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January 4, 2011

Jared (my bf) got me this sick new storage rack system. It's something that I've been wanting for sooo long. Simply perfect for storing all my new favourites and high rotation items.

And yes, I have a lot of shirts.

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Daisy wrote:

Awesome! I love it! Wouldn't mind having one of these!


p.s. Happy New Year btw!

Renee Nabam wrote:

oh my...great shoes...congrats on your new rack!!!!

Jennifer S. wrote:

LOVEEE the new rack.....


Vonny wrote:

love your shoes :) they are amazing!

9th & Jamison wrote:

Lucky!!! I've been looking online for a sleek gunmetal rack for a while, do you know where he got it?? Love your blog!!

Amanda wrote:

Haha just make sure you don't let it get to filled up. I've got a double one of those racks and it's currently being held together by heavy tape because I let it get too overloaded and collapse xD


wow this is perfect, I've never thought of doing this it's such a great way to showcase clothes + great for rotation! lovely! thanks for looking at my blog :)


Sassi wrote:

omg, those shoes. they are to die for!
thank you so much for your comment, I couldn't believe, that you commented on my blog :)

Jamie-Lee Burns wrote:

I love the idea of this kind of set up, I wanted to get rid of my piano to put on of those in my room until i got the idea of buying a bookcase to store my shoes... lol.

Nancie wrote:

this is so cool...and it well organized!


vicky h. wrote:

TOTALLY love this!! Such a good idea for the items you use frequently AND a pretty display! your shirts in all the basics are amazing!! the second from the left is my favorite :) such a great color

xox Vicky
Bikinis & Passports

Rachella - flourishingfit.com wrote:

So sweet to give you this! It's very lovely for the items you're wearing frequently. And it looks gorgeous, btw ;)

Alexandra wrote:

That looks perfect! Makes everything so much more accessible. What a great boyfriend!

Alexandra xo


Georgia wrote:

i've always wanted my wardrobe to be on a rack or display in my room, looks cool! x

Unknown wrote:

wow wow woooow
LOVEEEEE your shoes honey!! <33


Anonymous wrote:

You have amazing shoes!

Alinne's Style wrote:

Hi Marcella, I had one until the last year. I use to hang all my coloured favourites items, like a leopard coat, sequins coat, lace's dresses everything that makes a beautiful contrast of textures and colours. Under the rack, my favourite shoes too. It was displayed in my room not in a closet. I used to sit in my bed and admire it! Great choice! Is also a adorable decor item!
Kisses, Alinne



Catherine Au Jong wrote:

so awesome and neat, love it!

and don't forget my nearly closing giveaway


Unknown wrote:

THat looks handy :)

Unknown wrote:

This is great! And I see your new booties have arrived. I've been trying to find a way to store my shoes cause they don't fit anymore in my closet. I'd love to have a closet room! xxx


Kim - Blonde Suburbia wrote:

Ohh... I have a rack.. I actually have two, unfortunately I have no wardrobe but both my racks at the moment mainly consist of my BOY's lame t-shirts... I'm way jealous that you have total control of the racks!

Your shoes are simply stunning!


Unknown wrote:

this is absolutely perfect, i'm looking for a similar one myself


die Uschi wrote:

Uhhh Weels on your closet..
let me guess...
You made your driving license??


Francesca Robertson wrote:

i need one of those! where'd he get i??


Le Kiss Kiss- Click Here!

Fashion Agony wrote:

I've been looking for an item like that forever, hopeful;y I'll get a new one after I move. :) Love those Alesha boots!

Raspberry Jam wrote:

Im in love with the shoes!



Tima wrote:

I so wish I had enough space in my room for one of those. Its easy access while looking chic!!

Bows and Lavender Lips

Camille wrote:

I love all ! :D

Gorete Sousa wrote:



Monica wrote:

I really like the look here. I like your clothes and your style.
Kisses from
Poland :)

hanna cousins wrote:

love all your black booties! Especially the Sam Edelman booties!

Tijana wrote:

this is perfect!!! I love all !

X. wrote:

i would love to have the space to think about getting that storage rack system !! but it looks amazing :)


RaindropsofSapphire wrote:

I have this exact same rack in pink! It's great isn't it :D


ANNA wrote:

yeaaah!! boots!!!!

Anonymous wrote:

Great Idea!! I need to start doing this for my clothes

Katherine wrote:

Drool worthy shoes!


Vera wrote:

haha oh my, that's such a thoughtful gift :)
you should show us your entire closet sometime, i'm sure it would be MIND BLASTING.


Amanda @ Life with A.Co wrote:


More storage is always awesome.

Love how you put the shoe boxes on the bottom so you could include your fave shoes of the moment too.

A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

Virginia Ibarra wrote:

i need one of these! let me know how you manage with it! its so hard to keep up with your own clothes, especially when there's too much to select. not complaining, i'm just very....unorganized. please do a followup post about hour you use this!!!!

Style Stars wrote:

your wardrobe looks amazing!! i love this.



Rais Tsolaridou wrote:

Hey! I just found your blog! It's amazing! and your style is superb! Following you for more fashion updates!


SL' outfits wrote:

Super amazing post!

Amy McMillan wrote:

You have some gorgeous shoes & I really wish I had that collection of shirts!
I'm now following, hope you can do the same :)


KAY. wrote:


I want it allllll


Sally wrote:

I have one of these & I love it! During the summer I use it to dry my clothes outside.

Chic style wrote:

HI there!! I SO ENVY YOU!!
and so jealous that you have summer.. here it is coold as helll...


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