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January 5, 2012

(New Look dress - Mango belt - House of Harlow 1960 sunglasses - Alexander Wang rocco - Zara heels)

Having a moment with these flared shift dresses. Easy all-in-one outfit that's classic and flattering, while hiding the multitude of sins that came with being such a slob over the holiday period.

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Unknown wrote:

that dress is so fun and yet this look is sophisticated and very polished

Unknown wrote:

a perfect dress!

<3 steffy
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The Fancy Teacup wrote:

I am in love with fit & flare silhouette dresses, too. You look absolutely lovely. x

Fashion Addict wrote:

I love all the stripes in that dress! Looks great on you. :)

Brigita wrote:

Really love those heels. For me the bag is too heavy for this romantic look, but the look together looks nice. :)
Love when you wear dresses.
xx Brigita

Cocoloni wrote:

Love the dress ! XX

Anonymous wrote:

the dress is beautiful and the pictures are stunning :)

Nina wrote:

Ah Marcella, I just love you in these dresses! The cut looks amazing on you, and I also love the different thickness of the stripes :)
You look so lovely!


Content Director - Strong Female Leaders wrote:

So nice to see all the striped stuff all over blog-o-sphere.

Louisa wrote:

You look amazing. I love this dress!


Unknown wrote:

that dress is a keeper, loving the stripes

GoldBlackMirror wrote:

ohhh this look is amazing dear!!i like this dress so much.

VANESSA wrote:

You look pretty. Love the sun glasses!!!

Unknown wrote:

This, I like. Very cool shape to the dress and I need one purely for hiding my slobbish eating practises over xmas/new year. The belt is hard metal or metallic leather?

Unknown wrote:

Such a wonderful dress!!

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Two Happy Hearts wrote:

beautiful! what a perfect little dress!
and yes - the flare is perfect and oh-so-flattering.

Megan wrote:

Love your dress and yes this silhouette is oh so forgiving after the holiday feasting!!!!

Annie Chang wrote:

cute simple dress!


Anonymous wrote:

Love those House of Harlow sunnies!

x Minty


I love the metal belt !!

Angela wrote:

Nautical delight! Plus the killer bag!! ;) Love it.

hueys wrote:

love your outfit!

thestyleflux wrote:

What a beautiful dress! :)


Unknown wrote:

Such a beautiful dress! :) I wanna be where you are with the sunshine! =]

Anonymous wrote:

Flared shift dresses have such nice silhouettes, super flattering indeed. I like how you wore yours with a metallic belt instead of something opaque, considering that there are opaque stripes on it. Have a lovely Thursday!

lucille wrote:

beautiful combination!

Unknown wrote:

Beautiful dress! And I love your shoes!!:D

Stop by some time:D


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Gabriella Loconte wrote:

Love this dress is gorgeous


Rachella - wrote:

Lovely dress, dear! And the sandals and bag are gorgeous too. X

Anonymous wrote:

This dress is just so lovely! Looking forward for summer! In Europe the weather is definitely not welcoming!


You look stunning. I am beyond jealous of those sunglasses!

Vonny wrote:

love your dress so much :D

ilovebananana wrote:

lovely! this dress with metalic belt is amazing! i love this outfit:) beautiful photos

eloiselabetise wrote:

Beautiful outfit! Your dress, your shoes and your bag are amazing! xxx

Unknown wrote:

hi!! I love your blog!! now i follow you!! :D I have a blog too, but about DIY. Here's the link if you want to see it!! kisses!!

Amuna wrote:


Joanne Faith wrote:

Happy New Year, M! x

I love this dress, the sunglasses are stunning!

ps. your comment about the 'multitude of sins' over the holiday period made me smile, I can totally relate!

Anonymous wrote:

Hey beautiful!

I love your dress! It gives off the nauctical feel! :)

Yours Sincerely,

Hija @ work wrote:

oh how i love this dress~

madebygigi wrote:

Great dress. Really like this kind of dresses.

Unknown wrote:

Totally loving this look!!

amanda archambault wrote:

Love this dress! Great sailor feel :)
Great post! Thanks for sharing.
Stop by and check out my new post!
xoxo, A

Sarah Whitney wrote:

You and that dress were made for each other! Totally agree, nothing better than being able to put on one or two pieces and be done with it. And don't stress about the holidays, when else is it socially acceptable to have cookies/sweets for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Enjoy it ;)

c wrote:

beautiful outfit and your dress is wonderful!


lisa wrote:

Nice dress :D

<3 wrote:

Great pictures and outfit ♥ i love your blog.!

le Blogueur wrote:

Sorry if you've answered this before but what is the quality like of the bag you're wearing? I've heard that Alexander Wang clothing can be quite bad sometimes, falling to pieces and such.. and I want to buy a new designer bag, I was thinking of Wang or a ps1.. but not sure about the quality thing..

Love the blog, also :)

Anonymous wrote:

the bag and the sunnies are amazing!!!

Francesca Giusti wrote:

love this dress and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

Unknown wrote:

love it!

Unknown wrote:

Absolutely love the a-line of that dress.

Alexandra wrote:

Marcella there is no way you have any sins to cover haha, you are tiny! I absolutely love this dress on you though, the silhouette is beautiful and I love the stripes! Sort of retro-inspired yet you modernize it, love how you styled it. Hope you had a great weekend love!

Alexandra xo

Tayler Worrell wrote:

No question, I am IN LOVE with that dress.

Life's a shoe wrote:

gosh this dress is just soooo pretty!

Gillian Uang wrote:

I love your dress dress! <3

Unknown wrote:

Love the whole outfit!

Anonymous wrote:

Super cute dress! I'm a sucker for anything with stripes :)

xo jennifer

Lara wrote:

As pretty as usual, my dear!! I love visiting your blog!


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