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February 17, 2011

Valentine's day 2011.

Our destination for the night:

- Calamars Frits au Sesame (mine)

- Poulet aux Herbes (his)

- Gorgeous profiteroles

Valentines's day has been a quiet affair these last couple years so I was pleasantly surprised when my boyfriend told me he'd made dinner reservations for us at a lovely French restaurant this year. We went to St. Tropez in Parnell, which had a 3 course set menu for couples only. The atmosphere was perfect and the food was absolutely divine! My only regret was not starving myself enough during the day, I was so full by the end of it I couldn't finish dessert. Huge regret.

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comments: 70

Unknown wrote:

Beautiful dress!
Lovely shoes dear (:

kate wrote:

Gorgeous photos! Love your dress and shoes! You look stunning!!

FaFoFi wrote:

You and boyfriend look so adorable (and so well dressed)!

I love how sweet you look in your pink floral dress =)

I hope you had a wonderful V-day. ^^

Francesca Robertson wrote:

your shoes are perfection!


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Gorete Sousa wrote:


Anonymous wrote:

I want your dress haha! It is beautiful, and so perfect to wear for Valentines Day, you look lovely! x

Fashion Agony wrote:

Major shoe envy! :)


Trou, .ma petite cherie wrote:

The photos are so pretty and what a cute Valentine's outfit.

Virginia Ibarra wrote:

thats so cute! french resteraunts are pretty pricey! that was really nice of him!

lala wrote:

very nice dress :)
your blog is inspiring <3

Vinda Sonata wrote:

in the first pic you look very pretty, marcella
the title's just what i wanna tell to someone. but he'd just broken my heart hahah

Mars wrote:

You look so perfect in that dress! I really, really love it! Glad to know you had a great Valentine's. :)

Sara wrote:

That dress looks beautiful on you!

Katherine wrote:

I second Fashion Agony! Also major food envy-- those calamiri look so good!

La Petite Marmoset

ZANAH wrote:

You look amazing !

Mon Mode Blog

inkarlcerating wrote:

cute bf. hehe
i love the way u applied yer eyeliner babe

Shevah wrote:

Ah you look so pretty! The food looks yummy!

Nancie wrote:

and you looked friggin awesome! love the shoes!x

whitney wrote:

Adore the entire outfit!

kot-itsa wrote:

u look amazing!

Rachella - wrote:

Gorgeous dress and those shoes are awesome. Perfect outfit for valentine's day x

Unknown wrote:

such a pretty and romatic dress :) and the dinner pictures are really nice too :)

Anonymous wrote:

Wow, amazing photo's! Everything looks so beautiful! :)

amalie wrote:

you look gorgeous! i love your dress and shoes.
hah, and yeah i guess i do have some shopping to do.

Hanna wrote:

You look amazing! LOve that dress so much! Your style is really awesome, so I started following you!

Don't forget to enter my Giant Vintage give-away:D!

BurningBlonde wrote:

You look stunning. This dress, shoes, bag I want to have it too :)
And the food yummmy mhmmm..

Anthea wrote:

Your pictures just get more and more beautiful! Each post surpasses my expectations. Looks like you guys had a lovely V Day!

Embracing Style

Nettie S. wrote:

Both of you look amazing! And I love the photos! :D

Unknown wrote:

adore that dress hun, looks absolutely perfect on you

freyja wrote:

those shoes are amazing ! :D

Unknown wrote:

WOW, lovel outfit and look like you had a great st. valentine's day :)

Vonny wrote:

pretty dress and amazing wedges :) you are really gorgeous

Michelle's Style File wrote:

You look lovely- great outfit!


Anonymous wrote:

stunning shoes!


you are so beautiful what a perfect dress for valentines day! and its nice to see you without sunglasses :) p.s. now im starving for some decadent foodd, humph.


et après nous wrote:

Perfect shoes and dress for a valentine's day !

Unknown wrote:

You look so beautiful and sweet in this dress. Looks like you had a lovely night and although V day tends to be something very commercial, I think we should take the chance to have some more romance in our lives. xxx

NLR wrote:

Wauw, amazing outfit! I love the dress and heels. Looks like you had a perfect Valentine's Day ;-) xx

Unknown wrote:

What a beautiful dress you have! Lucky you!

Alice Lee wrote:

love your dress and shoes :)

Lacey wrote:

This is so pretty and seriously looks like it came right out of a magazine. Great modeling, styling and photography. Thanks for posting this. Inspiration!

:) wrote:


I love everything from your dress to your shoes to the photography!!


federica R. wrote:

your shoes are super amazing *____*

maphi bayolo wrote:

awww you looked so beautifull xoxo

Carissa wrote:

what a super romantic look <3 me likey ;)
and I really love that shoes <3

Yaima wrote:

Ypu look beautiful here so niceee and cute, love your shoes they are perfect for the outfit, besos from Cuba

Raspberry Jam wrote:

Beautiful dress!


PrncszTffny wrote:

im SOOO jealous of your wedges!!

Unknown wrote:

Love everything about your outfit! And those pics are amazing!

Catita wrote:

hmm this looks so so yummy! And your shoes and dress are absolutely amazing!

noone wrote:

wow, love your dress and you look AMAZING! looks like you had a great valentines day dinner too :)

Pretty Dee Dee wrote:

In love with your shoes!!

Unknown wrote:


agnes wrote:

très jolies photos, et tes chaussures sont magnifiques

Liana wrote:

aw how romantic and nice of your boyfriend to make reservations for you guys; the food looked amazing and your outfit was so pretty! glad you had a wonderful valentine's day :)
and thanks for the comment on my blog :)

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Kristen wrote:

such a pretty, feminine outfit. you look gorgeous!

MizzJ wrote:

Aww what a romantic evening! It's nice to see a photo of the man behind the lens so to speak. Love your purse and shoes!

Alexandra wrote:

You look so beautiful, I absolutely adore the dress and those shoes are amazing! Your boy looks very lovely as well haha.

Alexandra xo

Meera wrote:

These pictures are beyond beautiful! I LOVE your outfit.
That dress is gorgeous.
Love your blog!


Ola wrote:

you look amazing! love your dress and shoes!



Anonymous wrote:

love your shoes!

beneath the glass wrote:

you look gorgeous and the pics are great. what a romantic night out! and the food looks so good. hope you guys had a fantastic night! oh and im so jealous you got the shoes- are they comfortable?

Beneath the Glass

Henar wrote:

Aaaw, that's so beautiful!!!
I love it!! ♥


RaindropsofSapphire wrote:

Marcella you look amazing! That dress is beautiful! You are lucky that Valentines day is in Summer for you! I was frozen lol! My boyfriend took me to a hotel for lunch which I posted about too. It's so sweet when they do romantic things :) You are so pretty!

RaindropsofSapphire wrote:

Oh and what brand is the dress?

Stefany wrote:

I love what you chose to wear for V-day! Edgy but feminine. So cute. :)

Kathleen wrote:

aww such a beautiful valentine's day outfit! i love the pink roses, very chic! and your dinner looks so classy!!
keep inspiring girl ;).

<3, Kathleen.

Jelena Zivanovic wrote:

u are sooo soooo sooo beautiful here!!!!!the dress is to die for!!!!:)))))

Leah wrote:

Perfect ouftit ! The dresse and the shoes are just perfect.
French restaurant are always good ;)

Bisous bisous de France ;) Leah.

Rene Braun wrote:

Beautiful dress!


Welcome to my blog:))) Kisses

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