summer diary, part I

March 2, 2011

Images from the blur that was this summer. It was good while it lasted, and I'll miss the longer daylight hours, but I'm so glad it's finally autumn - my favourite season.

Part two coming sometime soon :)

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Raspberry Jam wrote:

Those photos are so beautiful!


Marina wrote:

Great photos. Love the hat with the feather in particular!

I'll miss the long day hours too. Especially now that as a graduate I am on the verge on finally (reluctantly) submitting to a full-time job

Unknown wrote:

Absolutely GORGEOUS pictures! I seriously WANT your shoes:) You are so fabulous!

Tapstar321 - Nicole Jones wrote:

Absolutely beautiful!
^^Follow my blog and I'll follow yours back ;)

Fashion Agony wrote:

Gorgeous set, I always love watching your pictures!


Han Er wrote:

I love these photos! What camera do you use?

Amanda wrote:

Aww man, that truly makes me wish that it was still the summer holidays and uni hadn't started yet... :( and yusss autumn is my fave season too :D

Francesca Robertson wrote:

who makes those tan lace up wedge boots in your third to last pic?? I just broke my Michael Kors lace ups and am depressed ab it!!


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Tamaraxo wrote:

Love this! I want all these shoes.. & rings!

Tamaraxo wrote:

Love this! I want all these shoes.. & rings!

Virginia Ibarra wrote:

so maazing! i love your ring collection and the shoes!!! lovely post! definitely one of my faves!

whitney wrote:

Amazing photos!

Opposite lipstick wrote:

wow! love the pictures!!

MizzJ wrote:

OMG this was the wrong post to read as I sit her shivering in winter chill!

Sandra Kisić wrote:

perfect pics!

Ola wrote:

what camera do you use?


Rachella - wrote:

great post. can't wait for summer here in europe. you look stunning and the picture of your shoes makes me so greedy haha!

Lady-Pa wrote:

i love all those pictures!!!


L wrote:

ouuu lovelylovely photos :)

Riikka wrote:

wow, great photos!

Johanna wrote:

Uh-mazing pictures! I adore your blog! <3

Jan wrote:

Wow this all looks so adorable!
I'm longing for summer sooo much right now ^^

Sumo wrote:

i envy your shoe collection ;)
love the photos
the weather looks so nice

Unknown wrote:

So bright! So cool!

Simone wrote:

I feel a good carma from that photos :)

Hanna wrote:

loveee the pics! and you look so pretty in all of them! funny that it is autum now overthere, cause here it's almost spring again :P

Yaima wrote:

Thos epics are amazing although is weird for me spring is beggining so form nowon Ill be posting dresses and swimsuits, kisses

MizzJ wrote:

Hey! Just wanted to let you know as well that I gave you a blog award :)

Cocoloni wrote:

Amazing Pictures !
I love all your outfits ;)
which camera are you using ?

dexterremi wrote:

Love this post so much! These pictures are awesome.

But why would you ever want summer to end? I would gladly trade seasons..

Mars wrote:

You have such great photos!

Anonymous wrote:

Loving all the photos I cant wait for spring to comes here and then summer

AMAIA wrote:

love this images!! :)

Unknown wrote:

i just found your blog, and im on live. the images are just gorgeous, as are you. i am definitely following!!! follow back if you click and like!

<3 steffy

Dylana Suarez wrote:

WOW! These pictures are all so so stunning!


Alexandra wrote:

All these pics are so stunning! I love the mood of all of them, and you look fabulous in all the ones you're in. I need to make it over to your side of the world someday, it looks so beautiful!

Alexandra xo

Anonymous wrote:

pretty pictures. =)

MELISSA Z. wrote:

wow, great selection of pics! Love this post so much! <3

In Palace wrote:

Thnak su so much i recieve the nautical dress today and is amazing!! im going to buy more thing soon! thanks u^^

Ali S. wrote:

Amazing photos!!
Greetings, : )

Unknown wrote:

amazing photos, i want summer time.. But in colombia is raining ...

FaFoFi wrote:

You are truly lovely. =) I hope you had a lot of fun this summer, and even more this coming fall. ^__^

Callahan Brooks wrote:

some amazing shots i love your jewellery x


Leah wrote:

Awesome selection ! your summer looks so good !

xx, leah.

Emy wrote:

Looks like an amazing summer! Can't wait to see part 2!

MissTaken wrote:

you are so pretty! And your holidays look amazing and fun!

Love your blog!

Johanna wrote:

Your pictures are so inspiring! <3

SL' outfits wrote:

All I can say is that your blog is awesome, I love this post!

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