into the wild

January 30, 2011

My bf and I decided to try something a little different from our usual streetstyle pictures so we scouted out this rugged little corner in the middle of the suburbs for a more editorial feel backdrop. It was a lot of fun being at a deserted location, potentially lethal to navigate around in heels at times, but gave us a lot more freedom in terms of having no nosy passerbys gawking at us constantly. Something we'll definitely try again.

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inkarlcerating wrote:

i love ze editorial photos
wish i have a bf who could do the same for me heehe

Tijana wrote:

I LOVE your style)))

Sebastian wrote:

cool pics
love your style



Unknown wrote:

Gorgeous dress and styling. Also great photography.

Johanna wrote:

Amazing pictures! Looks like a fashion magazine shoots! :-)

Jelena Zivanovic wrote:

absolutely fascinating!!!:)) excellent pics!!;)

Unknown wrote:

I love ur dress... amazing outfit!

Cylia wrote:

youre so lucky you're boyfriend actually wants to take you there to make outfit pictures:) how awesome. so lovely. I like these.. different backround is always good.


seriously this looks like an editorial- an awesome one you need to send it in somewhere or something! haha soooooo beautiful i love it, especially that purse i really like. amazing shoot.


Amalie wrote:

so freaking beautiful!
love the editing. xx


The Perpetrator wrote:

i'm in love with your accessories!

you and your guy make an excellent pair! the photos are amazing!

Sara wrote:

nice outfit. nice blog.
check out mine.

Unknown wrote:

great!!! Like photos!

Fashion Gossip wrote:

beautiful pictures!! love your hat and dress..amazing!

Shevah wrote:

I love these photos. Definitely inspiring and gorgeous.

Raspberry Jam wrote:

Love this dress!


Unknown wrote:

Wow ...Editorial photos you look so beautiful...the outfit is perfect...

bm wrote:

AMAZING, you're gorgeous !!

The Mad Twins wrote:

these pictures are gorgeous!!!
so beautiful!
I like the hat and the maxi dress very much!

Tima wrote:

From head to toe AMAZING. Yes the backdrop is gorgeous!!

Editor & Chic

Blush and Flats wrote:

beautiful photos, they could be in vogue <333

MELISSA Z. wrote:

wow, great job dear, congrast! These pics are very professional and you look fab! <3

Rachella - wrote:

Wow, I'm speechless. These pics are better than the editorials in a real magazine. This is really amazing. Great job and great inspiration <3

Jennifer wrote:


SL' outfits wrote:

You look incredibily gorgeous!
New follower!

Katherine wrote:

Your bf is an amazing photographer and your outfit is perfect for "into the wild!"

Alexandra wrote:

Love this different take you did on the photoshoot! You executed it perfectly, it actually looks like it should be in a magazine. You look gorgeous as always, and like usual, you rock leopard better than anyone else in the blogosphere!

Alexandra xo

Chloe Tweeny wrote:

amazing outfit! amazing blog! amazing everything!

Jackie wrote:

ohh, I love! you should do this more often :) don't you love the peacefulness?

shoppingaholic wrote:

I love these pics. especially the onle where plant is in focus. It made me stop, stare, think, move on to next pic and then come back. Weird... is it?

eloiselabetise wrote:

Stunning photographs! I love your outfit!!! xxx

Fashion Agony wrote:

Great shoot and your heels are beyond perfection!


Unknown wrote:

Amazing photo shoot, it's like a fashion editorial! And the dress and shoes are to die for! xxx

Kathleen wrote:

LOVE this. this definitely looks like it could be in a high-fashion magazine. i love how the lighting in the photos are different and gives a warm feel of summer. def one of my fave mini-photoshots from you! :)

<3, Kathleen.

Samantha wrote:

LOVE the photos! very editorial! and your outfit is adorable! xx :)

Evelyn Halim wrote:

Love your shoes! The clothes are matched tho.


WendyB wrote:

I adore leopard print!

Anonymous wrote:

Just absolutely ♥ your BLOG, Marcella, → So, needless-to-say, I loved seeing your comments on my BLOG: Molto Grazie/Thank You :-)

And, by-the-way, this leopard print dress suits you perfectly... ☆

baci ♥ Brad

FaFoFi wrote:

I love your dress and your "new style." =) It's absolutely lovely! I'm a new follower, but I have so much admiration and respect for your blog.

I love the leopard print.

Carissa wrote:

I love love loveeeeee the hat!

Unknown wrote:

amazing photos! you and your boyfriend make a good team! :)


Catherine Au Jong wrote:

wow, this is super pretty!!!


LucĂ­e wrote:

Love the dress and the bag!


Hilke und Luisa wrote:

Amazing pictures! love that look !

moni wrote:

oh, I LOVE that outfit :)

Leah wrote:

Hi, I’ve just post on my blog an article with my favorite outfits for January, you’re in, if you don’t want I can deleted the picture and off course I’ve linked to your blog. Thanks Leah.

Liana wrote:

wow such beautiful photographs! i love the whole layout and the rustic feel to the photos...great job!
and that dress is amazing, i am so envious of you!
thanks for the great comments on my blog!

Fashion Bag 411

Trou, .ma petite cherie wrote:

These are beautiful images and I love the background. I think it matches your dress perfectly. ^_^

Anonymous wrote:

gorgeous dress on you and i love your blog as always.
come visit the completely new COSMICaroline again soon and see the better layout, revamped outfits, and a new photographer!


Joanne Faith wrote:

Wow - you look stunning! Where are you taking the photos? I'm trying to think but I'm drawing a blank. :P

Joanne Faith xo

Sarah wrote:

Great photos and love the dress xx

Virginia Ibarra wrote:

I love the spread and the font you used, it really looks professionally done! I'm glad that you will continue to do this editorial style photoshoots! I'd love to see more!

FashionJazz wrote:

Awesome pics hun!! Hope you are well! Its been to long since we chatted xx

michelle_ wrote:

these look like they popped out of a reall magazine !!
the whole backdrop matches ur outfit :)

Anonymous wrote:

So amazing! Like real photoshoot from fashion magazine!


These photo's are soo good! The editing is amazing.

Opposite lipstick wrote:


Mercedes Sanz wrote:

love your style and pics! great job :)

visit me:

Theresa wrote:

Those pictures are amazing! I wish I had a photographer with that kind of talent on hand to take my pictures! Jealous.

Vantage Point Vintage wrote:

Obsessed with your dress. It's amazing and I love the length. Great hat too!

Alexa @ VPV

Unknown wrote:

duuuude....this is your best post E V E R !!!!!

Jennifer S. wrote:



smokey onix wrote:

the drees is amazing

visit me !


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