March 7, 2012

If you missed out on my last giveaway, don't worry, I've partnered with for another one!

Enter to win this amazing 'Ebony' tote worth $300 AU. It comes in three different colours, all in buttery soft calfskin leather.

Here's what you need to do to enter:

1. Register on as a new member
2. 'Like' myLeather on their Facebook page here
3. 'Like' Fashion Distraction on Facebook here
4. Leave a comment about the bag with your details (FB name & email address) to be in the draw!

The contest is open to all international readers, a winner will be chosen in two week's time (21st March).


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Anonymous wrote:

That bag looks awesome. I like the orange version too.

Thanks for doing another give away!

Name: Jo Lam

Unknown wrote:

Love the color of this bag!

----------------- Just signed up under: saucy.baby21 [at] gmail [dot] [com]

----------------- Like you both under: Nicole Ordonez

Thank you so much for the chance!

--- Nicole

Unknown wrote:

I LOVE this bag! It is the perfect size and color! I need a handbag this color, so hope I have good luck! Thanks for having this giveaway!

Beth Addis

Jess wrote:

done everything :) i like it in brown. fb - jessica ricks, email, or my blog email <3

Unknown wrote:

fingers crossed!



Donna wrote:

The leather looks soft and smooth. I can't wait to get my hands on it!

Name: Donna Ma

Tinny wrote:

awesome giveaway! im liking the black version of the Ebony Tote!

Registered and liked:

Facebook: Tink Louie
email: tee.i.n.k at gmail dot com

Michelle's Style File wrote:

Such a gorgeous bag, and simply the most perfect shape and size! Done everything!!

Michelle's Style File


this is so prettaye!
thankyou for this giveaway~

loh eileen

*crosses finger*

The SGW wrote:

Ahh, this bag looks like it can fit everything I have and still take it like a boss/bag!

FB name: PohNee Chin

Breanne wrote:

Absolutely stunning bag!! Such a gorgeous colour!


Yasmeen wrote:

Love how big it is! :) Hope I win. FB: Yasmeen Fahmy

And email:

∞ thao wrote:

I'm in need of a big great bag like that!

Thao Nguyen

NoraHannah wrote:

Wow, this bag is so amazing, i love it.

Gyöngyösi Nóra

livking wrote:

I just discovered your blog, and the very first thing I saw was your bag. In between final year uni craziness, I haven't found time to search for the perfect new bag to replace my old favourite, but this one is gorgeous - I love the tag and the detailing.

Keep up the great work with your blog!

Olivia King

Samantha S. wrote:

lovee the bag!
liked both & already registered!
FB name: Samantha Stroud


ayenahmariel wrote:

fb: Mariel Venus Mangubat

love the bag:)

king wrote:

Love this bag!!

Kia Biado

Unknown wrote:

I love that gorgeousness! <3
FB Name: Rachana Vaidya
Email Id:

Lisa wrote:

I love the color and the big, slouchy shape!

FB name: Lisa Choi

Unknown wrote:

Love this bag, especially in BROWN!!! Thank you for having this giveaway.

Name: Anita Chen

kate wrote:

Hi !
Thanks for this giveaway
I love this bag ! I love the color, the size ... everything in fact !
I'm registered on
And I liked both pages
I'm "cat ouska" on facebook
my email is

Karine et Cie wrote:

HI! my FB name is karine Bossé and my mail :
Thank you very much for this great GREAT giveaway!
hope to hear from you soon...

pancakeSTACKER wrote:

so super exciting! what an awesome, awesome giveaway. that bag is too amazing! i registered & liked both on fb as "pancakeSTACKER" :)


agirlworthfightingfor wrote:

Meg Balmes

It's so beautiful and looks so luxe and fab - the perfect bag for any fashionista student.

Unknown wrote:

Such a fantastic bag! I love the classic black version.

Anya Bond

I am A Love Addict wrote:

The orange one is great for the season to come. it looks so chick i love it.
Dosta Radnjanska

Nina wrote:

Nina Závodská

Mia wrote:

Hi! Super nice giveaway!

FB: Mia Woer


Alice wrote:

Fb: Lee Hye Su

sophie wrote:

Hello, I love this bag, I have all done (name FB sophie paul and mail sp82[AT]orange[DOT]fr)
Thanks for this giveaway

Imsu wrote:

Oh I'm really excited!

Name: Imsu LKR

V.days wrote:

this bag looks great!

