February 15, 2011

ASOS suede wedges

These are just so ridiculously good. Wore them out last night for Valentine's. Photos to come soon!

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Shevah wrote:

Those are stunning. In loveee.

Raspberry Jam wrote:



Unknown wrote:

Great shoes! Have a great valentine! Or becouse the different time zone, hope you had a good valentine :)

Gorgeous Clara wrote:

these shoes are soooo amazing!

PrncszTffny wrote:


Bombchell wrote:


Monica wrote:

I just love ASOS shoes!

nicolethedressupdoll wrote:

this is fabulous :)

kate wrote:

So much fun! Jealous.

velvet cupcakes

FaFoFi wrote:

These boots are killer. I am really jelly of you. =)


damn. these are HOT. can't wait to see them in a post.


Unknown wrote:

They look ridiculously awesome...jealous!

Angelica wrote:

I want them too!

check out


Unknown wrote:

so lovely!! ahh

Mars wrote:

you have the most gorgeous shoe collection. :) love em!

Vonny wrote:

too pretty :) i like it so much!!

Anonymous wrote:

Wow → Can't wait to see you in these! :-)

Happy Valentine's Day/Buon San Valentino! ♥

bacii ♥ Brad

Scorpion Disco wrote:

oh my god!!! love them! are they comfortable? who cares, they are genius!


Unknown wrote:

these babies are beyond divine

Michelle's Style File wrote:

Love the shoes and love your blog!Following on bloglovin' : )


et apr├Ęs nous wrote:

Gorgeous shoes !

DediLovesFashion wrote:

the wedges are perfect!!

Unknown wrote:

So cool!!!!!

ninhkinpOop wrote:

oh wow it's so well structured!
too bad i can't find them on the asos site anymore :(
how much were they?

Unknown wrote:

So perfect!! ;)

Callahan Brooks wrote:

i love them, always fall for wedges but these are somethign special! x

Agne wrote:

you always choose the best shoes in the world! love it!

agnes wrote:

elles sont superbes

Leah wrote:

Hi, I’ve just post on my blog an article with my favorite outfits for February, you’re in, if you don’t want I can deleted the picture and off course I’ve linked to your blog. Thanks Leah.

Hazel☺ wrote:

pretty pair <3


Unknown wrote:

Soo hot! Are they also confy?
waiting for more pics!


Alice wrote:

lovely wedges

Unknown wrote:

BTW I love your blog sooo much I had to add it on my blog-roll!
check it out


Unknown wrote:

These shoes are awesome!! btw: Wanted to give you the Versatile Blogger Award.

Giselle wrote:

loveeeeeeeeeee it!
what a wonderful shoes!

Hayley wrote:

Wow, those shoes are amazing!

Nikki | The Ginger Diaries wrote:

these are beautiful! x

Rizzi wrote:

Those are amazing. I want them now! Ahhhhh theyre so different and unique.

K wrote:

They're lovely. Great detail on the heels.

K xx

beneath the glass wrote:

i swear you're reading my mind...all the shoes you're looking at lately i've been eyeing when you're done with them send them my ways, since i know i wear the same size as you :D

Beneath the Glass

Style Stars wrote:

amazing shoes, obviously. i love the way you photographed them by the way.

Liana wrote:

those are amazing!!! and that shot of them is just gorgeous with the sunlight :)

cant wait to see your valentines photos!

Fashion Bag 411

whitney wrote:

GORGEOUS. These are so hot.

Renee wrote:

They are gorgeous! Oh wow!

Unknown wrote:

So pretty! These are keepers aren't they?! ;)

theversastyle wrote:

always a fan of architectural wedges... love the silhouette.


What Maria has on... wrote:

Those shoes are hot!!


enjoy your life wrote:

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dekker05 wrote:

a veritable feast for the eyes, it's crazy as the creators let go, women are becoming more desirable with their shoe, more glamorous and exciting;

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