LOVE giveaway.

October 7, 2011

I'm teaming up with LOVE to offer you guys a chance to win any dress of your choice from their online collection!

Here's what you need to do to enter:

1. 'Like' LOVE on their Facebook page here
2. 'Like' Fashion Distraction on Facebook here
3. Go to the LOVE website and choose your favourite item, then leave a comment here with the link and your email to be in the draw!

The contest is open to all international readers and will run for two weeks, a winner will be drawn on Oct 17th.


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Kaitlyn McCall Pieri wrote:

Absolutely love this giveaway!
HELLO New Year's in this sequined romper linked above. I love this clothing site!
Fingers are crossed for the giveaway! :)


AM wrote:

Love this dress here

Zhenya H wrote:

This is a fabulous giveaway, thank you for organizing it. As far as what I've chosen - I went for a black maxi skirt - something every girl should have in her arsenal :)

∞ thao wrote:

Cool giveaway!
I really love this dress:


Sheryl wrote:

My favourite item is definitely this!

This is a great giveaway. :) I've liked both facebook pages.

email is:


Aside from the python dress featured above, I think the LOVE Animal Print Long Sleeve Wrap would be the PERFECT dress for me to wear out to dinner for my birthday next month!

iRrorschach wrote:

Awesome giveaway! I would love to win this dress:

Miki wrote:

hi! all the required are done. i am following under the id Silvia Mihaela Nastrut and my favourite dress is this one:

have a great weekend!

sereneth(: wrote:

i've liked both pages (under the name dinah) and i think this skirt is really sweet :) i also think my friends would love to see me in something feminine...

Nettie S. wrote:

I love this one:

arra wrote:


facebook as Arra Morta

I Love this :


arra wrote:

Opppps,forgot my e-mail address:

Thank you!

Ecstasy wrote:

I love this dress
and absolutely adore your blog!

Unknown wrote:

I'm in looooooooove with the LOVE TAUPE V NECK WRAP DRESS! Thank you so much for the giveaway!!!

Mandy wrote:

Oh, your blog is so beautiful. Such exquisite photography and styling. :)

I adore everything on the LOVE website, it's so hard to pick a single favourite! However, I think the asymmetrical python dress is just gorgeous.

Love, Mandy xx

Unknown wrote:

This giveaway is just awesome!

Anyway, here's what I love to have:

Anna Alexis Palaspas

audreymae wrote:

Such a great giveaway! I have been eyeing this dress for the longest time. I hope I win!


Vernice Gabriel wrote:

im super inlove with that dress! :)

Manuella wrote:

wow... great giveaway and it is so hard to choose :D so i will put 2 items and figure out in the happy case which one :D


Rachella - wrote:

Awesome giveaway! And that picture of you is totally stunninggg :) x

This is my fav:


agnieszkazg wrote:

Tigerlilly wrote:

love your blog xxx

Anonymous wrote:

Oh, you changed your layout again. It's like you can't stop once you've started :D
Love that your keeping the turquoise. And the new font is great. So obsessed with handwritten ones right now :)

So alright. I will try my luck then :)

The Fancy Teacup wrote:

Loving the aubergine skater dress!

Carmen Coello wrote:

Sammie wrote:

this one is my absolute favorit :
great great giveaway :)
email :


la reina cotilla wrote:
facebook nick: caprichos de ana

MikaBaby❤ wrote:

This is so gorgeous!

Nikac wrote:

everything done :)
great giveaway!!!
this is my favourite piece:
and my email:

nastya wrote: ;))

Ajamka wrote:

Anisa Young wrote:

LOVE this dress:

email: youngandseamless @

fingers crossed!

Laura wrote:

All done.
The dress:


Nabila Lionarons wrote:

love this leopard skirt! Great giveaway!


The Short Girl wrote:

Daniela wrote:

Hello well I'm in for this contest! ..
Here I leave the ink of a wonderful dress! .. I loved it! ..

iheartdresses wrote:

Totally love this contest! so many gorgeous pieces to choose from:)

Jackie wrote:

Ahh what an awesome giveaway! I love this.

Jackie wrote:

I like Love and your page on FB :)

Sarah wrote:

I'd love this dress:

Awesome giveaway thanks alot!xx

sarahrachel85 at gmail dot com

Unknown wrote:

My favorite item is:

Chin wrote:

this is sweet-as!!!

this site is pretty awesome, lots of must-have basics in fashion...
I really hope I would grab the prize...

