in my bag.

July 24, 2011

Alexander Wang Brenda

Alexander Wang Brenda

By request, a peek inside my handbag :) As you can see, I carry around a lot of junk, but nothing that exciting or out of the ordinary huh?

ETA: For all those who asked, I bought the iPhone case off ebay. Just search 'black fur hard case for iPhone 4' and it should come up. I think it looks pretty damn cool but my boyfriend hates it, he thinks it makes the phone really tacky. Hmph, to each their own I say.

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comments: 35

whitney wrote:

Love this post! Everything you have is gorgeous. In love with your wallet!

fleeting moments

Brigitte Honeybee wrote:

iilove tht u have 2 lip balms :)

BreezeyBee Blog

Jamie-Lee Burns wrote:

Your iphone is furry!! hehe love it. Mine is hello kitty ;)

The Fancy Teacup wrote:

Those Sabre cat's eye sunglasses are killer!

♥, Jamie

Unknown wrote:

Props to the Sabres too...if you saw the inside of my bag add:
11: pen that doesn't work
12: diary from 2009
13: lint covered lolly [still in wrapper] circa 2009
14: crumbs and tobacco-like thingys [not that I smoke, let alone smoke roll-your-owns]

I Turner wrote:

Love the iPhone cover and your selection of rings.

Ballerina'sBun wrote:

love the chloe wallet <3
lovely greetings from germany,berlin :)
xo Nadine from

Virginia Ibarra wrote:

awesome to see :)!

Simone wrote:

you've got nice iphone and notebook :)

Sasha wrote:

Great post! People always have an urge to look into someone elses' purse! ;) Lovely things you carry around!

SMS Style wrote:

Love the iPhone cover, wheres it from?!


Nina wrote:

Gorgeous bag!! I love posts like these, it tells you a lot about a person if you can see what they see as 'essentials'. I love your i-phone cover! So cute :)


london loves wrote:

Love the iphone case! and everything else!

Unknown wrote:

love the goodies, great weekend post

Nita Gill wrote:

what a great post. i love your iphone cover :D

.Candy. wrote:

It's totally cute that you have spare rings in your bag! I keep spare earings in mine, just in case I need to attend to an impromptu dinner or have drinks with friends. I super adore your iPhone case! Where did you get it??


LucĂ­e wrote:

I love everything you have in your bag, the iphone is great!


Everyone loves fashion wrote:

firstly, your bag is cool, secondly, your stuff in the bag is way too cool

weesy.ish wrote:

like a few others before me, I would looove to know where your iPhone case is from, it's so lovely! x

Mika's Fashion wrote:

your I phone is amazing!!!!

I follow you. come and visit my blog and follow me if you want.

yenn wrote:

how sweet. :)

kibear ♥

Alexandra wrote:

Love this little peek into your personal life! What interesting things can you really carry in a purse anyway? The thing that distinguishes all the things that you carry with you is that they're all very YOU...sleek, chic, and classy. Love the cover for your iPhone, where did you get it??

Alexandra xo

Liliana Ferreira wrote:

I think it's not junk I think that we carry always what we need ;)
I loved all the things but the case for iphone it's absolutely gorgeous!
kisses dear.

aga wrote:

Great post :) I love the wallet and sunnies :)

BurningBlonde wrote:

Love your bag and everything inside it. xxx ;))

Unknown wrote:

Such a cool post!!! Looove the case from your iPhone!! xx

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Cara wrote:

Wow, that is a gorgeous bag, and gorgeous wallet! Always fun to get a peek into the purse...I love my moleskin notebook too, they are perfect to carry around, not too big!
xo Cara

amalia wrote:

Nice bag and pics too!

Luxx Mint wrote:

I love these posts! I think the Iphone cover is fab!

The doll on fashion

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Tea Joeli wrote:

Great blog!

lookwhoswearing wrote:

Nicely done! :)

Look who's Wearing (LwW)

Fashion-Bridge wrote:

;))))) great post dear! I always love to peeking in somebody's bags;)))too curious I guess:)
Your sunglasses are fabulous! And the iphin case...well it's just absolutely darling! Love it!

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Plami wrote:

Really cool post!!! Love that you made a slide show :) And those sunnies are gorgeous!


Tasia |Ruffles and Sequins| wrote:

Great post! I love seeing what everyone else keeps in their purses - such a great idea for a post :) I adore how you organized and numbered your contents in the graphics! The mini video is wicked <3


Soph93 wrote:

I love your phone case! Where did you get it form?!

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