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March 14, 2011

Decided to post answers here to the top 5 questions I get from people. I am inundated with emails asking the same thing so rather than trying to answer all of them individually I thought this would be a quicker and easier way of doing it :-)

What camera do I use etc. etc.? Read on...

How many pairs of shoes do you own?

I've never counted actually! It's hard to keep track because I keep selling and buying new pairs all the time. I did a shoe collection post a while back but it's a little out of date now so I'll try to do an updated version sometime soon...

Your camera takes really nice pictures, what model do you use?

Without a doubt, the most commonly asked question, I get it at least a couple times a day. To be honest, I feel like this one does quite a disservice to Jared (my bf and photographer) just crediting his camera for the images, because it sure as hell didn't take the photos by itself! It's so important to stress that the camera is just a tool, and requires the art and expertise of a photographer behind it to produce results. Simply buying the same camera as what we have will not give you the same kind of images. This article explains it quite succinctly I think with some images to illustrate the point. Basically it takes years of learning and experimenting to be able to use a camera to it's full potential - something we haven't even grasp yet. We've worked our way up from lower model cameras and upgraded as we outgrew the features of them. For reference's sake, we're currently using a Canon 5DII, one of the most popular semi-professional cameras out there on the market at the moment. It's great, but if you're not serious about photography, or if you're not even sure what a full frame camera is, then I'd suggest you save your money and just go for an entry-level SLR, which will do the trick just fine.

I like the look of your images, what effect and which editing programme do you use to get it like that?

I use Photoshop but again this is a similar case to the one above. There is no 'magic button' I press in Photoshop to get my images looking the way they do. For each post I do a different style of editing, and it takes a lot of time and effort to find something I think looks good. Spending so much time on post-processing probably isn't everyone's cup of tea, but it's something I've always been into and I enjoy the challenge I guess. Most of the time I'm using curves and colour balance adjustments, as well as blending layers and sometimes brushes too (for artificial flares and burning edges). I recommend just Googling 'Photoshop tutorials' as there are plenty of good ones out there on the net for a start, and consider taking up classes if you really want to get into it. As for resources and inspiration, I absolutely love deviantART.

Will you link me?

I made the decision that I wanted my links to reflect blogs that I've followed and admired for a long time, so I'm just going to keep my blogroll short and simple. Hopefully it will be worthwhile for people to go through them, rather than just being a bunch of links to anything and everything.

Do you have any tips for my blog?

Make your content original and attractive - just be yourself, develop your own style rather than trying to emulate anyone else. You have to be prepared to be patient and keep at it, success doesn't happen overnight. Most importantly though, have fun with it, and don't take it too seriously at the end of the day :)

Image credits: whattheduck.net (#2), Tumblr (#4&5)

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Raspberry Jam wrote:


Thanks for sharing!



Gloria Zaytsev wrote:

thanks for the answers & advice.

Unknown wrote:

thanks so much for the advice!

<3 steffy

MizzJ wrote:

I imagine it must get annoying answering the same questions all the time! Your bf takes lovely photos of you, so yes some of us do appreciate his work and not just his camera :)

Unknown wrote:


Ivânia Diamond*

Unknown wrote:

it was a good read . im going to take some of your tips on board


Lacey wrote:

So true about the camera. I'm studying photography and 2 people with the exact same camera will never take the same photos.
How long has your bf been a photographer?
I only bought my DSLR in August or September last year I think and have so much to learn still.

Jennifer S. wrote:

Thanks for sharing Marcella! I totally agree about the camera thing....it is only a tool, also it is clear that I need to get photoshop stat! :)


Mom Fashion World wrote:

Thanks for sharing!
My husband is using canon 5dII as well..it's really a great camera!

BrooklynBlonde wrote:

Thanks for sharing! And great "what camera do you use" article. So true!

Simone wrote:

nice dress :)

cryskay wrote:

hey marcella! thanks for sharing these tips! so helpful. xo

Hanna wrote:

you look so stunning! loveee the dress!


Thank you for answering these questions! Your blog is beautiful and such an inspiration, Can't wait to see each post :)


Rachella - flourishingfit.com wrote:

Great post, I really liked reading it. I think you're true. :)
Your blog is great, definitely one of my favs! Keep bloggin'



Unknown wrote:

Great blog, I follow your, I love your style.
Visit and if you want follow me.


Unknown wrote:

Really interesting post.

Anthea wrote:

Maybe you should set up a little FAQ page, so people will be able to find your answers easily :)

Unknown wrote:

Lovely post! Your photos are always GORGEOUS! Jared is such a talented photographer:) Also you have the best shoes!

ximie wrote:

lovely style!

Pauline wrote:

OMG. I totally agree with your answer about the camera. People need to understand that an expensive camera =/= good pictures and that expensive lenses =/= good pictures. Pictures depend on the person behind the camera. There are people who can take GREAT pictures with film cameras.

et après nous wrote:

Thanks for answering questions !


Luiza Coutinho wrote:

I loove your blog and your pictures!!!


Luiza Coutinho wrote:

I loove your blog and your pictures!!!


Fashion Marked wrote:

I like your blog =)

check mine at:::


Smokin section wrote:

you look awesome and your blog is great!

paanie wrote:

oh I think you cook your photos 'just right' in photoplop (as I call it with affection)...

really, so many lush photo sets to ogle!

my word verification is "spuds" ... my question is: how did it know?

Unknown wrote:

thanks for sharing!

xoxo from rome

(there's a NEW give-away)

Unknown wrote:

love your post and photos!


Frames wrote:

Very cool post! Thank you so much!
Your pictures are always amazing, i study architecture and PHOTOGRAPHY and one day i hope to create some masterpiece like yours, your boyfriend is a really great photographer, i always like the composition!


beneath the glass wrote:

lol i was wondering the shoe thing myself ;) and i agree, it does take effort to use a camera, you can't just pick it up and expect it to make magic :D

you have such awesome style :D


celeste wrote:

i love that crochet vest your wearing! very lovely.

2befab wrote:

hi there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what an amazing blog...
if you want we could follow each other..let me know...


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