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July 6, 2011

My May/June photo diary.

Thank you for all the birthday and get wishes, they were great little pick me ups while I've been stuck in bed for the last couple days.

And just to clarify, the photo from the last post was taken a while ago, so no I don't get away with looking anywhere near decent when I'm sick.

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Selina. wrote:

beautiful photo's and I love all of your shoes!

love, selina

whitney wrote:

Your blog always has the most amazing photos! Happy birthday darling :)

Brigita wrote:

great post. its so unexpected. nothing like you have done before. make posts like this more! :)
its great to be able to look a little in your everyday life.

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X Brigita

Abbie♥ wrote:

Soooooo jealous of your leopard print shoes!!!♥♥♥

shu84 wrote:

Wow lovely Photos:) love your Blog:)

Ænne wrote:

Great pictures!!
Love the collar of the pink dress!

Fashion Celebration wrote:

I love your leopard shoes!


Unknown wrote:

damn! those lacy pants are marvelous!!!!!!! i'm in love!

Unknown wrote:

amazing pics!!!

xoxo from rome

Shevah wrote:

The lace bellbottoms are awesome. I love them. And that food looks DELICIOUS!


Josine Luxanette wrote:

WoW!* Beauiful pictures!* Love the LV bag and the gorgeous top!*


The Fancy Teacup wrote:

Glad you are feeling better, sweetie! Hope you had a lovely birthday. And you always have such fabulous shoes, girl!

♥, Jamie

Jazzmin Style wrote:

Great pics!!! Yummy dishes and fashionable clothes , all the best ;)

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Your blog always has the most amazing photos!
Happy birthady!
Visit my blog!!!

Unknown wrote:

Happy Birthday!! I hope you're feeling better! Great photos!!

et après nous wrote:

Gorgeous pics ! Your style is always perfect !

Eva wrote:

The pants in the first pic are gorgeous! Love your blog xoxo

TheStreetFashion5xpro wrote:


Unknown wrote:

You take amazing photos. The focus and clarity is so good!



This pictures are amazing. I love each and everyone of them.

Opposite lipstick wrote:

love it!

My Fashion Place wrote:

wonderful, as usual !:)



Christine B wrote:

you look amazing in all the photos and their so beautiful :) get better :)

Marlena wrote:

beautiful photos! ;)

Unknown wrote:

adore your leopard wedges, absolutely stunning shots, so many awesome goodies

Catherine Au Jong wrote:

wow your pictures are really high quality!!! :D and you have a set of nice looks, too!

Oh by the way enter my giveaway here! It is only a one click thing :))

Ivanna wrote:

love the lace pants!


you are SO beautiful and a seriously talented photographer. i am obsessed with the pants you're wearing in the first shot, awesome.

Emma Highfield wrote:

the SHOESSSS! LOVE them all!

LH wrote:

I love how you not only take incredible outfit pictures but also, pictures of your everyday life.

They all are amazing.


Crystal wrote:

Oh~ What lovely shoes you have, and I totally love your style! Always so chic and creative! :)
The photos are great too! The skills/angle/lighting are all capture well.

Take care and God bless!

Yours Sincerely,

Carolyn wrote:

such pretty flowers! and can't wait to see more of those leopard heels!

FaFoFi wrote:

Your life is beautiful, the photos do it great justice =) I'm loving the leopard/cheetah shoes you have. They're absolutely lovely!

Tatis Zavala wrote:

What a great post, so much fashion, so much celebrity life and ñumy ñumy food/beverages ;)

Love this post...

Lisa wrote:

This is such an inspirational post! I actually saved many of your photos! And those leopard shoes in the second pic - are they Steve Madden? I want to have the black suede ones so bad, but the shipping costs to Europe are just too high and I don't know whether they will fit me... Such a shame...

Love, Lisa

Nadine wrote:

Wow, is that 'Auckland' gateway a real thing? Where is it? (Thought it was just for the TV ad . . !)

Dylana Suarez wrote:

You look so amazing!


The Key To Chic wrote:

The photos on your site are always so inspiring. I bought some lace bell bottoms recently, and love the way you've styled yours. Happy belated birthday!

Lady Fur wrote:

I love those pants with lace!!!
kisses from your follower! ♡
With love Little Sable

Unknown wrote:

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Trovi il regolamento e le info qui!
Sei la benvenuta!

ENNAID wrote:

I so LOVE LOVE your blog, your style, your pretty face and not to mention your elongated LEGS! PERFECT FOR SHORT.

Cindy Van Dyck wrote:

I'm so sorry! It has been a long time since I didn't come to your blog! How are you?

Amazing pants! Beautiful pictures too xx

Laura wrote:

Happy belated birthday!

Love the pics! That Auckland sign reminds me of Big Fish :)


Anonymous wrote:

Beautiful! So stylish! x

Anonymous wrote:

I love the photos :) so pretty!

Fashion Means Everything wrote:

Ohh you're perfect
your shoes are beautiful
I love everything, how you're dressed all is perfect

Anonymous wrote:

wow this pants are amazing.
Your blog always inspires me for my new lookbook.

Melina wrote:

wonderful pictures ! :-)

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