December 6, 2011

Chictopia's 12 Days of Chic

Chictopia's 12 Days of Chic

Chictopia's 12 Days of Chic

Chictopia's 12 Days of Chic

(Dress from Storets c/o Chictopia - ASOS wedges - Alexander Wang rocco)

This dress has a bit of an '80s prom dress feel to it, especially given the colour, so I tried to pick more modern accessories to go with the outfit. I'm not used to wearing anything so overtly feminine but it definitely made me carry myself a little differently. Less stomping and whatnot.

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comments: 45

India wrote:

love your dress!

Two Happy Hearts wrote:

soooo pretty! that dress is perfect on you.

The Fancy Teacup wrote:

You look like an absolute goddess in that dress! Such a demure look.

Girlie Blogger wrote:

Great color! Love the belt.

Naughty Baubles wrote:

You look so amazing in the dress!! I love the choice of accessories too!

Fifth N Sixth Closet wrote:

You look great! I love everything & your accessories are to die for!

Anonymous wrote:

So gorgeous! Peach looks great one you. Love you you paired the soft dress with tough accessories!


Malu S♥ wrote:

The dress is gorgeous:) and that color lookS amazing on you :D
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Mangotatoes wrote:

I love the gold details combined with the peachy dress, amazing!


canvasofculture wrote:

beautiful colors! lovely as always :)


Habiba. J wrote:

Oh gosh, that dress is gorgeous on you, I love it.

monkeyshines ♥ wrote:

fabulous design! love the wrap look!


Genya wrote:

This outfit is perfect! really love that necklace xx

Sarah wrote:

That dress is lovely! xx

Friend in Fashion wrote:

LOVE the shoes :)

Friend in Fashion

Alexandra wrote:

I love that you modernized the dress, I always think of clean lines and almost futuristic metallic when I think of you so I'm glad that you kept your signatures with the beautiful 80's-esque dress. Beautiful look as always Marcella!

Alexandra xo

David Diaz wrote:

Truly amazing! I seriously love everything about this look! Werq it!

Have a Good Day!


The Key To Chic wrote:

What pretty draping, and that color is divine! Seriously, your shoe collection makes me drool!


you look absolutely stunning. that dress is awesome

Jacquelyn wrote:

Love the shoes and your sunnies!


Nina wrote:

I think you look amazing in feminine clothes! I remember when I found your blog two years ago, you used to wear dresses a lot :)
But this is a really cute dress, and it looks great with the accessories you chose.


Vasilieva wrote:

adore that dress, such a stunning colour and it suits you so well

Riikka wrote:

I love your dress! You look so great :)

Anonymous wrote:

Great draping effects; I especially like how it seems rigid/soft at the same time. Hope you had a good weekend!

Rosalinda Tjioe wrote:

Adore that dress! <3 x

Katarina wrote:

I love this outfit! xx

PlaceTrends wrote:

You look beautiful!!! I love your style ;)

xxx alex

Jony wrote:

Love love love the salmon color, looks beautiful on you!

xo Jony

Eda. wrote:

This outfit is stunning, love the dress belted up, the neautral colour is so pretty.

Eda ♥

thestyleflux wrote:

What a lovely dress! You look phenomenal! :)


Ballerina'sBun wrote:

wow amazing dress ! you look awesome ! xx nadine

Alba wrote:

So chic, love it :)

CANDACE wrote:

wow ! stunning pictures!
you are such a beaut!
♥ candace from july+after
latest post: back to black

A Stylized Hysteria wrote:

80s prom dress is the last thing I think of, actually. It reminds me of a beautiful grecian dress with its draping. It's so lovely on you!

Laura wrote:

Very cute dress, I like the result of the photos!
I like the bubble pink color on it and the gathers. The accesories are very appropiate too


Hanna & Christel wrote:

you look soo stunning! loveee your dress!


Anonymous wrote:

Your shoes are amazing, I have a total obsession if mentioning wedges! Check it out on my blog!

Shohini Gupta wrote:

the shape of that dress is completely unique

cryskay wrote:

so so soooo pretty! i saw it when you posted it on instagram first and fell in love w/ it instantly! xx

DNA (designers+artists) wrote:

Love the draping of the dress, the strength of that bib necklace and the details like the belt. Such a lovely look!

Electa | Nikolas wrote:

your wedges are incredible !!:)

Anonymous wrote:

Hey beautiful,

Simply gorgeous outfit! I can feel the 80's from it! You never fail to inspire me! :)
I love your necklace too!
Stay chic!

Yours Sincerely,

angela.matina wrote:

i just came across your blog and i'm in love with it. you're so beautiful and have SUCH great style!!!!!!!! can't wait to see more. xx


Plurielle wrote:

I really love the necklace!


AlessiaVittoria|Davide wrote:

Awesome dress!!
You look so beautiful!!!!

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