hello from hong kong

June 1, 2011

Just dropping by to say a quick hi! HK has been hectic as, an endless cycle of eating, shopping and sightseeing. Missing New Zealand heaps though, can't wait to wind down at home (and get away from the insane heat here!).

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Sumo wrote:

hope you had a good time :)

StyleIDnet wrote:

you look great, I love the chicness of your outfit.


The Fancy Teacup wrote:

Glad to see you are having a fun time in HK! Adore your fiery shorts, girl!

much love.

Raspberry Jam wrote:

Great outfit!



Christine B wrote:

love the entire outfit, so chic and stylish :) love the shorts too! :D

Alexandra wrote:

Glad you're having such a great time, but I know the feeling of wanting to get home to just relax and think over your trip. Can't wait for you to get back and see all the pics!

Alexandra xo


Mary wrote:

Have fun! I really want to visit HK, as my best friend is from there! xx

Andrea wrote:

beautiful outfit!

Unknown wrote:

hello!!! have a nice stay!!!

xoxo from rome
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Unknown wrote:

That shirt looks great on you! Love the shoes also!

Helen wrote:

cant wait till you get back and post photos marcella!!

helen x

Unknown wrote:

Have been following your tweets and instagrams religiously...way to keep up when blogging just ain't a viable option. Hope you're not missing home TOO much that it affects your time in HK. Can't wait to see your shopping haul...and probs feel super jealous about it, let's be honest. "See" you back in the NZ soon. Take Care :-)

Francesca Robertson wrote:

love those shorts


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Philippa wrote:

I hope you're having fun! It's always a nice feeling to come home but enjoy your stay while you can :)


Becky wrote:

I love the colour of your shorts :)

Elen wrote:

Hi my name is Elen and is the first time that I comment on your blog, although I follow and keep up to one year, I decided to comment now because I realized how much you are beautiful and inspiring, their clothes are stylish and sober. You know them very well and matches your taste is better to be Highlighted.
I want to congratulate you and apologize for my lack of consideration of comments and compliments.
I am Brazilian and I am using a translator, if there are mistakes I'm sorry for that too.

Liza wrote:

I hope you've had a wonderful time! Love the outfit and the photo, a very vintage look.


Unknown wrote:

Perfect blouse and shorts <33


perishableminds wrote:

That top is just too cute!

Sister wrote:

Ei.. Que lindo,
adorei em flor...
'xero' pra ti ~

Twitter.: @loja_zart
(me segue lá no twitter e me avisa que eu vou te seguir também)

lala wrote:

i love your shorts! <3 lovely lovely! :)

Simone wrote:

HI! :)
Hope you enjoy it!


MissTaken wrote:

cute shorts!

Unknown wrote:

I live in hong kong and the weather, yes it is getting warmer and warmer every summer. But i'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the shopping here (:
btw i looovee your shorts!


amalie wrote:

love your shorts and bag!

Unknown wrote:

i love your sheer top! have fun!!

<3 steffy
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Spoiled Girls wrote:

i love your blog!
kisses from brazil!

Amanda Weiss wrote:

Hi there! You look so effortlessly chic and perfect for exploring! The color of your shorts is fabulous!

XOXO bspoke

Anonymous wrote:

Love the outfit :)


Unknown wrote:

I love it!

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Anonymous wrote:

Love this outfit... your blog really inspires me!


dekker05 wrote:

there is always a certain cohesion in the choice of colors in clothing, mini-shorts is really glamorous, too bad we only see more photos of your feet in close-up, your shoes are nice.

Liana wrote:

cute photo and outfit! sounds like you're having a great time in hk, sorry it's so hot there! but can't wait til you get back and post all your adventures :)

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evinws wrote:

the shorts are amazing!! perfect for summer!

mcqueen56 wrote:

ay to keep up when blogging just ain't a viable option. Hope you're not missing home TOO much that it affects your time in HK. Can't wait to see your shopping haul...and

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