beautiful photos. Cute new case.

Maggie A
Love Scrapbook

Mandi L wrote:

The roses are absolutely beautiful. What a great way to spend the day too.

xx Mandi

meghan silva wrote:

Beautiful flowers , Sundays are all about being lazy.

xo Meg

Myblissisthisway wrote:

Lovely snapshots!

Heights of Fashion wrote:

these pictures are so crisp! love it all!


Memosne wrote:

Hahaha, whenever it's "Springtime" and I see flowers, I always, always, always hear Meryl Streep's voice in my head "Florals? For spring? How groundbreaking."

However, your photos are quite beautiful, as always. <3

Nita Gill wrote:

Love it!

xx Nita

Theonlyfashionprincess wrote:

The bouquet is gorgeous and I really like the photography. Your new Ipad case seems so handy to me! X

Kcomekarolina wrote:

how romantic!

xoxo from rome

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