Vy Nguyen

vacant days

Ecstasy wrote:

I love the bag!!! it's so beautiful! and the skin looks so soft and nice..

fb: Helen Volovenko

agnieszkazg wrote:
This comment has been removed by the author.
Viola wrote:

I love this bag, it's big, and it seems to hold everything that I need on an every-day basis (which is quite a lot) and with this bag, I can do it with style!

Viola Arrfors on Facebook, email is

Dendula wrote:

FB: Denisa Denďula Hiľovská

yurga wrote:

Name - Jurgita Kvetkauskaite
E-mail -

samantha.tedesco wrote:

The bag is wonderful! I'd love to wear it with a silk dress with flowers :)

FB: Samantha Tedesco

Kari wrote:

Beautiful bag!
FB Name: Kari Moore

I am what He says I am wrote:

I love the color of this bag. It looks so soft and supple.

Tryena willi

Unknown wrote:

myriam sorbo

Khadija wrote:

Love the bag! It has the perfect size and shape.

name: Bettinia Farkos


Nisse wrote:

This is Beautiful!!
Denisse Lozano

Cindy Vuong wrote:

I love this bag, like the model and color that makes a fresher!

Facebook name: Cindy Vuong


Ioana-Ionela wrote:

What a great giveaway! That bag is simply fabulous! So fashionable and chic ;)

My FB name is: Ioana-Ionela Pascu.

Thank you so much!

gracie wrote:

Gorgeous bag:)
Facebook name:grace omoijiade

michellek wrote:

love the slouchy style and the color that will go with any clothes. And it's big to hold all my stuffs.

Michelle Kye

Therese wrote:

I love the bag!
FB Name: Therese Skov

chidleys wrote:

im absolutely in love with this bag! great giveaway!
name: Sami Chidley

BarbzZz wrote:

love the bag in the orange version great giveaway
Fbook name: Barbara O

Magda wrote:

facebook: Magda Jezierska
email :

beautiful bag :) and have very iniversal colour :)

gaby wrote:

Wow, I like it! :-)

Liked both pages on FB as Gab Juk
Registered - gabygabygaby

Name: Gaby J.

Unknown wrote:

I have zero brown bags! This would make a smart piece to add to my wardrobe. Thanks for the give-a-way.
I signed up using and I am follow both you and myLeather on facebook.

Keeping my fingers crossed!

bea wrote:

Really beautiful... I wnat it!!!

Beatriz Montoya

Sonya P wrote:

This bag is AMAZEBALLS!!!

fb: Sonya T Pokora

my fingers are crossed xox

Simply Me wrote:

Im in Heaven ....such a Beautiful Bag!!!! I want !! I want!!! Tausha Dirda Salat I think all my bags are this color my favorite

cassie torrez wrote:

I love this bag! <3

FB Name: Cassie Torrez

Jessica D wrote:

Love the bag! Gorgeous in all colours!
The black would compliment my wardrobe very nicely :)

Name: Jessica Da Silva


Carolina Gavancho wrote:

I just loved the bag: it's so simple, yet so pretty and classy!
Carolina Gavancho -

AmyLau'sPortfolio wrote:

Thanks for the giveaway and this bag is super trendy and beautiful :))

FB name: Bao Lau

Alexandra wrote:

Done, done and done! I can't believe I hadn't already found your facebook page before!! My email's Crossing every finger and toe :)

Alexandra xo

Taryn wrote:

Love love love this bag, especially the tan one!
Looks like a great everyday bag.
Name: Taryn Yat
Email: closedmind[at]gmail[dot]com

qotoka wrote:

gorgeous bag!

Zahra Atai

Unknown wrote:

What amazing bag!
Name: Markéta Heinischová

hsiang-chieh wrote:

everything DONE =)

i've been followed ur blog for long time, there's non much ASIA girls hav such good style as u, always give me lot of inspiration, i really love ur style and this bag give a casual baggy look which im adored, really really really wish i could hav it <3

fb name: jessy chu
emailaddress :

Ivanna wrote:

Love it! Fingers crossed!

bleuwie wrote:

The bag looks really pretty and it would be awesome if I won it! *:]

My details are :
Name : Rachel Tan
Email :

thankyou! <3

Sophie wrote:

Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

FB name: Sophie Phan

Anonymous wrote:

love this bag so much :) and your blog is great :D
Ania Niemiec

Anonymous wrote:

Nice giveaway , I lovvve leather.

Finger crossed <3

BlondeDevi wrote:

amazing bag !

