shady behaviour

February 4, 2011

Sometimes it's good to remember not to take yourself too seriously ;P

Happy weekend everyone!

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Befashion wrote:

You are beautiful like evryday

I love the ring

big kiss from Paris

Jen wrote:

Your gouregous! & your ring is amazing :)


Rosa and Carlotta: Illustrated-Moodboard wrote:

you look gorgeous!! :)

fashion illustrations at


Lacey wrote:

Such cute pics. You're very photogenic :)

Christine (Fash n Chips) wrote:

:D Great pics! Love the sunnies!

x Christine @ Fanciful Vision

Unknown wrote:

you look gorgeous!!!

xoxo from rome

(there's a GIVE-AWAY)

freyja wrote:

great photos, Want those sunglasses !

Unknown wrote:

Lovely second photo (:

Anonymous wrote:

So beautiful:)

Anazuz wrote:

gorgeous! love your sunglasses :)

maphi bayolo wrote:

you are so pretty !!! and its true :) life is so much better when you dont take yourself too seriously xoxo

Nancie wrote:

love your ring doll! looking awesome!

imJen wrote:

hey girl~you look so hooooooooot!

Riikka wrote:

i love your hair!

Rachel wrote:

Where are your sunglasses from?
Been looking for some big black frames and those are perfect!


Unknown wrote:

Totally agree with you :)

Great glasses!

Callahan Brooks wrote:

Really nice images! Love the glasses x

Kasia wrote:

You're very beautiful!


amalie wrote:

great shots!

Unknown wrote:

You are very pretty.

Shevah wrote:

Definitely agree with you. One should never take their self too seriously. I know I don't haha. You look gorgeous. :)

The Mad Twins wrote:

love this look! the glasses are so beautiful! and the ring is amazing :D

Mae Lu wrote:

I always take myself too seriously.


Amazing shades, love.

Mae Lu, @ thereafterish.

Jennifer S. wrote:

cute pics I love this!


My Fashion Bug wrote:

Love your sunglasses...perfect!!!


Sugar wrote:

cool shades!

Vinda Sonata wrote:

such gorgeous pictures of you marcella !
those shades are perfect ! and you got gorgeous, athletic arms!

Rachella - wrote:

Awesome pics! Happy weekend x

lauren wrote:

i agree. you can never take yourself too seriously. have fun. it keeps you young.
bumming it like a celeb...

Ali wrote:

hawt! love the sparkle too duh.

thanks for stopping by :)


Unknown wrote:

Hee hee :-D

The shadez look awesome. Love the vibe in the pics--FUN!

UrtÄ— wrote:

sooooo gooood ! fabulous ! xx

Raspberry Jam wrote:

Love the glasses!


Anonymous wrote:

the sunglasses are really cute and you look gorgeous

beryl wrote:

your hair is perfect and i absolutely love those sunnies

LH wrote:

Great pictures! You look amazing.


:) wrote:

Wise words :)

Love the photos!

AMAIA wrote:

wow love this pictures!!

Francesca wrote:

f yeah i just discovered your blog and i love it. following!!

F. ( x

Eve-r-green wrote:

U look amazing

eiphel mercedes wrote:

love your poses :D
i'm your number one fan!

Catherine Au Jong wrote:

cool shades, babe!!


brunatreme wrote:

nice pics!!!
I like the glasses <33


beneath the glass wrote:

I love those shades and that ring is awesome! By the way, I don't know if you have heard of 2NE1 (Korean pop band), but you look a lot like CL of that band, I noticed when I was watching their videos :)

Beneath the Glass

amanda archambault wrote:

I love what you said! I feel like it should be a famous quote haha. Lovely pictures dear! The last one is my favorite. Every girl need a lil sas!

Thanks for sharing!
xoxo, A

whitney wrote:

You are so gorgeous. Followed!

ENNAID wrote:

super love the shape of your face and your lips - perfect !!

ennaid love <3

Rizzi wrote:

I am in love with, first of all, those sunglasses, and second of all, your hair color!!!

Trendy Gourmandise wrote:

nice sunglasses

jamesdean wrote:

I read you article,,,Thanks for sharing information

Metal Child Eyeglasses

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