5 wardrobe essentials.

January 16, 2012

I've put together a short guide of what I consider to be necessities in every woman's wardrobe. In no particular order, the list is a mix of cornerstone staples and the perfect finishing touches.

A watch

It's so easy to get overly caught up in the 'arm party' hype and load your wrists up with heavy hardware and jangly bits. For those times when it's too impractical or you just can't be bothered, a plain old watch adorning your wrists is all you need for understated sophistication.

A leather jacket

Leather jackets are my go-to when I need to add an edge to an otherwise standard outfit. I have quite a few versions, in various colours, as well as in different finishes like suede, but this one is probably my favourite. I love the contrast sleeves and extensive biker detailing.

Classic pumps

Everyone says they're a must-have in your closet, but I have to admit pumps are only a relatively recent inclusion into my shoe collection. They tend to be among the most uncomfortable of heels, the toe-pinching factor is high especially if you're going for pointy versions. But there is no denying they are just such a simplistic, yet chic, and insanely versatile option. Best of all, they can easily be incorporated into your work wardrobe as well as everyday wear.

Designer bag

Making an investment in a designer bag really is worth it. Unless you've known nothing but luxury your whole life, toting one around subconsciously gives you the that 'feel good' boost that can make all the difference to your confidence. And nothing beats quality in the end, it will pay for itself over its long-lasting lifetime. On a limited budget, it makes more sense to go for a designer bag rather than an item of clothing because at least you can pair a bag with differents outfits rather than just having the one item of clothing. If you can't afford designer, a quality leather alternative in a simple style will suffice.

Signature jeans

A fail-proof pair for those days you feel crap or completely uninspired. Ideally they're comfortable too, but the main thing is you'll look good with minimal effort. Just add plain top and a pair of heels - less is more.

This list is by no means definitive, so if you've got something to add, do share!

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this is perfect, i was waiting for the additions of jeans. i would say YES to everything and i think the perfect comfy T is important too :)


Sarah Whitney wrote:

Sometimes the term "arm party" thing just makes me roll my eyes. It's nice to know that keeping it simple in that department is still a chic alternative. If I had to add to your list, I'd say a vintage fur or good quality faux-fur is a must!

Moloko + Honey wrote:

so true! great pics x
Moloko + Honey

Heloísa Müller wrote:

Beautiful looks!


whitney wrote:

Definitely agree with all of these. This is a great post!
Love the simplicity of a single watch as compared to going crazy with bangles and bracelets.

Michelle's Style File wrote:

That first pic is brilliant!


Prim and Polished wrote:

The white shirt (or white tee) for me is another important essential!


Angielyn wrote:

Couldn't agree with you more with this list!

The Fancy Teacup wrote:

Definitely with you on leather jackets and classic heels being wardrobe staples. x


monkeyshines ♥ wrote:

beautiful details!


Anonymous wrote:

I would add a white button-up collared shirt!

Anonymous wrote:

I quite like your list of wardrobe essentials...although I've never quite thought of a watch as an accessory, but more of a necessity (I think because I really dislike not knowing what the time is, otherwise i'd be late all the time, haha.) And classic pumps always end up as my go-to shoe when I can't figure out what to wear (: Thanks for sharing and hope that you've had a lovely weekend!

thestyleflux wrote:

I couldn't agree more! most of the staples you've mentioned are my essentials too :)


Theonlyfashionprincess wrote:

I really like this post! You wrote it so well and I definitely agree with you!

Vulette wrote:

I totally love this list! Its definitely more 'me' than some lists out there. Most include trench coats, which totally don't suit me at all and swap my small stature.
I have all of the above and would consider them all wardrobe staple not to mention favourites. EXCEPT a leather motocycle jacket, I have yet to find the perfect one, but this list makes me want to start the search again!!

V xx

PlaceTrends wrote:

great post!!! I'm still looking for a perfect leather jacket ;)

xx alex


Her Persona wrote:

love the black loubi's


Life's a shoe wrote:

great tips! I love the heels in the last picture!

Anonymous wrote:

Hey beautiful!

I couldn't agree with you more. :)
As for me, it's essential for me to have my LBD (Little Black Dress), as they can be very versatile and the most basic thing to mix and match with. Another essential piece I need is my scarf (*Be it in square or round), they can make the outfit look totally different.

Yours Sincerely,

LoveE ♥ wrote:

Totally agree with all your pics, and I know exactly what you mean about designer bags - they just make you feel awesome!


Dena wrote:

Amazing photos!Great style!

Style LimeLight

Sammie wrote:

great post :)


Lipstick Sunshine wrote:

Great job on the 'essential 5'! I agree with them all. I'm currently on the lookout for the perfect watch and hope I find it sooner rather than later; my wrist is just not right without it! x

Arden wrote:

Everything about this post is amazing, I love the details! So true. xx

Caterina Salvietti wrote:

Hi, really nice blog! :) you’re so stylish!
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Kimberly Horne wrote:

I love it! I definitely agree with the pumps, only because I'm obsessed with shoes haha. Also just got my first designer purse from Arcadia and love love love it! It's just so perfect in many ways.

xoxo, Jjanga!

Sophia wrote:

Great, I really think these are the main wardrobe essentials! Btw I love your watch :)

Shamini wrote:

totally agreeing with you ...

Kimiya wrote:

Love the post!

Borjana wrote:

Totally agree!Timeless pieces!

Jackie wrote:

Hey marcella... I'm so glad you did this post because I look up to you as my inspiration. Its all about keeping it smple! And you do it well. I will take all of these essentials into great consideration. In the making I'm trying to save on a designer bag cause as you said it is totally worth it I can't agree more with you!



Alexandra wrote:

Shockingly, I'm missing two important things from this list - a watch and signature denim. I'm especially needing a watch, I find oftentimes I just want something to layer with my other bracelets but more bangles just seems too femme and old. I'll have to hunt for one soon! Loving these pics Marcella!

Alexandra xo


DNA (designers+artists) wrote:

You hit it spot on!



omg its so cool to see such a successful new zealand fashion blogger ou there! your style is amazing , i just spent ages looking through all your old posts! ahhhh yoursuch an inspiration for little bloggers like me and and my sister!



Dawn wrote:

Such a great post. Sure there are more wardrobe essentials but I love the idea of this and the articles that you named. You have impeccable style.


Hazardous Area wrote:

Awesome style!

SJ wrote:

For me 5 essentials would be: Classic Pumps, Blazer, Multi purpose bag, Denim, Crisp white shirt!!


Damsels wrote:

i need 3 of those. definitely a designer bag is a must .

Rick wrote:

Great blog!! I love your style. Great shoes!


for a touch of men's fashion.

Shannon wrote:

This is a great list and you are absolutely right about every one of these items. Made me think more about how important these are to my wardrobe.


Anonymous wrote:

Nice pictures! Better outfits :)



Anonymous wrote:

Great list of essentials!

xo Jennifer


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