December 22, 2011

Spiked loafers

Spiked loafers

Spiked loafers

Spiked loafers

Spiked loafers

(Zara blazer - Dotti shirt - Wildfox shorts c/o Heilee - Spiked loafers c/o Romwe - Alexander Wang rocco)

I've been getting a few pairs of flats lately, and these are definitely the best addition to the arsenal. Gotta be super careful when wearing these, I'm one of those people who somehow manage to kick their own ankles as they walk.

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xxM wrote:

OMG those shoes!!! I'm dieing! And loove the photos they are gorgeous! What kind of camera do you use... if you don't mind me asking ;)


Unknown wrote:

love the shape of your sunglasses and these spiked loafers are awesome


Unknown wrote:

The shoes are bloody awesome. I wish Romwe did my size... The outfit is a winner 'LIKE'

PS Watch those ankles :)

Unknown wrote:

omg!!!! i LOVE this look!!!

xoxo from rome

Unknown wrote:

incredible shorts!!

<3 steffy

The Fancy Teacup wrote:

The tie dyed cutoffs and spiked loafers are totally rad. x


MonochromeMagpie wrote:

I die for those shoes! No pain no gain right? :p

Monochrome Magpie

Mangotatoes wrote:

Those spiked flats are perfection.



Josine Luxanette wrote:

Contemplating to get the leopard ones!*
Love them!*


Unknown wrote:

Those shoes are kinda scary with their spikes everywhere!

Sarah wrote:

Love the flats! xx

Anonymous wrote:

Those loafers are so cool! The spikes are definitely an interesting design that makes them more interesting to look at and give them their own unique flavour. Also l like that you paired them with the soft fabric in your shirt. Hope you have a fantastic rest of the week!

Anonymous wrote:

the SHOES!!! I. DIE!!!
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Jennifer S. wrote:

how cute are you??? I lovee those shorts.....


The Key To Chic wrote:

I do the same sometimes, but it's worth it when your shoes are as amazing as that!

Anonymous wrote:

Perfect ! I just love it !

Unknown wrote:

you look amazing here. those shoes are to die for!

LoveE ♥ wrote:

I am OBSESSED with this look - those shorts are fabulous, and I love your glasses!


Anonymous wrote:

Love your outfit ! Always looking so amazing :)


Laura wrote:

Love the look, especially the mix of the tee with those shorts!
The shoes give the outfit a perfect touch


Selina. wrote:

I just NEED those shoes! stunning!

love, selina


Rosalinda Tjioe wrote:

Adore those pair of shoes! x


VANESSA wrote:

Oh my God! love the shoes and the outfit it's perfect!!!


Sammie wrote:

i also got myself some spiked loafers :) they look pretty cool :)
love the combination with the short


PlaceTrends wrote:

Awsoooome outfit, darling!!!!!

xx alex


Unknown wrote:

Great shoes girl!!!! Wow! YOu need to keep those shoes and don't sell them because they are so unique. :) Love the blazer with the shorts! Great look! xoxo


Anonymous wrote:

I am loving this entire outfit

Emily M. wrote:

Hi,Im a 13 year old girl and I draw fashion designs,If you wanna see it,go on crazykidstyleemcks.Btw AMAZING SHOOOOESSS!

MKCO wrote:

I really love your blog. I just followed you :) And you inspire me to be original. Well I actually get inspired by others but sometimes I forget. So once again. I got inspired by you :)

Keep blogging. I love your blog so much and the way you dress up as well.

Valentina Tassone wrote:

Love your shorts!


Candypop wrote:

thankgod im not the only one who has that issue with kicking of ankles. I bought these last month and ive worn them twice and my ankles were so scratched when i got home :((
hehe would love to see more looks with these i find that i can only pair them up with skirts or shorts <33


aiken wrote:

the entire outfit is screaming hot and sexy! :D love your loafers and your sunnies.


Unknown wrote:

Gorgeous outfit! Love your studded shoes! There is such an amazing quality to your photos!

thestyleflux wrote:

Oh wow! that is one fierce and killer shoes!


Alexandra wrote:

Those loafers are unreal! Seriously some of the coolest shoes I've seen in awhile. Beautiful styling and beautiful you as usual! Love those sunnies too.

Alexandra xo


age sex location wrote:

You LEGS look gorgeous! and the shoes are killer! love them!


Unknown wrote:

Very cool outfit, those shoes are fabulous!


Angielyn L. wrote:

Those shoes are so dangerous, I still wouldn't mind owning a pair though!


I like how you combined the spikes on your bag with the ones on your shoes :)

xx wrote:

I love the shoes.. <3

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Anonymous wrote:

You look amazing! Sorry I haven't commented in a while, I couldn't use my wordpress or name and url accounts to comment but it looks like I can now! I love this outfit on you so much!


Anonymous wrote:

Hey beautiful!

Wow! I must say those pairs are to die for! hahahaha! You never fail to keep me inspired with your outfits! Keep it up and be careful when you wear those killers. God bless!

Yours Sincerely,

Nastja wrote:

Amazing look! :)


Gluu. wrote:

Those shoes are soo perfect! Love this outfit

Fashimi wrote:

Love the shoes, but I know I would definitely do damage to myself and those around me wearing them!

Another winning outfit! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Sasha wrote:

absolutely love those studded shoes. i was thinking of making a pair myself! and the colour of those shorts is amazing!


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