for NYE

December 30, 2012

Got my party dress sorted for NYE festivities thanks to Free People. Now all I need is the slip, mustn't forget that...

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Laura wrote:

It looks amazingly beautiful!

- Laura

Nora wrote:

Thats a fabulous flapper dress! I'm rather jealous!

Somebody from Somewhere wrote:

so cute

Rachella wrote:

It's amazing!!! X

Mia Marionette wrote:

Such a fabulous dress! I love it!

Andrea wrote:

so pretty :)

rhodawong wrote:

such a beautiful piece! you're so lucky you get to rock it during new years!

Joe Beverly wrote:

"Now all I need is the slip, mustn't forget that...":)

Jennifer wrote:

That is beautiful!
xo Jennifer

Joe Beverly wrote:

wishful thinking aside, I can't wait to see you model this dress . . .

Mademoiselle wrote:

Diantre ! Elle est sublime :D
Une merveilleuse annĂ©es 20 ♥

ASparklyHanger wrote:

it's a stunning piece!

Gemma wrote:

Awesome!In love right now
Check out my blog:


Gigi Song wrote:

Such a gorgeous dress!!

This Happy Little Blog 

Pickmeanoutfit wrote:


Check out:

Kat McIsaac wrote:

Oh wow that's exquisite!  And yes, the slip is a must lol.  Happy new year!

Myblissisthisway wrote:

What a gorgeous dress for NYE, the photos are beautiful :)  I can't wait to see the photos of you wearing it!

Mun wrote:

Elegant dress. It kinda reminds me of the 20s..

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