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December 19, 2011

Photos from my trip to Melbourne. I got a little too snap happy with the scenery, lots more after the jump...

Melbourne reminded me a lot of Auckland actually, albeit on a much grander and older scale. More impressive architecture, more diversity in terms of food and shopping that's for sure, but one thing that caught me out was that the climate is exactly the same as ours. The 'four seasons in one day' is apparently not just an Auckland phenomena. I was shivering in my thin layers the whole time. Even though I managed to circumnavigate the CBD area and visit all the main streets of interest (Bourke St mall, Collins St, Chapel St etc.) I feel like I've barely scratched the surface. Am determined to go back next year and explore every lane and corner I've missed!

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monkeyshines ♥ wrote:

stunning snakeskin print!


Anonymous wrote:

beautiful pictures !!!


Girlie Blogger wrote:

Such beautiful pictures. Wish I could go there someday.

Friend in Fashion wrote:

My home town! Wish i new you were around, I would have loved to play tour guide!

Hope you had a blast!

Friend in Fashion

Pip wrote:

These pictures are just gorgeous! They make me want to visit there someday now. The shopping looked unreal too! Wow! Thanks for sharing these. I love looking at photos of other countries! xx

The Fancy Teacup wrote:

Always wanted to visit Melbourne...anywhere in Australia of course. Magical captures, ultra chic look. x

Vasilieva wrote:

these photos are so so gorgeous

Laura wrote:

Great pictures!
Love your outfit with the shorts! How I miss Summer..


christian wrote:

realy pretty pictures!

LoveE ♥ wrote:

No matter where you go in Australia and New Zealand, it's pretty much the same - I have to say though I love Melbourne! All of these photos are gorgeous, looks like you had an amazing time!

Steffys Pros and Cons wrote:

it looks amazing there!!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Lisa wrote:

Oh how I love your photo diaries... really beautiful! And haha I completely know what you're talking about; once I'm visiting a new or interesting place I start taking photos approximately twice per second. It's frustrating because I have to sift through all of them once I get home. But it does recreate the atmosphere, so I guess it's a good thing.

Love, Lisa

Bonnie wrote:

I can see why you were snap happy -- This place is gorgeous! So jealous of the trip.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Anonymous wrote:

Ah, I miss Melbourne so much! I definitely feel like I discovered new things each time I went. Looks like you had a fantastic time; thanks for sharing these photographs of your trip (:

Alexandra wrote:

Absolutely loving these images! My girlfriend is just moving to Melbourne from Canbera (sp?) in a couple weeks and she said that her visit there to apartment hunt was unreal, these images definitely prove what a beautiful place it is like she said! Loving that look with the shorts and cropped metallic swater, beautiful as always :)

Alexandra xo

The Key To Chic wrote:

I've been lucky enough to visit Melbourne twice, but there was no Zara or Topshop back then! My dad actually lived there for a while, and I'm so lucky to have had the chance to travel there. Can't wait to return someday and shop up a storm! I miss the Yarra River and the street musicians!

Fifth N Sixth Closet wrote:

Your pictures are beautiful & you look great! Love the dress you wore in the picture..

Profit Insiders wrote:

Its really wonderful and watchable. I like to share it with all my friends and I am sure they will like it.

Sarah Whitney wrote:

That shot you took inside the church is gorgeous, I can only image how giant that place must be in person. Also, my fave thing about traveling is trying new restaurants. Bet there were tons of delish places to eat there!

thelescope wrote:

Glad to see you enjoyed it! The Christmas trams are too cute. Did you check out any of the places I recommended? Also are there any spots on Auckland you recommend I should visit?


nonnapuffo wrote:

What a nice post!

kisses from your follower! ♡

Valentina wrote:

Love this blog! I'm following you :)

Turlututu-Chapo-Pointu wrote:

Great pics. you look fab, like always Marcella :)

Andrea wrote:

awesome pics! everything looks amazing!

Anonymous wrote:

These photos are wonderful. i love the outfit.

Angela wrote:

Fantastic pics of the city. Love it so much.

A x

Mimi wrote:

oh gosh, these photos are beautiful! thanks for sharing them with us, now i feel like i toured melbourne as well. ;)

<3, Mimi
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Jen @ redsolesandredwine wrote:

How gorgeous are your photos? Wish my camera/technique was as good as yours!

Red Soles and Red Wine

Carrie wrote:

Great photos! I think it's a place I'd like to visit. Strange that it's summer there and winter here in Canada! Thanks so much for your comment.
Style in the City

Tea Joeli wrote:

Great blog and pics:)
kisses from New York.

Ballerina'sBun wrote:

wow stunning pictures and you look so pretty ! love your style !! xx nadine

Giuliana Zapata wrote:

Hermosas fotos ;)

Anonymous wrote:

Beautiful pictures !

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