February 23, 2011

ASOS floppy hat, body & flares, Topshop heels, Yesstyle bag

As I'm sure some of you are already aware, a massive earthquake hit New Zealand just yesterday. I just wanted to say thank you to those who have emailed me with your messages of concern, and to let you know that I'm fine. I'm very lucky that I live in Auckland which is quite a way away from Christchuch, the city that was hit. I have been watching the news channels constantly and it seems like the situation gets more and more grim as the day wears on. The images of destruction are just heartbreaking. My thoughts and prayers are with the friends and families of all those affected by this tragedy. x

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Marina wrote:

It is so disheartening to watch it unfold and sit up in Auckland not being able to do anything. Such a tragedy.

As a side note, you look gorgeous as usual. Why do I never run into you in Newmarket?

Raspberry Jam wrote:

Love your jeans!


Fashion Gossip wrote:

Love your hat and body! It looks soo good on you!! :)
Xoxo, K.

Unknown wrote:

it's so sad. am sorry for those lost lives.

i hope you're always safe.

Christine (Fash n Chips) wrote:

The earthquake looked absolutely awful, so sad for everyone who lost someone or something because of it. It's a tragedy :( Glad you're on the safe side of NZ and you look gorgeous again! Love the hat!

x Christine @ Fanciful Vision

imfashionstoned wrote:

omg you are looking HOT!!!! love the back of your body


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Unknown wrote:

adore these flare jeans, absolutely fab

Esmee D wrote:

love the hat..:) looks great!

The earthquake is tragic.. Especially when you're so close to the situation..

TheStreetFashion5xpro wrote:

You look so adorable...fabulous shots and post!

Unknown wrote:

Fabulous top! love it!!!

Ivânia Diamond *

agnes wrote:

super look, j'adore ton jean et tes chaussures.
Très jolies photos

Alinne's Style wrote:

Hi Marcella, You look so stunning with this pants! the hat gives you a touch of class! so chic! you're amazing as always.
Kisses, Alinne


Unknown wrote:

you look always :)

xoxo from rome

Rachella - wrote:

The hat, the sunglasses and the shoes are so stunning. My hat is waiting for the summerrr !! Can't wait wearing it.

Rachella - wrote:

And I'm so glad you're fine!! xoxo

Anthea wrote:

It is so sad about the earthquake. Too many tragedies happening all over the world! I am glad you're fine.

Embracing Style

Zhcsyra hp wrote:

well lovely this outfit and i just saw this on chitopia and lookbook .i <3 them

Ray wrote:

you look amazing:))

Tamara Suprobo Putri wrote:

gorgeous top and jeans!


Callahan Brooks wrote:

the hat and the flares are beautiful x

Unknown wrote:

I am glad you are okay. :)

Love the flares. Such a great seventies look.

Nancie wrote:

good to know you are well...looking good! love the hat!x

Camille wrote:

waaaa i love it it's really cool on you like that you look like a pinup !!!! :D i love it

KINGA wrote:

good to know you are well ! btw, you look so beautiful !!!! love your hat and heels from TopShop !! xoxo,Kinga.

Nettie S. wrote:

Well, it's nice to know you're okay. :) I really hope the people in Christchuch are okay :(

Rafaela Marinheiro wrote:

Lindo look, um chame. Amei.

Jennifer wrote:

im glad you're safe, my thoughts are w/ new zealand! lovely outfit post!

Jennifer wrote:

im glad you're safe, my thoughts are w/ new zealand! lovely outfit post!

Flavia Alessandri wrote:

Hi!I'm from Brazil! I loved your outfit. This hat is AMAZING!!! I'm following you and i hope tha you following me. Kisses from Brasil.

Anonymous wrote:

where are you sunnies from girl????? mega like!

RaindropsofSapphire wrote:

I'm glad you are ok Marcella! :)

Eve-r-green wrote:

I like your hat .

Couture wrote:

Very cool look! I'm very glad you're ok!

Unknown wrote:

Love the floppy hat! And you look gorgeous, as per usual!


emily wrote:

good to know you're safe! i love love love the hat and the body, great summer pieces.


beautiful :)

Trou, .ma petite cherie wrote:

Lovely outfit. And I wish the best to those in Christchuch.

et après nous wrote:

Beautiful and sexy !

Alexandra wrote:

My thoughts are with the rest of NZ that is suffering from the aftermath of the earthquake as well, though I do have to say I'm very happy you're okay! I hope things take a turn for the better soon.

Beautiful outfit as per usual, I love the 70's feel of it and that top is fantastic!

Again, sending good thoughts and prayers your way and to your close ones!

Alexandra xo

Francesca Robertson wrote:

LOVE this look!


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Jan wrote:

This outfit is just like stunning!
And haha I'm honoured that you'd left a message at my blog, thanks for the lovely comment!

Katherine wrote:

I was so sorry to see that on the news, glad you're okay.

I like how you wore the cutout body suit with long flares, nice take on the 70s look :)
La Petite Marmoset

sapphirewhisper wrote:

I absolutley love the hat!

Unknown wrote:

Lovely Hat

Dylana Suarez wrote:



Jasmine P wrote:

I love this!!! :)

Unknown wrote:

It's so terrible, isn't it? I'm so glad we're able to keep blogging outfit photos as normal. If I were a Chch blogger I don't know what I'd do! The tan lines for this bodysuit must be a challenge ;)

Joanne Faith wrote:

You look gorgeous, I love the hat. I just bought a floppy one from Glassons and I am loving it. The earthquake has been absolutely devastating. It has felt so funny going about life as usual when so many have had theirs pulled out from underneath them.

Unknown wrote:

When I heard about the earthquake I thought of you and I'm relieved to hear (read) that you and your loved ones are ok. But I can imagine how terrible it is for the people that were srtuck with this disaster.
As for your outfit it's so beautiful. The bodysuit is gorgeous and I love the color and the flare of the pants. xxx

Natalia D. wrote:

looooove it ! *-*

Liana wrote:

that is such a tragedy, i really hope everything turns out okay! i'm glad you weren't physically affected by it though, what a relief!
on the upside, i love your outfit, it's very casual but chic...:)
btw, where are those sunglasses from in the previous post? i love them!

Fashion Bag 411

Wida wrote:

I totally love this outfit!

Missing Amsie Blog

Yevgeniya Yelkina wrote:

fun outfit. love the bag!

Sarah wrote:

Im in Christchurch, I was in the CBD when it hit.....still dealing really but I am very lucky, Im here, Im alive and thats what matters. My heart is just breaking for my poor city :(

Virginia Ibarra wrote:

wow i didnt even know! so sorry!
love the photography and your style as always! genius!

Albi Martin S. wrote:

Hello, I love your blog, you have style, follow me at: A kiss

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