FB: Dominika Kocaj

Anonymous wrote:

This bag will blend in with almost any outfit, and I can fit so much in it and still looking fashionable.

fb name: Daniala morris

Anonymous wrote:

What a lovely calfskin bag! :)

FB Name: Wai Lam Au

Unknown wrote:

Looks lovely! Liking on facebook with Charlotta Grönberg, email is charlotta.gronberg @


Anonymous wrote:

love this :) my email address is and my facebook name is Samantha Lyy.. thanks!

jenlu wrote:

Reallllyyyyy love this bag..perfect size and all! love ur blog tooo!! thanks! <3 from Singapore ^^

Anonymous wrote:

I have done everything.
It's a beautiful bag !

Name : Inès AMRI
Email :

Tuesday in Amsterdam wrote:

Beautiful giveaway.

Fb name: Hadassah Martes

I have:
1. Registered on as Hadassah
2. Liked myLeather on their Facebook page here
3. Liked Fashion Distraction on Facebook here

Anonymous wrote:

I'm obsessed with this bag.

Colette Long

jenlu wrote:

Love at first sight!

Jess wrote:

Oh my! I've been looking for an all-rounder bag for awhile now... I think I may have found the perfect site to browse :)

Facebook name: Jessica Pham

looking lovely like always <3
Jess xx

Anonymous wrote:


Registered & liked :)


jenlu wrote:

love this in brown:)
FB: Lu Yupei

Unknown wrote:

Hi my Facebook name is: Sandra Xheleshi and my email is:

This bag is really gorgeous and I would love to win this.

Sandra x

Ché Streeting wrote:

Great bag! Have liked and joined all.
Ché Streeting

there's more wrote:

this bag is just so beautiful i would even say he's very gorgeous ! i love it

name : camille polo
email :

ms wrote:

i see versatility

Unknown wrote:

Omg this bag is so pretty! I've been looking for a bigger bag that I can fit my netbook and other things in for class! Thanks for this giveaway!

FB: Angela Hon

peniam wrote:

Amazing bag, it's perfect! Thanks for the giveaway <3
Facebook: Monika Peniam

Celia wrote:

I love it!
fb: Celia Mallada Rivera

thank you for the giveaway!

Imogen Chloe wrote:

Would die for this bag, it is simply pure perfection!!! Fingers crossed!!!!
Imogen Chloe

Pride & Beauty wrote:

Tiffanie Ann Taylor

Lina wrote:

Name: Ting Ting Hu

GOODS TO GO wrote:

The bag looks amazing in that gorgeous tan colour with the yummy soft leather !! Heading to USA and this is the perfect bag to put everything and go everywhere with it.

Name: Kah Sean, Tan

jessnz90 wrote:

oh lalaa i just love this bag, certainly a must have so thank you dearly for such an opportunity.
signed up under
facebook name is jessica alve
regards jess

sabah wrote:

Beautiful bag and I am in dier need of a new one!!
Sabah Lee

agnieszkazg wrote:

I love that bag :)
FB: Agnieszka Insińska

Hilary wrote:

Gorgeous bag!!

Hilary Brazeal

Anonymous wrote:

fb name: Esther Peh

The Simply Kelly wrote:

Woman loves bags and how can i not love this bag? this is so gorgeous
kelly chang larsson


Kadii wrote:

Summer's coming and I don't have a place to put my things :)

FB: Kadi Liivak
preilike at

pooja elangbam wrote:

Pooja Elangbam
its gorgeous, i sooo want it!

oh maria wrote:

LOVE this bag. :)
i check your blog out ever so often.
very inspiring!

Maria Perricone

GeorgieT wrote:

<3 it! Classic tan - always. Just looked on their site - amazing bags & well priced. thanks for the link!

FB Georgie Tomich

Anonymous wrote:

Won't get a bag like this in India, and have been looking for one since forever.
*Pick me :p

Chandini Batra

Viki wrote:

This bag is absolutely gorgeous!! Thanks! :)

Name: Viki Krol

Anonymous wrote:

This is gorgeous! I hope I win this :)

FB: Celina Dayacap
email address:

Sophie wrote:

Woww the bag is so beautiful and perfect!! Love the colour!!

Name: Sophie Ji

Thank you! :D

Samm wrote:

Ahhh love the bag!
I have done everything, my FB name is Samm Afterstylecomesfashion and my emailaddress is

With love, Samantha

Nneka wrote:

This handbag is gorgeous! I love the color and the leather looks so buttery soft! I have been wanting a bag like this for a while.
Name: Nneka Ikem

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