shortland st

March 8, 2011

I'm changing the format of the blog up a little bit, the rest of the pictures are now behind the jump - just click the link below to see them.

Glassons dress, ASOS belt, Jeffrey Campbell shoes

I love it when we get to shoot photos in the CBD. It's quite a rare occurrence seeing as it's a bit further to drive to and parking is such a pain. These ones are from when we went in for the Lantern Festival. Even though the outfit is none too spectacular, I thought the glass buildings made such a nice backdrop and this snazzy old vintage car was parked right there to boot.

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Jennifer S. wrote:

cute outfit...loves the ruffles...


beryl wrote:

i love this outfit girl! obviously the litas are amazing. the dress is so cute with the tied belt and the bag is gorgeous


Unknown wrote:

Adorable dress <33

Ivânia Diamond *

Anonymous wrote:

i love your romantic dress with the tougher accessories! and the little car in the background of your photos is so cute! and it matches your outfit!

Hannah wrote:

It's pretty rad how that car matches your Litas.

Cmglez wrote:

love youre style!!

Unknown wrote:

you have amazing looks! and you pull of those JC's perfectly.I agree with Cmglez, love your style =)

Mars wrote:

I love that dainty dress. :) And I think it is spectacular!

Adrianna Traxler wrote:

Gorgeous look, every part of is amazing. I really like your purse and belt, where are they from??

My Fashion Place wrote:


Liana wrote:

gorgeous simple outfit, perfect for spring! lol i love when objects in the background just happen to go perfectly with the overall photograph :)
oh congrats on the new domain too! i need to hurry up and buy mine :P

Fashion Bag 411

Johanna wrote:

Amazing outfit and I love the shoes!

MELISSA Z. wrote:

you look perfect dear! Amazing bag! <3

Raspberry Jam wrote:



Maria wrote:

I love this color of Jeffrey!
Great outfit!

Michelle's Style File wrote:

Lovely outfit.


Amanda wrote:

Oooh shortland street, where the hill tortures me on a daily basis, before the jazz department does haha. Which area in aucks do you guys live in? (not being creepy, just wondering) and those Litas must have been really comfy for you to walk up that hill!

Julie wrote:

I love your outfit! Your dress is cute btw! :D

Unknown wrote:

Cool! Great dress!

LoveE ♥ wrote:

I adore this outfit so much it's insane! You look so amazing!

I am so glad I found your blog my dear, and I am now following! Follow me if you like :)

Unknown wrote:

Son los zapatos más bonitos y cómodos que tengo en mi armario, hay que hacer un club de LITA addict, jaja

Simone wrote:

awsome dress! :)

Hanna wrote:

you look amazing! love your dress!

Unknown wrote:

that dress is sooo cute, and i love those shoes! where did u find them!?

<3 steffy

Anonymous wrote:

wow this outfit is so amazing, mainly these SHOES!!! i love them

Blush and Flats wrote:

gorgeous <3

Karina wrote:

Great look! Love it.

Rachella - wrote:

you look so stunning and you picked the background so well. the car matches perfectly with your cute dress x

Fash Boulevard wrote:

OMG. I love your blog. My name's Anna, I'm a stylist and visual merchandiser in LA. I just started my own Fashion site. Check it out for multiple post a day on all things fashion. I'm following, I hope you'll follow back.
Thanks love. xoxo.

Jasmine P wrote:

Love this! So pretty :)

Shevah wrote:

Gorgeous! I love the taupe litas with your dress!

et après nous wrote:

Such a cute dress !

Festy wrote:

Great post!
Have a nice day!

Damsels wrote:

i like the look of such a beautiful delicate dress with those litas

Anonymous wrote:

oh this look is just perfect with the spring/summer that coming!! you look so pretty and your legs look like a million long

MizzJ wrote:

Lovely outfit - where is your purse from??? And aren't you scared of breezes haha

t wrote:

Hot outfit!


I LOVE THIS DRESS! Its so beautiful, and of course I love your JCs!! can we see photos of the lantern festival? :) I want to go to auckland so bad.


Unknown wrote:

gorgeous dress! and i love the shoes! thank for commenting on my blog :)

<3 steffy

Cara wrote:

Love the combo of the soft dress with the big JC Lita's! Looks beautiful
xo Cara

RB wrote:

That's a gorgeous outfit

Chloe Mia wrote:

Gorgeous outfit. I love the shoes!

Leigh wrote:

love love love this look! your dress is amazing :)

Virginia Ibarra wrote:

love the layout! totally want a tutorial, i suck at html!

bm wrote:

adorable !!

Carrie wrote:

Love this dress!

Style of a tootsy pop

Jan wrote:

Thanks for your lovely comment!
I seriously am honored that you'd reacted on one of my posts haha,
but that's because I love your style (you're also in my blog roll) (:
Those Lita's are worn perfectly with the dress!

Cocoloni wrote:

Love your dress and the accessoires !

Leah wrote:

Love that dress ! you look lovely :)

xx, Leah.

Mercedes Sanz wrote:

I'm in love with this outfit :)
I follow u
kisses from

maphi bayolo wrote:

love it !!! so cute xoxo

Abril Heredia wrote:

I´m in LOVE with this shoes! I want them! . Can u tell me the name of the barnd please? . I´m from Argentina, and i dont know where to buy them!!! But... im desesperated! i want them! hahaha. So please! tell me where u bought them , thankssss

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