December 30, 2011

Alexander Wang Rocco Haircalf Duffle

Alexander Wang Rocco Haircalf Duffle

Alexander Wang Rocco Haircalf Duffle

(Sweater c/o Romwe - F21 skirt - Zara heels - Alexander Wang rocco - Sabre sunglasses, get them here)

So disappointed with myself. Put myself on lockdown in the house on Boxing Day so I wouldn't go out and shop the sales, only to spend the last three days online making up for it. To say my resolve was pathetically short-lived is an understatement. New shoes, clutch and jacket on their way now...

What are your Boxing day stories?

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Whit wrote:

LOL I feel your pain with the Boxing Day sales! I'm in Paris for the first time so every day is shopping day! It's awful but amazing at the same time. There's also a few parcels waiting for me when I return home. Oh deer...

Fab post tho, those shoes are gorgeous! Happy new year!!

Natalie Leung wrote:

I worked boxing day :(
But your outfit looks great, better than my working uniform :)


LyddieGal wrote:

ah yes, the perils of the internet! I'm sure you won't regret your purchases though!

Chic on the Cheap

Fashion Westie wrote:

No story. Stayed home AND didn't online shop. So proud, yet so FOMO.

pancakeSTACKER wrote:

This is stunning! I just love everything about this outfit, especially the skirt! I kept it pretty calm on Boxing Day! Just picked up a little gold skirt for NYE! Talk about restraint, haha!


Anonymous wrote:

The internet really does make it difficult to stay away from shopping sometimes because items are easily accessible and becoming more so. Even though you didn't mean to buy anything, I'm sure you'll be really pleased with your items once they arrive! I didn't go shopping on Boxing Day specifically, but yesterday I finally had time to go to the mall and pick up some items (: Have a great Friday!

monkeyshines ♥ wrote:

stunning skirt! adore the wrap design!


whitney wrote:

This outfit is perfection! Love the skirt and the sweater and that bag is incredible.

The Fancy Teacup wrote:

I've seen quite a few bloggers with that sweater, but you have worn it the best. x


LOL I have almost the same story from Black Friday after Thanksgiving -- I cut up my credit card a few days before in order to "save money" but the day before Black Friday I had my credit card company OVERNIGHT a new one to me b/c the sales are too good! haha SO worth it!

DNA (designers+artists) wrote:

Love that sweater!

celeste wrote:

i really admire the textures of both the skirt and the sweater. they are both so different but look amazing together.

The Key To Chic wrote:

I did a similar thing. Placed 3 orders online on Tuesday night. Love your sweater, it has awesome details!

Girlie Blogger wrote:

An interesting and creative outfit. Looks good.

Nina wrote:

This is a gorgeous outfit! I love the grey tones, and your skirt is amazing. I am completely broke, so I couldn't indulge in any sales lol.


Nancie Mwai wrote:

killer outfit girl!
Happy Holidays!

Laura wrote:

I love the skirt and the jumper is very cute, but my favourite thing of the entire outfit is the bag!!


norafinds wrote:

Oh i love that draped skirt it's just stunning! What a great way to dress up a sweater! Gorgeous!

Nora Finds

Ballerina'sBun wrote:

oh wow you look amazing ! love your look ! xx nadine

Riikka wrote:

You look so great! I love the sweater :)

Dominique B. wrote:

Gorgeous sunnies!!!

The Niknok Style

MonochromeMagpie wrote:

Haha, I'm so disappointed that they don't really do Christmas sales in hk! And not I'm in Taiwan, with barely any Internet connection it's even worse! Lol, oh well, hopefully they'll bring some new stuff for sale past new years :p x

eloiselabetise wrote:

Stunning outfit! I love your skirt, your shoes and your bag! xxx

The Seen wrote:

As a kiwi fashion blogger living in London it's so nice to see such a superb blog from back home! I love your style. Happy New Year xxx

YinGSaran wrote:

love your sweater, loo amazing!

Anonymous wrote:

pretty! :) love the skirt.
both black friday and after christmas sales... i was so disappointed! and i forgot to shop online D:

Alexandra wrote:

Haha when I first saw "So disappointed in myself" I was scared something bad had happened. You know what, the way I see it all the clothes go back into making you blog so incredible, so it's worth it right? That's the way I justify all the things I can't afford anyway hahaha. Beautiful look as usual Marcella, that sweater in particular is incredible!

Alexandra xo

adanieva wrote:

Gorgeous look!! Happy new year!!

Theonlyfashionprincess wrote:

You look stunning. I love the sweater and the skirt so much x


great outfit like always... love how feminine you always look with a dose of edge here and there.
I was so happy to see your comment on my blog.
Thanx.. XX Ellena

Hanna & Christel wrote:

wow so beautiful! we totally love your knit!


Marloes wrote:

This skirt looks amazing on you!! Absolutely love it. Happy New Year! :)

The Seen wrote:

Hope you saw this shot on The Cut NY xx

Steffys Pros and Cons wrote:

adore your cozy sweater!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Britt+Whit wrote:

I love this! you just make this so perfect and chic!

love from San Francisco,

nikkistyle wrote:

Great look!

PlaceTrends wrote:

great sweater!!!

Grazziella wrote:

Happy New Year, all the best.

You look great, I love youe sunnies
Great outfit

Peace from France

Bren Herrera wrote:

hey lovely. thanks for the sweet comment on the Essence feature. Love the way that sweater falls on that sexy skirt! love it. Happy new year to you and yours!

B So Chic!

ilovebananana wrote:

ohhhh amazing! i love every your outfit :) great sweter and skirt! like it!

Angela wrote:

I held myself together on Boxing Day...but now I think I need those Sabre sunnies in my life.....

kira wrote:

Dying for your shoes! Following you

much Love from Canada

Northern style exposure

Jane wrote:

What a great outfit! The mix of texture inspires me!

lucille wrote:

i just discovered your blog and i m having a crush :)

Damsels wrote:

nothing too crazy just went down to target to get some stuff ive needed for my giant closet.
i also got the cutest red leather gloves . though not at at target.

love the ruched skirt and im usually not a fan but its hot on you.

jules wrote:

I am in love with this ensemble. it's perfect.

White Girl wrote:

so perfect!!!

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