July 4, 2011

So, Independence Day also happens to be my birthday - 23 today!

Much to my chagrin, the (totally miserable) powers-that-be saw fit that I should also be sick as a dog on the same day. Err, so no celebrating for me tonight - looks like I will have to wait a few days, at least. Off to find some trackies and soup for now...

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Gorgeous Clara wrote:

happy birthday!

Sans titre wrote:

Happy B day to u !!
La Bise

MCH from Paris

Sumo wrote:


Sarah Whitney wrote:

Aww get well soon lady!!

Becky wrote:

Happy birthday :) Your dress is gorgeous!

InesT wrote:

And get well soon ;)
Have a fashionable day! <3
IT *

Andrea wrote:

happy birthday dear!

Nostalgic Style wrote:

Happy Birthday doll!

Unknown wrote:

Wonderful pic!!! :0

Ivânia Diamond
Portuguese fashion blogger

Unknown wrote:

Happy Bday! Have a lovely day.Wow I can't believe I'm older than you >.<

Adrianna Traxler wrote:

Happy Birthday! Love your ethereal look!!

eloiselabetise wrote:

Beautiful picture! I love your dress and your necklace! xxx

In Palace wrote:

Happy Bday!! :D

In Palace ♥

whitney wrote:

Happy birthday you gorgeous girl! Hope you have an amazing one.

Liliana Ferreira wrote:

Happy Bday ! :)
My birthday it's in July too (4th July)
Have a nice Day!

Corina wrote:



happy birthday! get well soon!

Malu Swartjes wrote:

happy birthday!

Check out my Stylish Confessions!
Check out my Stylish Confessions!
Check out my Stylish Confessions!

Jen Eng wrote:

Happy Birthday Marcella :]!
May all your wishes come true! And get well soon!

Vonny wrote:

happy birthday! stay stunning :D

Unknown wrote:

A] Happy Birthday!
B] Trust me, you are NOT old
C] Boo for you getting sick
D] Yay for warm trackies and soup
E] This photo is gorgeous
F] I will stop here ans doing the whole alphabet is just a little too creepy :-)

Get better soon

MizzJ wrote:

Happy birthday! I like the new blog look as well.

La Femme Tres Chic wrote:

Happy Birthday, enjoy follow Cancer :)

Jennifer S. wrote:

I love this picture! Happy Birthday!!!!!


Unknown wrote:

You are so young :)

Happy birthday!

princessmicah wrote:

happy happy birthday!

Catherine Au Jong wrote:


Amanda wrote:

Happy Birthday Marcella. i hope you feel better ASAP :)

Unknown wrote:

What a GREAT day to have your birthday on!! You look fantastic and I hope you feel better:)

C. wrote:

Happy 23rd birthday! :)

Raspberry Jam wrote:

Happppy birthday!

Unknown wrote:

that dress is so so lovely, happy birthday sweetie

Rachella - wrote:

Happy birthday, girl! I hope you'll have a wonderful day. Your necklace is so gorgeous, btw.

Blond Panther & Louboutin... wrote:


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Natalёk wrote:

happy birthday,
And get well soon

Simone wrote:

Happy b-day :) You really don't look like 23. old girl ;)

Anonymous wrote:

Happy Birthday pretty girl! Xx.

Stephani Janet wrote:

happy birthday! have a blast in your birthday! :D

Giulia wrote:

Happy Birthday girl!!!=) Hope you'll get well soon!!!=)
Enjoy your day!!!=)

Shaki wrote:

Happy B day :-)

Unknown wrote:

Happy B-day in spanish Feliz Cumpleaños

You look so beautiful in the photo

isabellerosenberg wrote:


Christine B wrote:

you look so gorgeous, happy birthday girl! :) feel better :)

MonochromeMagpie wrote:

Happy birthday!

Tamia wrote:

Aww, happy birthday! If this is how you look when you're sick, I say bring on the bacteria.


Cara wrote:

Happy Birthday!! At least you get a holiday on your bday :)
Love this shot, you look beautiful, the soft grey is perfect
xo Cara

Hanna wrote:

wonderful picture! and happy birthday


Anonymous wrote:

wow happy b-day ! <3

Marlena wrote:

Oh, I was born 4th July too ;)
And you look great :)

K wrote:

Happy birthday! Hope you feel better soon.

K xx

Carolyn wrote:

happy 23! and also july 4 :) feel better soon girl *hugs*

Shevah wrote:

Happy Birthday! :) I hope you feel better. You sure look gorgeous in this post though!


beneath the glass wrote:

i wish i looked as good as you do when i'm sick :)

happy birthday! bummer that you're sick. i'm actually sicker than a dog myself, so i feel for you :(

hope you get better soon and can celebrate your birthday properly (maybe you'll get new shoes as a gift lol)

Beneath the Glass

Alexandra wrote:

Happy birthday beautiful! Oddly enough, I'm super sick right now at a pretty inconvenient moment, so hopefully that gives you some consolation that you're not alone! Hope you managed to have a great day regardless :)

Alexandra xo

Jamie-Lee Burns wrote:

A little belated but happy birthday for yesterday - sorry to hear you were sick, hope some nice pressies made up for it! x

shu84 wrote:

happy birthday:)

Patrycja ♥ wrote:

Very nice :)
You are pretty girl!:)

Choi Olga wrote:

Happy birthday! Wish you a luckly blogging and a lot of followers )) be happy )

Anonymous wrote:

Happy Birthday!! I love your necklace btw, very angelic!!

ENNAID wrote:

Happy Birthday and Get well soon!

FaFoFi wrote:

I'm totally late to this party. =__= Happy birthday! <3 Even if you're feeling sick I'm sure you look fabulous <3

Festy wrote:

Amazing pics.
Have a nice day!

My Fashion Place wrote:

Happy birthday, You're so beautiful!:)
greetings :)

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