shoe management.

November 12, 2011

Blogger shoe collection

Blogger shoe collection

Blogger shoe collection

Tamed the chaos of my shoe collection with new shelving. Should have done this ages ago but the cost of it was equivalent to maybe two pairs of shoes so I was always reluctant about it.

Initially, I wanted a cubby hole system but that would have been way too expensive and take up too much room I didn't have. So I actually got a pantry unit instead from the local hardware store, left the doors off it, and installed extra shelves inside. The result is not quite so glamorous but it works for me. Will save the Carrie Bradshaw closet idea for when I actually own a house.

And yeah, these go two rows deep. Economisation WIN.

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comments: 79

MonochromeMagpie wrote:

Two words: <3 shoe porn <3

monkeyshines ♥ wrote:

stunning shoe collection!


Fashion Bible wrote:

I'm very jealous now! You've got some awesome shoes!
✝ Fashion Bible ✝

Cáti wrote:

I'm so jealous :P

fashion westie wrote:

Holy shit.

kira wrote:

great post! jealous!

Anonymous wrote:

hahaha i always weight my spending on how many articles of clothing/shoes i could buy!!! but yeah, that was definitely worth it. now you just made more room for new pairs ;)

LRB wrote:

Love a good shoe collection!

Anonymous wrote:

This is awesome! Way more organized than I.>

Ballerina'sBun wrote:

Wow ! I have nothing to add.. Xx nadine

Sheryl wrote:

Great shoe collection!! I need to start working on my shoe management, getting a little outta hand!


whitney wrote:

I am actually so envious of your shoe collection! Everything is amazing.

Vasilieva wrote:

this is an absolutely amazing collection, you have these topshop platforms i had my eye on back in london

Jackie wrote:

goodness! so jealous! <3 all of them!

Theonlyfashionprincess wrote:

So so so pretty! I love your shoe collection.It's incredible! x

Habiba. J wrote:

shoes,shoes and more shoes, I love it.

Remmy wrote:

ooh how i would love to own one of these many shoes...:(

Sophia wrote:

OMG! This is the shoe collection of my dreams <3

Paula wrote:

Wow, love every single pair of shoes you have ^^

Lady Fur wrote:

Very nice collection
kisses from your follower! ♡

♥ Heels Are My Drugs ♥ wrote:

oh Goood!
is this heaven or what??!!


Borjana wrote:

I wanna live here:) Amazing collection!
P.S.There'a LOVE giveaway on my blog,if you're interested;)

Irene Mo. wrote:

what a big bunch of shoes!

Dodo wrote:

It's always nice to store your shoes properly! And you've got so many great pairs!!

fashiongossipmk wrote:

I'm breathless :) I would like just one of them, please. Thank you :D

Sammie wrote:

your have an awesome shoe collection,wow :) love every single pair :)


by the way : i have a sheyna jewelry giveaway on my blog right now :)

Ale.Sanmed wrote:

Incredible collection! I wish I have it all! haha
Kisses =)


chanelene wrote:

you really have a lot of gorgeous shoes. envy!

amalia wrote:

Wish I had your shoes :)

Check my Blog
and on-line store !! :)

FashionFreak/Mihaela wrote:

Great post. I really like your blog.^^

my blog-follow me♥mfashionfreak

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Aleksandra wrote:

Great collection!

Anya Sinta wrote:

awesome collection! :)

Confessions of a Psycho Cat wrote:

Those shoes... <3

Hanna & Christel wrote:

omg your collection is wonderful! we are so much loving it!!


fashionmix wrote:

amazing shoes <3<3

kiz wrote:

you've got an amazing shoe collection!


The Fancy Teacup wrote:

Shoe envy! Just did the same with my shoes awhile back, best organizational decision I've ever made. x


omg your collection is INCREDIBLE! so jealous! :) just ordered my first pair of Litas last wknd, beyond exciteddd.

Laura wrote:

And you said on your tumblr you had envy of a Kardashian?? You have a dreamy closet!
Stunning collection!


