giveaway: Win a bag from myLeather!

June 3, 2012

Time for a giveaway! Enter to win this amazing 'Shannon' tote worth $280 from Australian online handbag store, myLeather. It comes in four different colours, all in genuine calfskin.

Here's what you need to do to enter:

1. Register on as a new member
2. 'Like' myLeather on their Facebook page here
3. 'Like' Fashion Distraction on Facebook here
4. Leave a comment about the bag with your details (FB name & email address) to be in the draw!

And if you're feeling generous, make sure to share this post with all your friends :) The contest is open to all international readers, a winner will be chosen in two week's time (17th June).


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comments: 104

Samantha S. wrote:

done & done :)
love the tote as it is such a simple piece that can make an outfit!
Name: Samantha Stroud

agirlworthfightingfor wrote:

Meg Balmes

Great bag, excellent staple piece, so simple and chic :)

gracie wrote:

Cute tote:) i see myself rockin dis with sum lovely outfits.
Facebook name:Grace omoijiade

Imsu wrote:

I'd love to have this bag. Been looking for a black one like this for ages but never found the perfect one. :)

Imsurenla Longkumer

Unknown wrote:

It's the perfect bag to be owned. Super chic looking!

Name: Akshatta Dahake

La Cerise Rouge wrote:

Done :D

DieFesche Lola +


Alexa Martin wrote:

The bag is such a classic closet staple.

Alexa Martin

∞ thao wrote:

The bag looks very versatile and will be easy to match up to almost every outfit, I definitely want x

Thao Nguyen

Michelle's Style File wrote:

Amazing bag! Done everything.

FB: Michelle's Style File

Anonymous wrote:

Gorgeous bag - looks like it could be a Céline. Love it!

Olivia King

J wrote:

FacebookName: Justyna Opałacz

Ariadne Ch. wrote:

Ariadna Chueca de Bruijn

lovely giveawayyyyy :)

Yasmeen wrote:

I need a versatile black bag so this is perfect timing. Registered with this email: and liked both pages :)


Unknown wrote:

Love the bag! Wish me luck!

F.TALE wrote:

I love it! I want it! :):):):)


I am A Love Addict wrote:

I love this bag especially the golden details.
Fb: Dosta Radnjanska

The Simply Kelly wrote:

Done !!!! and shared on fb :
the bag is so chicand i always want a bag like this !!! easy to match with outfit and also allow me to put a lots of things in....
Fb: kelly chang larsson

Azania wrote:

this bag is beautiful who ever wins will be lucky to have it. Follow me back please? :)

Blusheels wrote:

Name: Diana Amorim
Fb: Dianes Secondhand

I think everything about this bag is quite dreamy. I mean, it's a classic in a woman's closet. The simplicity is what makes it such a beautiful bag.

Unknown wrote:

i did everything! hope to win this bag, it's amazing
myriam sorbo

Therese wrote:

beautiful bag! i'm in :-)
Therese skov

samantha.tedesco wrote:

It's a dream!!!!! *.*
Thank you for this gorgeous opportunity..
FB: Samantha Tedesco

This bag is timeless, in my opinion!

Anonymous wrote:

Very pretty

Cristine Arroyo wrote:

FB name: Cristine Arroyo

Miki wrote:

Fb: Silvia Mihaela Nastrut

Ivanna wrote:

Fingers crossed!


Unknown wrote:

Faizan Mumtaz (FB Name)

Did it all. :) Would love the bag

Unknown wrote:

Amazing! Love this bag! <3
Teodora Jordanova

Sophie wrote:

the bag is so gorgeous! love it !
Sophie Ji

Eva L wrote:

FB name: Eva Leović


Illusion wrote:

Facebook Ieva Tauraite

Colleen Boudreau wrote:

Done everything! :)
I love how versatile it is.

FB: colleen boudreau
Email: holliister at gmail dot com

Anonymous wrote:

FB: Ella C. Parker

Such a gorgeous bag. I love how versatile it is & goes pretty well with any outfit.

Fingers crossed!

