March 3, 2012

Iconemesis Pomme Chan iPhone 4 case
'Celestial Kingdom' iPhone case
Sadly, my trusty old furry iPhone case -seen here- was on its last legs and finally carked it last week (RIP...). I was dreading replacing the thing, and was pretty uninspired by the boring, generic versions I'd seen around in the stores. By a stroke of luck, I was approached by Iconemesis who introduced me to their range of cases which they've created in collaboration with some hugely talented artists. They are pretty amazing, featuring a range of designs from abstract graphics (like the one I chose) to Fifi Lapin illustrations (so cute). If you're wanting something unique for your iPhone, this is the place to get it from.

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Tinacious Me wrote:

I'm gonna have to check Iconemesis out! I am really sick of my generic iphone case :(


Peti wrote:

Huh, love it. But I havn't got an iPhone, only a old mobile by my daddy.. <3

Chahana wrote:

ahh i love it, looks amazing!

Rosalinda Tjioe wrote:

Stunning iPhone case! X

Esmee D wrote:

that's an amazing phonecase :) I need a new one myself!

Lene wrote:

Such a cool iphone case! :D

My Fashion Inspiration

madebygigi wrote:

Great case!!!!!

krystin. wrote:

Just perfect!

- xx


Unknown wrote:

Love everything going on here, those sandals are amazing!

Mandy wrote:

Amazing post! Love the Coveteur-style snapshot but with your signature aesthetic twist! Too beautiful.

<3 Mandy xx

TheMinx wrote:

that case is so amazing! definitely one of the coolest I've ever seen. I'll definitely be checking out their site.

Unknown wrote:

Very cool!

Annie Chang wrote:

amazing design!


Rachella - wrote:

it looks great! x

Style Servings wrote:

Ooooh it's stunning!

Alexandra wrote:

That case is awesome! I've had the same shitty white one that's cracking all over the place for the past two years. Definitely high time for me to upgrade it!

Alexandra xo

S A R A H. wrote:


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