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February 6, 2011

Lucyd Acyd dress, vintage belt, Forever New bag, heels for sale at ShopFD

Ever since I've had layers cut into my hair, it's been insanely high maintenance with chunks going haywire in all directions which I have to tame down with a straightener. There are some days when I just can't be bothered. Today was one of those days, I thought to hell with it, and twisted, pinned it down into a weird knot thing. I've never been one to do my hair up much but I'm slowly starting to embrace the idea. As they say, necessity is the mother of all... new habits?

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Unknown wrote:

I love this so much! :)

whitney wrote:

Gorgeous outfit! Love your scarf and dress!


Lucy wrote:

i love your dress!!

Anonymous wrote:

You look gorgeous! And the hair up definitely suits you! Really love the whole outfit! xx


AMAIA wrote:

I love this outfit!!


Unknown wrote:

The scarf is amazing! Cool photos!!


Lacey wrote:

This outfit is so well put together. The hair up really works with it and you've a great face for it.
Where are those glasses from? Love them but they wouldn't suit me I don't think.

Eve-r-green wrote:

Great outfit!

UrtÄ— wrote:

sooo cute, honey ! xo


Blush and Flats wrote:

great look <3


you look so beautiful! i love the dress and that little scarf. your hair loooks great :)


Sandra Kisić wrote:

i love the shoes

Unknown wrote:

oh, i just love your hair in these pics, gorgeous look


Unknown wrote:

Gorgeous pictures! And the dress is really stunning!

Rachella - flourishingfit.com wrote:

you look so gorgeous. the shoes and the sunglasses are perfection x

Raspberry Jam wrote:

Love your dress!



Zornitsa wrote:

I had the same problem when my hair was cut into layers. I feel now better without them. But your looks awesome. Great outfit, especially the scarf

Nancie wrote:

funny thing is, your hair looks perfect! i love the drapping dress! Marcella you always nail it :)

Mandi G wrote:

you always look amazing!!! i absolutely love your style!!!!! :)

i hope you can check out my blog as well!!

im a new follower!! :)

-Mandi G

What Maria has on... wrote:

The bag and the shoes are awesome!

Fashion Agony wrote:

Gorgeous dress!


Sharnie Hung wrote:

So chic!

amalie wrote:

i love this, beautiful pictures!
that dress is lovelyy.


Unknown wrote:

How refreshing look. Beautiful.

Catherine Au Jong wrote:

adorable dress and lace scarf :D


beryl wrote:

i LOVE your outfit so much! perfection!


Jennifer S. wrote:

I love this look....your dress is so pretty!


Shevah wrote:

You look beautiful!


Callahan Brooks wrote:

oh i love the dress and the bag soo beautiful x

Hilke und Luisa wrote:

Soooo Beautiful ! and pretty look !

Saimese wrote:

Loving everything about this outfit

Unknown wrote:

you look like a movie star, love your outfit <3

Unknown wrote:

Super gorgeous dress! Love the cut, colour, everything!

Unknown wrote:

i love the dress and the scarf. Your hair looks lovely like that and since you have long hair you can do so many diffrent hairstyles. Why not try to experiment a bit? It might be easier and less time consuming than straightening them! xxx


Unknown wrote:

I love everything about this outfit. You look gorgeous!

K wrote:

The scarf is really cute.

You suit wearing your hair up, so have fun trying out lots of different ways to wear it! I'd draw the line at pigtails, though...

K xx


Unknown wrote:

love the dress and the bangles are great! hope you're enjoying ur weekend! stay cool!

B So Chic!

lala wrote:

oh! you look great with that outfit! sweet <3


cryskay wrote:

i love your dress and how you accessorized it. i'm your newest follower. xo

Vera wrote:

haha you are fabulous.
do your hair up more often! it's not really a habit of mine either, but it looks good on you :)


Unknown wrote:

Marcella, beautiful and amazing post as always!

Hey just thought I'd let you know I've given you a blog award on my blog!

Have always been a huge fan of ur work!

Liana wrote:

gorgeous outfit! everything about it is just perfect...and those shoes are amazing!

Fashion Bag 411

Joyce wrote:

i love this dress! i'm so jealous that it's warm over there.. thanks for your comment earlier in the week - it totally brightened my cold & dreary day!

Ro wrote:

cant wait for summer and wear some cool outfits like yours!!
love your blog!

mellisaphie wrote:

gorgeous dress!! And I really love your bag!!! :)


Leah wrote:

You're GORGEOUS in that outfit, really beautiful !!

xx, Leah.


il mio piccolo capriccio by Fabiola wrote:

super guapa!!
unas fotos geniales y un vestido divino!
no conocia tu blog pero ya te sigo..
Te invito a que te pases por mi blog y si te gusta me sigas..
Besos enormes

FashionJazz wrote:

Love the way you styled your outfit! Happy Tuesday xxx

Anthea wrote:

I think your hair looks great up. Awesome outfit, very nicely styled!

Trendy Gourmandise wrote:

love that outfit

Alexandra wrote:

I love the draping of the dress, and it's so nice to see your hair up! You have such a lovely face so you can do it either down or up, either way it looks beautiful!

Alexandra xo


Jasmine P wrote:

I love this!! Great dress :)


Jelena Zivanovic wrote:

amazing look,there is not even one thing i don't like here!:)

Nettie S. wrote:

You remind me so much of Tricia Gosingtian (www.triciawillgoplaces.tumblr.com)
You kinda look alike :)

My Thirsty Lips wrote:

perfect inspiration for today.

Nancie wrote:

looking good! and your looks fab even though its haywire!x

Unknown wrote:

adore that lace scarf, altogether this outfit is just fabulous


Unknown wrote:

amazing dress!!!

xoxo from rome

(there's a GIVE-AWAY)

Unknown wrote:

GREAT dress, and it goes so well with the shoes and the lace overcoat. you are just too pretty for words!!

<3 steffy

Alexandra wrote:

Love that like the title implies, there's a boho feel to this outfit, and yet it's so ladylike and elegant. Another flawless and beautiful post from you!

Alexandra xo


Damsels wrote:

i lovethat lacey scarf as a necklace .. you should try braiding the strands that are shrtest and pin them back for a romantic look

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