Mangotatoes wrote:

I'm green with envy at you collection! I've always wanted my own bookshelf or shoeshelf for shoes, I always seem to lose them around my apartment.


Steffys Pros and Cons wrote:

wowwwww youre such a lucky gal!

<3 steffy

Gabriela and Veronika wrote:


Dora wrote:


Affair with my Closet wrote:

Your wardrobe of shoes is AMAZING!!!!
I'm in love! ♥
It's a dream!!!
Kisses ~.~
Flavia Alessandri

NatalaiaSrebro wrote:


Zapraszam do mnie!♥

SuppaSeashellistic wrote:

So many shoes, so little time :)

tonia fashion tour wrote:

amazing collection!!


Jane wrote:

wow! Amazing shoes! Wish I had the same closet of shoes ;)

her persona wrote:

i been looking to organise my shoes. great idea

sarah. wrote:

awesome shoes!
hope we can follow each other :)

Wynne Prasetyo wrote:

you are making me jealous with that collection, me want!!


Rosalinda Tjioe wrote:

Great collection! x

Musings by Di wrote:

friggin AWESOME. Isn't it fantastic at the same time sickening every time you see it all laid out beautifully like that? Fantastic, b/c the shoes, of course, are too fab, and sick because of how much shoes you've actually accumulated? I feel this contradiction when I see all my stuff all at once. too. much. to. handle. Yet I can't help myself...I just keep wanting and buying more, more more.
xoxo Diana

Imogen Chloe wrote:

Wow this looks amazing! You would never know that it is a pantry! That is what i love about being a New Zealander is the know how can do attitude! Yes i did just quote Mitre 10 hahaha love it! And your shoes are AMAZING!
Imogen x

Eva Ana Kazić wrote:

Heart attack.


lovefashion wrote:

LOVE the shoes :O Whata collection!
Always have trouble storing mine :/

Thank you for commenting on my blog :)

Karina wrote:

Ohhh....I want every pair!

Sarah Whitney wrote:

Haha I love that you held off because it was equal in cost to two pairs of shoes. I'll confess to thinking about cost in terms of shoes as well. (Maybe it's a fashion blogger thing...) Anyways, your shelves came out awesome, you've got quite the shoe collection girl!!

alexaa * wrote:

These pictures are amazing, I'm soo jealous now! :O

xx, Alexa

Meggy wrote:

NICE SHOES! Very jealous.


Clara Turbay wrote:

Great ideas. You are so luck with your great taste and style.

Andrea wrote:

wow amazing shoes!

Karin's Kloset wrote:

All of the shoes are amazing!!! The organization of them has inspired me to do my own!!!

Come visit my blog!

Anonymous wrote:

Hey beautiful!
Awesome shoes collection you've got there!(*Especially those Steve Madden collcetions.)It's always an idea to keep things neat and tidy as we won't tend to misplace stuff, and easy to "navigate".
Take care and God bless!

Yours Sincerely,

Mary wrote:




AngelaQ wrote:

Such a great shoe collection. I'm in love! xx

Anonymous wrote:

Love it

Carina Joana wrote:

Oh gosh *.* heaven!

Plami wrote:

Now this is what I call heaven!


thestyleflux wrote:

Love how you arrange and store your shoes! neat!


The F Girl wrote:

Gosh. Is it bad if I drool a little?

kathleen wrote:

oh wow, i'm dying over those images. ahhhhmazing.

Amuna wrote:

Thank you so much for your comment!!
It makes me so happy :)
I love your shoes!

♥ Amuna

the.f@$h!on.n3rd wrote:

gorgeous shoes!

Anouk wrote:

OMG I love it! I'm so jealous!!!

Anonymous wrote:

Amazing !

Ana Sofia wrote:

Very nice collection of shoes. I loved how you showcased your shoes, much better than the way I did on my blog... Hope you can check it out and tell me what you think!

Anneka wrote:

Love the idea of displaying one front and one back of each pair!

Sonali Jina wrote:

What are your fav shoe brands?

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