Susy wrote:

Already a member/already liked it on facebook :)
I've been in need of a good tote for pretty much my whole life, and this one's perfect! Also shouldn't it say 17th June, not March? :) Thanks for the giveaway!
Susy Neighbour

Jamie Leigh Martin wrote:

Jamie Leigh Martin;

This looks perfect; I can't wait to use it if I win it!

Nila Kussriani wrote:

FB name: Nila Kussriani
email address:


Alison Hutchinson wrote:

What an amazing giveaway! This bag is gorgeous -- I so hope I win!!

My facebook name is Styling My Life and my email address is

Unknown wrote:

Name: Karen Ussene
1. I'm Registed on
2. I 'Like' myLeather and Fashion Distraction on Facebook: Karen Ussene
4. If the bag is that black one from the picture I loooove it already! draw!

And if you're feeling generous, make sure to share this post with all your friends :) The contest is open to all international readers, a winner will be chosen in two week's time (17th June).

Unknown wrote:

Love this bag! Perfect for me! Like on Facebook as Ivanna Winsome.

Nettie S. wrote:

FB name: Nettie Solon

Tinny wrote:

loving the sky blue Cello leather handbag v2
FB Name: Tink Louie
Email: tee.i.n.k at gmail dot com

Stephanie Ann wrote:

I love this bag! it's gorgeous!!!

fb - Stefanie Gladden
email -

Kari wrote:

Love the bag, it looks so buttery smooth lol..
fb: Kari Moore

Szappanbubi wrote:

Ohh, that's a super-uber-fabulous bag which matches with everything perfectly ...I'm sure even if I just wear a black bin liner :)

FB name: Szabina Luzics
email: porcukorborso at gmail dot com

Unknown wrote:

Candace Wu
eeek excited :)

kiwicris wrote:

What a gorgeous tote! If I'm lucky to win these. It will be accompanying me everywhere ago.
Maricris Williamson

PlaceTrends wrote:

Amazing giveaway!!!

fb: Place Trends

xx alex

Danica wrote:

fb: Danica Pavlovic

Celia wrote:

Facebook name:Celia Mallada Rivera

Thank you for the giveaway!

hueys wrote:


gorgeous bag!

please let me win it! please please pleaseeee!!

Username: Huey Eng

Unknown wrote:


*crosses fingers*

username: thedancingjewels

Anonymous wrote:

Ania Niemiec

Unknown wrote:

liked you both on Fb as kelsang tibet yong
subscriber of myleather as

Love the quality and the standard the bag offers.:)

The Electric Heart Girl

radmilamila wrote:

hi, this is an awesome giveaway! i have registered at myleather, and liked them and you on FB (name Radmila Ustych). THanks for a chance! Radmila,

Setia Arinintia wrote:

Haven't stopped thinking about that bag ever since I saw a picture of you wearing it on Chictopia last week! My life would be one step closer to perfect with that little black bag :) #crossingfingers

Libby Kusuma Setia Arinintia

Bego_n16 wrote:

I love it, amazing bag!!!
Facebook Name: Begoña Moreno

Unknown wrote:

Love it ! Simple and cute and would go with anything !!!

FB name : Elisa Klok
Email :

simply life wrote:

i registered with a diff email on myLeather's site which is

About the bag, I think it's simple yet classic; I could use it for any occasion whether casual or more dressy, & I love that it has a long strap & short straps which makes it really convenient for me to use in whichever i want to carry it :)

FB name: Janet Lau
fb email:

thnx so much for this giveaway!

Unknown wrote:

LilMiss Kibby

thanks :)

Hui Fun wrote:

Name: Joanna Chow
The bag is amazing!

jessue wrote:


Always enjoy your instangram!!

Jessie Choo

Thanks :D

jessue wrote:


Always enjoyed your insangram Photos!!!

Jessie Choo


Katarzyna wrote:

I love this bag! :)

FB name: Kasia Gocka

Unknown wrote:

- User MyLeather:
- FB name: Guy Overboard • Fashion Blogger
- email:

Unknown wrote:

ahh I hope I win :) pleaaaseee

Genya Polianskaia

lola wrote:

everything done :)
This is a beautiful piece! It's so simple and classy but you can still create any kind of style with it, like elegant or rockin..- I really really hope to win!
Have a nice day!
FB: Lola Fabiola

Unknown wrote:

Love the tote - I have the perfect boots to wear with this bag!

