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February 1, 2011

Bad things can happen when ASOS decide to unleash their lethal combo of free worldwide shipping along with a 20% discount...

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Raspberry Jam wrote:

Beautiful items!


Unknown wrote:

I hear ya sister, LOVE the leather clutch and those shorts!

Gorete Sousa wrote:

PERFECT items!!!


Fashion Agony wrote:

I have that clutch saved in my asos account too :) Still not sure how bad I want it :)


Rizzi wrote:

Those shorts are lovely. They are the perfect color too!

london loves wrote:

The shorts and the bag are to die for. But I left too much money already there and already got shorts in a similar colour... :D

Unknown wrote:

Lovely items <33

so perfect!!

Anonymous wrote:

these are some awesome pieces !

Mars wrote:

gonna check out asos now. thank you! :) your choices are so fabulous!

Lacey wrote:

Love those shorts. Did you buy all of these? outfit post when they arrive, please!

Francesca Robertson wrote:



Le Kiss Kiss- Click Here!

Katherine wrote:

That white dress is perfect for you! And I want those shorts... my wallet is twitching!

Liana wrote:

great choices, i love that clutch and those shoes! i hate when i receive emails about sales and discount codes, they're so tempting!
thanks for your great comments on my blog! :)

Fashion Bag 411

Theresa wrote:

The clutch is divine and the the shorts hang so beautifully! I'm going to have to give this ASOS site a looksie....

Virginia Ibarra wrote:

nooo i just promised myself NOT to buy anything else!!! and those sunnies are calling my name :(

The Short Girl wrote:

That scallop dress is so cute! I love ASOS! I go on their site at least 5 times a day & I never knew they had free shipping!!!

lala wrote:

great post! :D

Unknown wrote:

I love that clutch...going to right now...


when BABI speaks wrote:

i love them all! great picks! :-)


et après nous wrote:

Gorgeous pieces !

Unknown wrote:

So great!

PrncszTffny wrote:

i love the shoe!

My Fashion Bug wrote:

It happened to me too :) but I am very excited about my items!!!


Agne wrote:

love these items so much!!!!


omg that dress and those shades--- i love. i didn't know they were having this sale thanks for sharing :) uh ohh

Rachella - wrote:

Haha you're soooo right. Did you order these items? They are awesomeee! Can't wait seeing you wearing them.

Poster Girl wrote:

I agree, I've been eyeing those Asos Tragedy wedges for a couple of months now. Still deciding whether I need another pair of 6" shoes.

Julia wrote:

love those!:D

Sugar wrote:

it happens to me too! hahaha
there goes my money :S

Urtė wrote:

omgg it's sooooo lovely !xo

Trendy Gourmandise wrote:

love the selection !

My Thirsty Lips wrote:

I want them all!

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