September 30, 2011

Jessica Simpson Pewter Dany

Jessica Simpson Pewter Dany

Jessica Simpson Pewter Dany

(Topshop blazer - Glassons shirt - Linen shorts c/o Romwe - Jeepers Peepers sunnies - Jessica Simpson heels up for sale)

Just revamped the blog layout around here. Tell me what you think!

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C o r a l - G a r r e t t wrote:

You look amazing! so fragile and pure... totally chic

Anonymous wrote:

Wow, your hair looks so good! I know that you bought the trenchcoat instead of going to the haridresser. But really, if your hair looks this good after not cutting your hiar for months ...
Anyway, you should really wear this hair style more often :)
Loving the shoes as well. Nothing can beat a good pair of silver heels. They always add a bit of funk to an outfit :D
Mmmh, I know that turquoise is your favourite colour but maybe less is more? Like using the colour on tags or links ...
Well, it's up to you after all. Maybe I just need some time to get used to it.
But the font is amazing. Never seen it on a blog before. I's so futuristic :D

Brenda wrote:

I love your blazer, the color is perfect for spring! :)

not without incident

The Fancy Teacup wrote:

Such breathtaking, rustic pictures. Your sophisticated outfit makes a lovely contrast to the backdrop. And the hue of your blazer is just heavenly!

♥, Jamie

federica R. wrote:

love your shoessss :)

Sammie wrote:

you look great,love the shoes


Helena wrote:

Amazing outfit! So simple but also so chic at the same time!
I love it!!!


Chrysa and Fifie wrote:

amazing look

Anonymous wrote:

amazing place !!!! :)

MonochromeMagpie wrote:

Love the simplicity and crisp cutting! x

Laura wrote:

Cool blazer color, amazing shoes.


Elizabeth Daisy. wrote:

Those heels are the height of fabulous-ness, love!

Eda ♥

Plami wrote:

You look stunning!


Lisa wrote:

Stunning outfit! About the blog layout: loving the font, the sidebar, the blue-ish color of the font in your 'about' pic (such a gorgeous detail). But I'm not really sure about the turquoise in the post title, the color might be a bit too bright and the blue box too... massive, too present. But maybe that's just me, I'll get used to it and it's up to you of course!

Love, Lisa

India wrote:

you look so beautiful! Love you hair!

Olya wrote:

You look cute! Great!

yenn wrote:

love your blazer & bag. so gorgeous!

kibear ♥

c wrote:

so wonderful!! that blazer is just perfect!!


Xueer C. // 쉐어 wrote:


fashionmix wrote:

you look great as always <3<3

Unknown wrote:

stunning, loving all these light colours in your outfit

Sandra wrote:

Nice outfit, love the shoes!

eloiselabetise wrote:

Stunning outfit and photos! Love your jacket, your shoes and your bag! xxx

Habiba. J wrote:

The lines on the blazer look so clean and sleek. I love this look on you and your hair is gorgeous. By the way, your legs look great in this post.

J.Choudhury x

amalie wrote:

goorgeous! i love your blazer!

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Jackie wrote:

Love the new layout Mar! OMG the color of your blazer is sooo nice.. a perfect minty turquoise. You look stunning as always. I want your legs. <3


MizzJ wrote:

Nice setting for these photos and very cute blazer!

thestyleflux wrote:

I really love your chic and classy look! you look amazing!

xx Kaye
Fashion Blogger

his/her wrote:

You should kern your type of fashion distraction! Otherwise, perfection! Love the mint blazer

Eva wrote:

Love your silver heels! So gorgeous xoxo

amalia wrote:

After countless stunning outfits I decide to be your new follower!Love your style!!

Check my Blog
and on-line store !! :)

Annie Chang wrote:

adore the heels!


Paula Dillmann wrote:

Love so much your look!!


Anonymous wrote:

Love the outfit, so nice with pastels even though it's fall :)

I reccomended this post on my blog, hope you are fine with that:

//Bliss Fusion

Anonymous wrote:
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Anonymous wrote:

Oh fabulous outfit love this and the shoes ahhh xx

Rachella - wrote:

that jacket is soooo good. you look fabulous and love the whole setting in these pics x

Lidiya wrote:

Super outfit, I adore your shorts - very clean and simple and those heels are beyond fabulous, love them! <3

Unknown wrote:

Awesome new layout! Looking fab as always too.


Arden Rubens (TOPCOAT) wrote:

This is such a fantastic look, The mint blazer and metallic shoes are so good together! xx


Love your blog!!!

I admire people with personal style, and for this, you are a reference!!!!

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I hope your comments and sugestions!!!!

Anonymous wrote:

I love this outfit!! Sei un genio!! spero passerai anche solo per un consiglio anche te dal mio blog :)

Stories and Sequins wrote:

Great look! Very stylish outfit and beautiful pictures:)

Stories and Sequins

Frances Davila wrote:


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