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February 9, 2011

Destroyed sweater & leather insert pants c/o Storets, Ando bag, ASOS boots

Have been occupying my days with mega marathons of Supernatural. So glad the new season has finally resumed. This is probably the show I have followed for the longest time, it was previously Smallville, but I managed to miss a few episodes one season and it kinda went to la-la land and thus I completely lost the plot when I tried to pick it up again. Plus, the combo of Sam+Dean beats the appeal of Tom Welling overall I think...

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Doni Brown wrote:

You look fabulous!

Hannah wrote:

I could live in this outfit.

Unknown wrote:

I now.. Every day i said: i love your look but is real
i love your style..


Fashion Agony wrote:

Gorgeous outfit, looks very relaxed and elaborate at the same time!


Hannah wrote:

I completely am in love with supernatural also! I almost cried last year when I thought they weren't doing another season.

And I love those pants!

Trou, .ma petite cherie wrote:

I'm loving that sweater and leopard-print bag!

Fariza Othman wrote:

you just opened my eyes to look at you. Argh, beautiful...!!



my god im super in love with this! especially those pants..theyre to die for!

beryl wrote:

i love your sweater with the few rips, adorable :)


Jess wrote:

perfect outfit lady. love those pants xx

Catherine Au Jong wrote:

brilliant legging!


MizzJ wrote:

Great destroyed sweater! Did it come like that, or was this a diy?

Simone wrote:

I'd like to have a trousers like you ;)

michelle_ wrote:

LOVING THOSE BOOTS and the shredded sweaterr !
works really perfect with the leopard bag !

Rachella - wrote:

love it. fantastic look x

Alexandra wrote:

Those pants are fabulous! Love this look as usual.

Alexandra xo

Magda wrote:

great cardigan! :)

Anonymous wrote:

your blog is so wonderful to have look through, i live in auckland and recognise so many places you photograph! hehe, and you always looks so pretty too. xxx

NLR wrote:

Wauw, I love this outfit! You always wear the most beautiful accessories.. And your sweater looks so comfy :-) xx

Jelena Zivanovic wrote:

FAB!!!!!!!!!!that's all i can say!!!:)) i adore each piece from your outfit,and the way u combined!:))

Liana wrote:

this outfit is amazing, i love those pants! and i haven't watched supernatural yet but i heard it was good...:)

Fashion Bag 411

Blush and Flats wrote:

great jumper <3

Riikka wrote:

I love this look! that jumper is great :)

Unknown wrote:

wow!!! love your pants!!! and hat! and shades!!!

xoxo from rome

denise wrote:

I really like the mix of textures.

Unknown wrote:

So cool outfit!

Samantha wrote:

I have been a loyal Smallville fan for forever! But when the final season ends, you can catch up :o)


Ray wrote:

totally loving the whole outfit:))


i love those pants so much! and the sweater. you styled this so great! beauty.


Unknown wrote:

Those pants are insane. Love them!

I've been watching old law and order svu seasons from netflix. So addicting show!

Raspberry Jam wrote:

Love your bag!


Francesca Robertson wrote:

great sweater


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Shevah wrote:

Those pants are awesome!

minnja wrote:

Beautiful outfit

Love minnja

federica R. wrote:

fantastic outfit!
I really like it!:)

amalie wrote:

love this outfit! killer heels! and your sweater looks so comfy.

Johanna wrote:

Oh my gosh is this real? You commented on my blog?! I can't believe this. :-D You are gorgeous!! Thank you so much! :-D However, I love that outfit!

Cylia wrote:

I never watched supernatural before.. I'm more of the tacky reality shows:p everytime I look at your blog it's so mindblowing how pretty the pictures are.. and loving your bag.. I can still remember that outfit post with the fire suddenly emerged behind you guys!

Giulia wrote:

So cute look!
Lovely heels and hat!!! *.*

from Italy

Eve-r-green wrote:

I love your pants!

Katherine wrote:

Those pants are vicious! Especially with those incredible boots your wearing :)

La Petite Marmoset

XaXamify wrote:

Och i love your outfit.
Awesome bag and boots!

My Thirsty Lips wrote:

beautiful. I love it!

Anazuz wrote:

uu, you look super great, and your sunglasses, wow!

AMAIA wrote:

great outfit

Callahan Brooks wrote:

really beautiful outfit x

Nancie wrote:

finally a smile! love the jumper! x

Unknown wrote:

I love ur all outfits!!!
This bag it's amazing! Love it! =)
Tnx for ur comment =)

A.M.M wrote:

Love the outfit. And the pans are sick

Vera wrote:

love that sweater on you :)

Giulia wrote:

i love all of your style!!!

beneath the glass wrote:

those pants are amaziiiinng! love the sweater also. you always have the coolest pieces, i'd love to raid your closet :)

Beneath the Glass

Anonymous wrote:

Those pants & those boots = PERFECTION → Sei BELLISSIMA!!

And, thank you for your lovely comments on my BLOG:

baci ⑉ Brad

Dylana Suarez wrote:

That sweater is fantastic!


et apr├Ęs nous wrote:

I love every pieces of your outfit !

Cocteau meets Garbo wrote:

gorgeous pant <3


Awesome outfit, chunky grey knit and brown leather is such a fresh color combo. Love it!

Hayley wrote:

Love those leggings!

cryskay wrote:

i love your sweater and pants. those pants are to die for! i need it in my life. xo

Virginia Ibarra wrote:

totally! i love supernatural! hot guys + action is the best equation watching reruns of that 70s show though.. love it

FaFoFi wrote:

I love how simple and put together this outfit looks. You have the most wonderful style. =) The sweater looks so cozy and your leggings are divine.

Oh! I also wanted to thank you for commenting on my blog <3 When I saw it was from you my jaw dropped. =) Your comment means a lot!

Unknown wrote:

Love this outfit

Monica wrote:

I've been wanting this purse for FOREVER!

just followed you cause you have amazing style!

Anonymous wrote:

great great great outfit!!!

dekker05 wrote:

hard to resist for such mini-boots, super sexy

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