January 3, 2012

So here are my blog resolutions for this year:

#1 More diversity, dilute outfit posts with other topics more often (feel free to suggest any btw).
#2 Less photos per post and be more cohesive with editing styles.
#3 Rework items of clothing into multiple outfits (and hopefully this will translate into buying less stuff...)
#4 Stop messing with the site layout and just accept that I will never be completely satisfied with it.

Care to share your blogging goals for 2012? :)

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whitney wrote:

Wow, that's such a stunning picture. Love the different mediums!
Those are some great resolutions! Unfortunately I haven't thought of any resolutions in relation to blogging so I should get on that soon.
Hope you had a lovely new year :)

Fashion Westie wrote:

Nice 'sketch'...the dress looks uber chic.

Your goals are concise.
1. Cool. Variety, spice of life, yada yada yada, makes for a good read and that nosey parker in most of us will be satiated. Suggest: Trending Posts, Recipe Posts, Tips [care for, diy's, fix it's]
2. Easily said, a toughie in real life. I use Rich for editing. He can slash 10 possibles to 2 in a heartbeat. Males have a good critical eye. Editing cohesiveness? I edit my two fave images in the 5 different ways I have chosen for my blog. Never stray.
3. Holla. It doesn't stop the wanting and wishing but saving on those sale/cheap quick fix buys leads to nice big, well earned and considered purchases. Dwindles the closet to what you REALLY wear AND forces you to be creative in the remix. Declutter!
4. I give you a month :)

My goals for the blog. 2012. Hmmm...?
1. An Outfit Post A Day
2. Narrow editing styles from 5 to 3 :)
3. Include The Cooper more often [within the context of my blog]
4. Practise slow fashion.

Vulette wrote:

So far my only resolution is to wear more pants ... I live in skirts and dresses so that is all I can currently think of, lame as it is!

Less photos is always a hard one, I always want to use all the ones that come out good!

monkeyshines ♥ wrote:

beautiful photo!


Cylia wrote:

great resolutions girl:) I know what you mean wanting to change the layout.. X

Vicky wrote:

Great.... i don't have any goals yet....

★Happy New Year★

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Brigita wrote:

I have the same goals. I think they are similar to everyone elses, because we do have the same problems.
I hope you achieve your goals! :)
xx Brigita

Channie ♥ wrote:

I can totally relate with your last resolution! I never stop on tweaking my site's layout because I never get satisfied with it. But you know what, you don't need to edit yours anymore, it looks great! :)

xx, Channie

Pip wrote:

Beautiful Pictures! And, I really like #3 because I truly believe that it is so much more fun to re-work outfits than to constantly have to buy new clothing all of the time. I think I would love to see more of your clothing re-worked this year!!! You have gorgeous style as always dear! Happy New Year!!! xx

The Fancy Teacup wrote:

I love the idea of re-working items so it will result in less purchases. Cheers to another successful and stylish year for you, lovely. x

Mailda and Eva wrote:

my blogging goals would be MORE shopping, definitely, and to have more followers. and many others but these are main :)
check out my blog, I could use your advice :)

Aleksandra wrote:

I love the pictur and the dress!

amalie wrote:

wow, amazing pictures! good resolutions. need to work out mine now!

Fashion On Duty wrote:

Like your current layout a lot! Just the comments section could be in bigger writing... ;-)

Would love to see you reworking many items!

Have a great year!

Amuna wrote:

cool picture!!


this editing job is super cool - great resolutions, mine includes stop messing with my blog layout too! ugh, so annoying. and spend less money. maybe you can blog about food/restaurants or interior design or travel in new zealand? ;)

Alexandra wrote:

Haha I love the last one though I do love seeing the little updates, you always do it in a very subtle way! Looking forward to this next outfit, the little preview looks amazing and I love the effect!

Alexandra xo

canvasofculture wrote:

can't wait to see your upcoming post! love your blog resolutions, totally agree with #4 for my blog too haha :)

The Girl With a Feather wrote:

Love your blog resolutions. I love your blog so much already, I can't imagine it getting any better! :) Also loving that image!

Alejandro wrote:

This post is quite a statement. I guess that being such a confident blogger is one of the attributes that makes you stand out. I hope you have a great 2012 and that you stick to your resolutions :)

Alejandro (New Blog!)

Krista wrote:

Great goals, I'm having a chuckle over the one about messing with your blog layout, I need to stop doing that as well!
Krista X

Anonymous wrote:

That's such an interesting effect on the image so I'm quite looking forward to the next post! You have some really good blog resolutions; I can definitely attest to feeling the same way about the fourth one. I've never done site layouts, but on my print layouts, I'm always thinking tiny things can be changed...not quite sure how to fix that one, but it's good that you're going to try to accept it ^^ As for one of my blog goals, I've been contemplating adding outfit photographs to it to add variety from my usual stream of studio posts. Maybe...I might get too shy for it ^^ Have a great rest of the week!

Fashion Addict wrote:

I like your layout actually! :) And I think my main resolution is to post more often. Stay beautiful girl!

lorea devenus wrote:

Love your sunglasses! Your blog is amazing!!
Following!! Hugs xoxo

Life's a shoe wrote:

what a gorgeous dress!

Steffys Pros and Cons wrote:

such an amazing dress!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Andrea wrote:

amazing pic..i love your blog :)

The Seen wrote:

Beautiful image and good resolutions. My blog resolutions are:

1. Adapt my layout to create a signature aesthetic
2. Share more personal style posts
3. Get a sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet load more followers!


lucille wrote:

this "drawing" looks pretty cool.

Damsels wrote:

i think your blog is awesome i wouldn't change a thing but its always good to be ambitious.

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