the NZFW venue.

August 25, 2011

Exploring round the newly opened Wynyard Quarter where New Zealand Fashion Week will be held this year. Only 3 days to go!

(Wearing: Glassons batwing knit - ASOS skirt - Topshop boots)

P.S. These photos are from last weekend so the outfit is a repeat.

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Plami wrote:

You look gorgeous! Love your hair!


Sarah wrote:

Great pictures, love the knit! Wish I was in Auckland I would totally attend NZFW, enjoy! xx

The Fancy Teacup wrote:

The plum skirt is such a lovely hue, and I adore your hair wavy! Have a wonderful time at NZFW!

♥, Jamie

Unknown wrote:

Where did you get your knit top?
It looks awesome on you!
Maybe see you around NZFW?

Unknown wrote:

Oops, I just saw you wrote that your top is from Glassons... cute! XX

Anonymous wrote:

I love your shoes! The metal details made me fall in love with them instantly :D
Can't wait to see a few pictures from NZFW. In fact I'd love to go there myself. I think NZ & AUS is way too underrated when it comes to fashion. I love all the fashionistas from the other end of the world :)

Coralie wrote:

Love it !


Namuna wrote:

Did you get double eyelid surgery done? Looks good on you!

Brigita wrote:

It may sound weird, but you look so calm! Totally different, but I can't say why. Amazing!

Love the color of the skirt and the chunky knit.

stop by my blog
xx Brigita

Unknown wrote:

these are so gorgeous, the sky is so blue!!

<3 steffy

Unknown wrote:

gorgeous shots, and i just love your curly hair, so pretty. you should definitely consider doing it more often

amalia wrote:

Love the boots!!!!! :):)

Kaya wrote:

Love the look, the jewelry and your hair ^^
Have a great time in New Zealand!!

Laura wrote:

I've already told you the other time, I love you with this outfit and hair

Hope you have fun in the NZFW!


aga wrote:

Wonderful place and of course great outfit!!! :)

Paula Dillmann wrote:

Like very much your look!!! Beautiful!!


Jackie wrote:

YAY for FW! :) Behind those shades you look so great, esp. when you smile! Love the pics as always Marcella!


Unknown wrote:

I really like your rings :)

et apr├Ęs nous wrote:

Love your boots !

Unknown wrote:

So beautiful pics!


ahh looks so amazinggg!! I want to go!

Alexandra wrote:

Omg how adorable are you, those pictures with the coffee are so cute. You look beautiful as always (though that's what I generally expect from you), and I'm loving the outfit, especially the sweater. I have had the most insanely consuming obsession with chunky sweaters for this fall (our fall at least in Canada, I guess you're headed into spring soon?) and found the most exquisite one from Zara.

Alexandra xo

David Diaz wrote:

Gorgeous! I love the Givenchy bag! :D

Have a Good Day!


Breanne wrote:

your hair looks amazing curled like that!!

Katherine wrote:

What an amazing location to take pics! It looks so clear and crisp outside-- it's nice to see you smile!

La Petite Marmoset

S A R A H. wrote:

amazing outfit!!

Nita wrote:

Your blog is great never seen smthing like this one before. You laso have shop!! GREAT!
Following u and laso add u to my blogroll

Life as we know it. wrote:

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Francesca Robertson wrote:

awesome skirt!


Le Kiss Kiss- Click Here!!

Crystal wrote:

First of all, I love your new hair!!! Looks amazing on you! :)

I love your outfit too! Knittwears are also my weak spot, just love to wear them! :)

Yours Sincerely,

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