after World: Michaela Steenkamp.

September 3, 2011



We were lucky enough to meet Michaela, runner-up in last year's cycle of NZNTM (should have been winner imo) while watching the World show together. I am bewildered that she was not seated front row, all things considered - it was an NZNTM finale, but the show was a bit off in seating arrangements for everyone I think. Anyways, I can honestly say that this girl is, not only incredibly sweet and down to earth, but also THE most incredible beauty I've ever met in real life - and that's saying something seeing as I've been surrounded by beautiful people all fashion week. Definitely one to watch. Lovely to meet you, Michaela!

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amalia wrote:

Love her!

I V Y wrote:



Dorothy Huxtable wrote:

Your blog = your opinions, but I have to say I'm in complete support of World here. They had an agreement with TV3 which limited other media access. And Denise is known for giving seats to long-time loyal customers, not aspiring models. I have a feeling you were offended by her comments about fashion bloggers not having any priority at her show. World are an institution, and I think loyalty to those who made them that way is far more admirable than wooing those who don't support their brand.

By the way, I loved the outfit you wore to the show. I'm not in favour of fur but I can't help loving it; faux fur is a great alternative.

Marcella wrote:

It's funny that you say that World are supportive of their supporters Dorothy, what you didn't know is that Michaela's minder that night, who is a highly successful consultant, and a loyal supporter of World having spent over ten grand with clients there, was refused a seat and made to stand at the very back of the wall with Michaela. Hence my comment that the seating was off.

And I never said I was offended at her comments about bloggers not being given priority, I couldn't care less about myself, but I found it strange that even international VIP media, who were flown from around the world to see what the best of NZ fashion had to offer, were completely dismissed (not even offered a seat anywhere). Missed opportunity there, as those people have the power to share our talent with a worldwide audience and boost the profile of our fashion industry.

Marina wrote:

She truly is gorgeous- it's her eyes that make her really sensationally looking.

Such a great opportunity to go to NZFW for you- makes me want to work harder at my blog to get similar opportunities.

Did you see Gala? She was there for World too.

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