Miriam White

Carolina Gavancho wrote:

The bag is just so perfect. It looks good with anything!
Carolina Gavancho -

Aída wrote:

My Facebook name is Aída Jordán Andrade
My email is

Unknown wrote:

Awesome contest - that bag is amazing!! :D Thanks for the chance to enter - have completed all the steps:)

My email address is, Facebook name: Bridgid Hawley

B xx

Liz wrote:

I have been trying to find a work appropriate black bag and this one is perfect! love it:)

Liz McLean

Francesca wrote:

Lovely tote!
A large bag for work and fun :)
Francesca Longhena

an ika wrote:

Great giveaway!!!
Done all
FB-Anna Ku


Liuba wrote:

beautiful tote!
name: Liuba Orlova

Anonymous wrote:

I've been eyeing this bag for some time now!

Bessy Kim (Boo.)


Valeria wrote:

Thank you!

Valeria Nieva

Unknown wrote:

Love this bag! Especially in "wine" colour!

FB: Just Working Here

Chic style wrote:

really an amazing bag. I really want to win this!!!!!!

Name: Ka Wai (Kay) Cheng


Histrionicme wrote:

FB; Abegail Abundo

Cindy wrote:

Love love love, the perfect bag to match with everything <3

FB: Cindy Quintero

Ashlyn | Let It Be Beautiful wrote:

amazing bag!

did it all.

fb name: ashlyn williams

Anna Shahira wrote:

Reminds me of Givenchy's Antigona tote. Love it!

Name: Anna Shahira
email: annashahira[at]


Unknown wrote:

FB name:Riku Samo

losaway wrote:

Love this bag! :)
Name: Lore Hdez

El diario de mi armario wrote:

El diario de mi armario (Olena Klyuch)

jessiebelle wrote:

Love the handbag it is so stylish in calfskin

liked bothe pages on facebook Tracy Boulter

Ado M wrote:

love the bag :)

Adorate Mizero

jennnt wrote:


Jenn Huiting Tan

Tian H. wrote:

Register as new member on (tian underscore hapsari at yahoo dot com)
Fan of both facebook page as Tian Hapsari
I love Shannon Leather Totein black color, classy and never out of date. Thank you so much for the chance.
Name: Tian Hapsari

C. Hontas wrote:

A woman`s bag is like her universe. So let me put my entire universe in this bag.


Clauddia Danila

Anonymous wrote:

FB: Celina Dayacap

krjoy14 wrote:

I <3luv<3 it! <3 =D

facebook name: Kristine Joy Lague

jennamariia wrote:

oooh i could really use a good leather bag! perfection :)

Jenna Mariia Laine

Lisa N wrote:

Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

Name: Lisa Nguyen

Lil wrote:

Facebook: Liil Kan

I've been needing a new bag [the one I currently use all the time is wearing away]. This one looks like a very sturdy replacement!

daniela callejas wrote:

all done!
I love the bag
My email:
Fb: Daniela Callejas

Unknown wrote:

done and done!
NAME: candace wu

Unknown wrote:

Name: Sandra Xheleshi

Laura Dittrich (Fashion Landscape) wrote:

Facebook: Laura Dittrich

The bag is gorgeous! I think the Givenchy Antigona bag is the most perfect bag ever made and this one just looks exactly like it, which is why I would love to have it more than anyone!

Unknown wrote:

i entered ! :)
Alexandra Marie Clements - Facebook

Thank you for the chance !

Alexandra Marie

NoraHannah wrote:

Soo perfect!

Nóra Gyöngyösi

G.A. wrote:

the bag gives off the feeling of a classy chic lady from the down street

Name: Gavajuc Alexandrina

Axi wrote:

this bag is cool, versatile, elegant and modern, what could you want more?:D

Axi Molnar

BlondeDevi wrote:

Love the tote!
Name: Dominika Kocaj

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