April 11, 2011

Glassons top, skirt for sale at ShopFD, Country Road bag, Jessica Simpson heels

These photos = what happens when you get bored + have a batch of crappy shots taken in poor lighting :-)
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Kathleen wrote:

i LOOVE these shots. don't worry girl, your PS Overdose went to good use ;) and resulted in some beautiful artistic photos forsure. k, can i have a PS lesson from you pleease? :P
hope you'll have a great week ahead girl! :)

<3, Kathleen.

Rizzi wrote:

I love the shoes!


Unknown wrote:

love that white skirt, and these pictures are fabulous!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

celeste wrote:

you look lovely. that skirt is incredible.

My Fashion Place wrote:

greetings :)

Amanda wrote:

I think that photos are charming and they look great with that bubble effect u look amazingly good!

Breanne wrote:

Wow. Love this so much!! PS tutorial :)??

diana wrote:

i love this kaleidoscope effect for your photos! cute watch & outfit :DDD adore the skirt~~~
xo Diana

MELISSA Z. wrote:

love the effect in these pics and you look fab as always! Great outfit! <3

Mars wrote:

The photos are amazing, I love the effects! :) And your top is gorgeous!

Mars of fashion insouciance

Unknown wrote:

amazing fab photos, adore your lace skirt

whitney wrote:

AMAZING. You're so stunning!

amalie wrote:

wow, stunning photos! you look lovely, i love your top!

Luxx Mint wrote:

I lov ehow the photos turned out and the skirt is perfect!

The doll on fashion

FaFoFi wrote:

Not creepy! More like fairy glade. ^__^ You look goooood. =D

Stephani Janet wrote:

love your shoes and top!

Michelle's Style File wrote:

You look beautiful! Gorgeous photos too.


missklicious wrote:

Wow, lovely photos! They look dream-like!

Monica wrote:

i love the effect of this picture and think this crochet skirt is ah-mazing.

Unknown wrote:

Great shots! Those js shoes in that color are so nice.

Ju wrote:

wow the pictures are great!
just fell in love with your blog :)

xx ju -- juBook

dekker05 wrote:

you're awesome with your colletion of pumps, platforms nothing more sexy, a real feast for the eyes;

The Fancy Teacup wrote:

Those are beautifully edited photos, they look magical. And I can't get enough of the Jessica Simpson Dany's, I have them in black and cognac leather myself!
Looking gorgeous, dear!
much love.

Sasha wrote:

gorgeous photos:) love the outfit too!

Anonymous wrote:

wow... very beautiful picture!
if I may ask, which camera do you use?

et apr├Ęs nous wrote:

Your pictures are great and the effects too ! Beautiful outfit !

Anonymous wrote:

lovely look =)

Anonymous wrote:


What Maria has on... wrote:

Love the hat and the shoes!

Plami wrote:

It's good you were bored because the pictures turned out amazing! I love this skirt! I am basically a lace addict!


federica R. wrote:

amazing skirt & wedges *__*

Gabrielle wrote:

wow..Love this outfit--the shirt, the top, the shoes, it's all amazing!!

Tamara Suprobo Putri wrote:

Love your style and these pictures are great!


eiphel mercedes wrote:

awesome picts :D

Andrea wrote:

wonderful outfit :)

Unknown wrote:

love the shoesies!!!

BLEURGH & Xisses

Rachella - wrote:

wow this outfit is so pretty x

Cara wrote:

Gorgeous, I always love your outfits, you have amazing style! This is a beautiful skirt and I love that you got the silver shoes...lovely
xo Cara

Unknown wrote:

Love this pic!


Mariel Torres wrote:

i LOVE the effect of these pictures... and your top? absolutely stunning

Anonymous wrote:

loooooove your shoes!

Unknown wrote:

always flawless and always best dressed!! LOVE!

Katherine wrote:

I would never guess the lighting was poor-- that is such a cool effect! I love when a mistake turns into something pretty like that. And thats such a beautiful crochet skirt!
La Petite Marmoset

David Diaz wrote:

The photo editing, the outfit, the clothes pretty much everything is so amazing! :D

Have a Good Day!


Unknown wrote:

This is my first time visiting your blog and I suddenly fallin in love with your post. I really love the pictures! keep writing :)


I absolutely love these photos, so good!! you look stunnning too I love this outfit.


Victoria wrote:

loving your blog!!

victoria xoxo

Stephanie wrote:

Loving the top and how you pulled it together with that skirt. Agh, love the outfit in general :)

GretchTM wrote:

Gorgeous pictures! You look wonderful!

Jade wrote:

you always have the most beautiful pictures! Love this outfit :)


The Pocket Stylist wrote:

Love this look. And your blog is perfection. Following!!

Shellena wrote:


Kimberly Luu wrote:

love love LOVE this outfit!! :)

sending love,

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