February 26, 2011

Topshop top & leather biker, ASOS skirt & boots, bag from eBay

I must confess that I bought these boots in taupe as well as black. They're pretty uncomfortable (in an ankle-rearranging sorta way), but for the sale price... too difficult to pass up.

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Fashion Clown wrote:

ooh love the shoes
and the skirt

Marina wrote:

Love the biker babe feel to this look. Hot colour of the skirt!

joninel wrote:

wow...your whole look is perfect :) your jacket is too cool

In Palace wrote:

love the skirt!!

In Palace ♥
In Palace ♥
In Palace ♥

Raspberry Jam wrote:

Love your skirt!


Jen S. wrote:

I love this outfit...your skirt is so cute love the color and the texture...


Rizzi wrote:

I love the shoes!

Anna Alexis Palaspas wrote:

I love the skirt :D

Nita -Karoliina wrote:

Gorgeous leather jacket!

Fashion Agony wrote:

Loving your Aleshas, I was thinking on buying them too :)


MizzJ wrote:

The sacrifices we make for fashion! haha Very sexy outfit girl!

cryskay wrote:

gorgeous as usual! love the texture and color of your skirt. xo

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Nancie Mwai wrote:

i hear that fashion is pain! sometimes you have to bear with it! looking good love the jacket!x

KcomeKarolina wrote:

wow!!! love this skirt!!!

xoxo form rome

ღTITAღ wrote:

i loove this style !! <3<3<3<3

whitney wrote:

Adore the whole outfit! The colour of the skirt is stunning!

Ans wrote:


Mars wrote:

I really love your style. :) That skirt is hot. The color is definitely gorgeous. And I can't blame your for hoarding fabulous finds, especially when they are on sale.

Theonlyfashionprincess wrote:

Looooove this outfit. You look stunning again, girl ! The skirt is so fabulous, the color is perfection. And the boots are definitely worth the pain, they are so gorgeous and you're lucky they were on sale!! Have a nice weekend <3 x

Julia wrote:

Cool skirt!

Kasia wrote:

Amazing outfit!!!


CrilovesJapan wrote:

The bag is gorgeous! Can I know from which seller you got it :-)?


linda sofia wrote:

lovely outfit!:)

Ali S. wrote:

I like the result! :)

fashioneggpplant wrote:

you look really pretty! love that skirt on you :)

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misesnobody wrote:

lovely outfit! wrote:

Love your skirt and shoes ! You look so hot like that !

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sevendialsgirl wrote:

So glad you say the shoes are uncomfortable! Sometimes I think it's just me and that all fashion bloggers are super humans.

Regardless of the comfort levels, they look amazing.

maphi wrote:

always as stunning as ever :) xoxo

TheMadTwins wrote:

Gorgeous outfit!
I adore the skirt very much with the texture! Amazing :D

xxx London & Paris

creme powder ♥ wrote:

awesome <3

Hanna wrote:

you look so pretty! Love the outfit!

federica R. wrote:

you are too glamour!!!
love your style..ABSOLUTELY <3

Alexandra wrote:

Well even if they're uncomfortable, those shoes look fabulous. And I love the punch of colour with the skirt. You look gorgeous as always.

Alexandra xo

Vasilieva wrote:

absolutely adore the colour of that skirt

Trou, .bleuebird wrote:

I love the shows and the turquoise ring. Lovely color combo.

streetdressed wrote:

love your boots!!!


AGNES wrote:

you look like a rock star:) SUPER!!

Arietta wrote:

Too bad the ankle boots are uncomfortable because they do look awesome in this color. You look stunning as always, but then with your body you can make anything look great!!! xxx

Michelle's Style File wrote:

H O T !
Love this outfit!!


jamie-lee wrote:

i have that skirt! in magenta though. Love the rust colour. Hmm.. those boots have me wanting to go on asos, i can see why you bought both colours x

Choi Olga wrote:

Anyway the shoes looks great and the whole look is perfect~!

Stefani wrote:

Oh,love the whole outfit!You look AMAZING!

Leonie wrote:

Love the shoes, they are amazing !!!

Francesca wrote:

LOVE those boots!!


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Bloggers finder wrote:

wowowo, lovely skirt!

hugs from spain

Cinja wrote:

these heels are simply amazing! cool outfit!

Leah wrote:

Oooooh that skirt is so great on you ;)

xx, Leah.

Anonymous wrote:

i love the color of your skirt!! perfect with the leather jacket!

Leah wrote:

Hi, I’ve just post on my blog an article with my favorite outfits for February, you’re in, if you don’t want I can deleted the picture and off course I’ve linked to your blog. Thanks Leah.

Emma wrote:

Hi dear!
What a lovely blog you have here!.. Lots of nice a inspiration, and good pictures. Thanks for sharing.. Keep it up!

Wanna be followers? Let me know!

Love from Stockholm.. xoxo!

Cami wrote:

amwesome look! i am following you! have a look at my blog:D

Alinne's Style wrote:

Pretty skirt! you look sexy and stylish! Kisses, Alinne


Anthea wrote:

Gorgeous outfit. It reminds me that I must have a biker's jacket made!

Embracing Style

Lena wrote:

Love your sunglasses!!! So hot!

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