made to measure.

October 11, 2012

Custom made jeans from Getwear.

Once you go down the route of getting your jeans custom made to measure, you'll never be satisfied with store bought generic sizes again.
Fit like a dream.

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Somebody from Somewhere wrote:

I've got one custom made jeans and generally you are right...

rhodawong wrote:

love your heels! what a great basic color to have!

Kcomekarolina wrote:

you look so cool!

xoxo from rome

Nanne wrote:

A nice pair of jeans!

Sarah wrote:

It's true they do fit you incredibly well! I still am partial to my J Brand's though :)

The Purse Snatcher 

laima hareer wrote:

great colour jeans

Ittakes2tofashion wrote:

so pretty!

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Novella - wrote:

Wow! It fits perfectly!!!
fashion - trends - DIYs

Karleuterio wrote:

redefining what PERFECT is.. =p

Pickmeanoutfit wrote:

It looks perfect on you!!

pick me an outfit

Gillian Uang wrote:

Looking hot! :)

ASparklyHanger wrote:


Kaye Awatin wrote:

It's looks perfect!

Kaye Awatin
<a href="></a>

Elena Vasilieva wrote:

these look perfect on you

Seekingstyleblog wrote:

Those jeans fit you to perfection!

xo Jennifer

Amber wrote:

I'm so sick of ill-fitting jeans! Will definitely be looking into this!

Rae Marlene wrote:

Wow this is flawless! Definitely looking into custom jeans from now on! Share inspirations with fashionistas with similar style at 

Much respect,

Meghan Doolan wrote:

Those grey heels are gorgeous! I definitely want a pair of those! I could totally see this picture on . It is a great fashion website. Check it out!

Constance wrote:

You look stunning!!! These jeans are meant for you!

Ani wrote:

Those, are spectacular! Definitely looking out for these from now on!

Kat wrote:

Wow, I'll definitely consider custom jeans! Those look great on you.

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