April 15, 2011

Glassons top, F21 denim shorts, Topshop backpack, Jessica Simpson heels

As you can tell, I've rediscovered my love for these Dany's. They're definitely the most flattering shoes I own. Chunky heels = perfect for balancing out legs and elongating them. I realised I've developed a rather co-dependent relationship on heels actually. I've gotten more muscular (ie bigger, ugh!) thighs from wearing them over the years, and I would stop wearing them to prevent it from happening further, but then I feel like I can't because I need their slimming effect even more so now. Ha, total catch 22!

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The Fancy Teacup wrote:

You are smoldering hot. Such a great mix of chic and the metallics. I love my Dany's too! They look perfect on you, dear!

much love.

Endlessly Chic wrote:

Great photos and outfit!

MizzJ wrote:

Lol they actually make your thighs more muscular? Never knew heels could do that - cool!

Unknown wrote:

lovely scarf, and that backpack is so cute!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

David Diaz wrote:

Love the outfit! & Your scarf is beyond amazing, and so are those heels! :D

Have a Good Day!



Damsels wrote:

that top is very pretty .

GretchTM wrote:

I love your outfit! Very inspirational!

Breanne wrote:

love your shoes!! gorgeous


Unknown wrote:

the shorts are awesome, adore these platforms too


MELISSA Z. wrote:

cool shorts and wonderful scarf! Awesome platforms too! <3


Unknown wrote:

I love your blog, how gorgeous!
XOXO Nicole, VPV Team Member
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Unknown wrote:

You are so photogenic!! Love the outfit!!



ENNAID wrote:

i so love your style, your stuffs, your height, your beauty , your photographer - you're everything rolled into one. gosh! i envy you.

Mars wrote:

You look so gorgeous. And those Danys are really fabulous. My legs have become more muscular, too, due to excessive wearing of high heels. I really don't mind, heels give me so much power. :)

Mars of fashion insouciance

kot-itsa wrote:

never saw that colour on those shoes!i like it!

FaFoFi wrote:

Those shoes, those shoes, those shoes!! Love the outfit as usual, I think it's perfect for the somewhat chilly/warm weather. ^__^ You're really pretty.

Benedicte Magen wrote:

i really love this outfit !! ;)


Unknown wrote:

you look great here huni ! love your shoes


beryl wrote:

i love this outfit!! lovin the metallic accessories with the simple outfit palette


Alexandra wrote:

I love this outfit, and you look amazing as usual! The scarf and the shoes are such a standout piece, and of course you are yoruself too! Beautiful.

Alexandra xo


Andrea wrote:

amazing shoes..you look great!


et apr├Ęs nous wrote:

Love your sunglasses, shorts and shoes !!! Shoes look fantastic on you !


Rachella - flourishingfit.com wrote:

You look soooo beautiful. How can you say your legs grew bigger because of the muscles, you and your legs are perfection! :)


federica R. wrote:

amazing *__*
love this outfit!!!!


Jan wrote:

The shorts,
the blouse,
the bag,
those shoes,
it's just perfect!

You're looking stunning!

Mariel Torres wrote:

lady, this whole look is on point!

K wrote:

Very cool shoes. I like the contrast between the overcast sky and your outfit

K xx

Jamie-Lee Burns wrote:

Really I never knew that about heels! Perhaps that's why I feel it's necessary to wear them all the time too! lol

GoldBlackMirror wrote:

I love the backpack the shoes!!all the look!!wow!!you have a lot of style...kisses dear.

Pickle wrote:

Gorgeous outfit, as always ;) I love the scarf and the combination of the sheer top with the denim shorts is gorgeous. Lovely!

Jules wrote:

I love those JS heels so much!


Unknown wrote:

I take my hat off for you making those Dany's look fricken awesome. The metallic totally works with this look.

I want your scarf--it's on my List for AW 2011.

As for your legs, look at this way: they are still pins, defined pins, don't dis your legs, we all want a pair like these. And in an emergency, you could flee in style and you'd probably out run us all :-)

Her Persona wrote:

i want a pair of J.S shoes


Gabrielle wrote:

love this outfit!!!

diana wrote:

cute cute outfit!! I gotta try out the tights & denim shorts look soon before it gets to hottt over herre.
Love your leather backpack!!! I'm in total search mode for a cognac colored one~~~
xo Diana

Shevah wrote:

First of all I love this look. Second of all the Danys are gorg. And lastly, Don't worry about your thighs getting bigger :P Its all good. Muscular legs are beautiful dear!

Carlinn wrote:

Really amazing look! love the photos

Bombchell wrote:

your pictures are always so great

The Girl With a Feather wrote:

Oh you're so funny, but I get what you mean! Gorgeous outfit and photos as usually. Those heels look amazing on you!

Aubrey. wrote:

love this look! esp. the bag!


Anonymous wrote:

LOVE this photo! i just followed :)


Plami wrote:

you look gorgeous as always! The shoes are to die for!



Alinne's Style wrote:

I love black tights with denin shorts! this shoes are amazing
Kisses, Alinne



dekker05 wrote:

the photos are really beautiful, highly sexy, we take full eyes, the look is really exciting, magnificent

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