Daa wrote:

Love this dress:

Nora Nacre wrote:

Im totally in love with this dress:
Its such a beauty. :))

Jeemah Villaverde wrote:

Hi there!! btw, Great giveaway!! :) and i love your outfits!!! <3

Did everything! :))

Jeemah Villaverde
Here's the dress i would love to have:
**i love this dress coz it makes me feel sexxyyy and chic!i can pair this with nude pumps, some vintage accessories, and VIOLA! It would be a perfect outfit! <3

#fingerscrossed :)

hueys wrote:

They are all so gorgeoups omg! its so hard to just choose one item!

i love this:


FaFoFi wrote:

Hey Marcella! Thanks for a chance to enter this giveaway. =) I hope you're doing well!

My choice might be a bit blander compared to everyone with dresses, but fall is coming and I'm in a super sweater-y mood! =)

Thanks Again!

Unknown wrote:

Lina wrote:

I liked both pages with my facebook account Lina Hu.

So cool you've got the chance to host a giveaway with LOVE. I really love LOVE :p
Especially their asymmetrical dresses and skirts!
So hard to choose...but the color of this piece is so beautiful.

Colleen Boudreau wrote:

- I like both FB pages (colleen boudreau)
- My favorite item is:

holliister at gmail dot com

lifa wrote:

great giveaway!

I like this dress:

M wrote:

Liked both pages as KM from New Mexico! My favorite item is the "LOVE BLACK ONE SHOULDER SLEEVELESS DRESS" (


Valeria wrote:

I LOVE this blazer:

Unknown wrote:


--- I'm a fan of Love on FB under: Nicole Ordonez

--- I'm a fan of yours on FB as well under: Nicole Ordonez

--- I really love the Animal Print Long Sleeve Wrap Dress.


Thank you for the chance! :)

--- Nicole

Unknown wrote:
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown wrote:

Liked both Facebook under Kim Nguyen :)

Finger crossed! x

Aparajita wrote:

I liked the LOVE and Fashion Distraction facebook page as Aparajita D :)
I like the LOVE Black Cross Strap Dress :)

Taryn wrote:

Loving this site, thanks for introducing!
This dress is too cute!

Unknown wrote:

I absolutely love this!


bekkarina wrote:

Love this giveaway, have never seen a dress in such a gorgeous colour! Fuschia is one of my favourite colours but I don't own any clothing in it! So I am really hoping for this one!

the cheeky tomato wrote:

thank you so much for this give away! i know there's only a tiny chance to win, but i'll stay optimistic :)

Maniwala wrote:

I adore this black asymmetrical maxi dress, as well as all their other asymmetrical dresses and skirts =)

Thank you for such a great giveaway =)

mya_aka_majonez (at) hotmail (dot) com

Jeje wrote:

Hi! I love your giveaway! <3

I choose this bag because I can use it with any outfit on. Simple and chic!

Studded Bliss blog

agirlworthfightingfor wrote:

Giulia wrote:

OMG! It was so hard to pick only one, because they're all BEAUTIFUL!! And the one I pick is:

Gloria wrote:

Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! I absolutely love the Rose Asymmetrical Maxi Dress!

AdoreIt Lo wrote:

I love your keen sense of fashion. I fell in love with the black chiffon asymmetrical maxi dress here's the link The dress is perfect dressed down and perfect for special occasions!

My emails

Sunflower wrote:

I love this dress!


DT wrote:

My favourite item:

There's just so much you can do with this dress. I can imagine myself dressing up or dressing down with this dress. Plus spring is here! A little green wouldn't hurt :D


♥ Donna Vitan wrote:

Really loved this one! Cheers and thank you.
donna.vitan at gmail dot com

his/her wrote:

Love this casual/ dressy look :)
Facebook name is Grace MK xo

Anonymous wrote:

fisiwoman wrote:

Enter me please! My fav item is:

Ana Belén R.M

MegHorton wrote:
This is the perfect dress for any event.

dd wrote:

this dress is absolutely beautiful and with metalics being the "it" color for this fall/winter season It would make a wonderful addition to any girl's collection! I'd love this prizeeeeeeee
Thanks for this awesome giveaway!! looking forward to hearing who the winner is :)


Michelle wrote:


My favourite dress is this:

It'll keep me warm and at the same time allow me to look chic and stylish.


Thank you for having this awesome giveaway!

Maria wrote:



Maeko wrote:

Thank you for hosting this, Marcella!

I loved on Facebook//both.
I love the leopard wire headband, THIS polkadot asymmetrical maxi dress... and the nude color tulip dress. I want them all!

Thanks for hosting.

contact: maeko_ish[at]yahoo[DOTTT]com

M wrote:
I love this dress, it would make me extremely happy if i won!

Unknown wrote:

Done both! I love the asymetrical maxi dress. Gorgeous!

My email:

Great giveaway!!

Sanity Notebook | by Jessie Raisa wrote:

Name: Jessie

Though heavily patterned, the hues of this excellently cut dress ( make this such a versatile piece I'd wear throughout all seasons. Layering or none, LOVEit.


Tarilyn Yeo wrote:

Luvvvvv this dress!

xx :-)

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