lovely bones

October 31, 2010

Black Milk cape & ribs bodysuit, Jeffrey Campbell shoes available here

Happy Hallowe'en! Curious as to what everyone dressed as this year... do tell!

great lengths

October 26, 2010

ASOS blouse, maxi skirt c/o Schwing Schwing, CR bag, Topshop trilby, Jeffrey Campbell shoes

Been wearing longer lengths lately, quite a refreshing change, plus it's always fun to do some swishing around at random. Not sure how long I can keep it up though, it's getting super warm lately. Not that I'm complaining, the long weekend was stunning! Shame I only got to spend one of those days out and about due to friggin work...


October 25, 2010

call of the wild

October 22, 2010

Glassons lace biker, Topshop maxi & rucksack, Jessica Simpson wedges

Officially finished up all my uni classes this week. I'll probably be nostalgic for the days in the years to come but for now am just so relieved. Just got to get through exams before I can finally graduate! As for what I'm gonna go afterwards, that is a whole other story... I have no idea and it kinda scares the hell out of me.

second skin

October 18, 2010

F21 top, Vila shearling jacket, ASOS jeans, CR bag, Jeffrey Campbell heels via Modcloth

Much as I was enamoured by the shearling trend when it first broke out, I couldn't quite justify (nor procure) the $100s needed to buy the hardcore versions at Topshop and the like. So glad I waited it out, because I found this much more wearable version now at a much more palatable price. Pity it's at the end of the season for NZ, but I'll sweat it out for another fortnight at least before I relegate it to the back of the closet!

shoe porn

October 15, 2010

Clockwise: Jessica Simpson, Jeffrey Campbell (available from Modcloth), and Topshop.

My current top 3. Soon to be reshuffled once my Litas finally freaking arrive haha.

in the midst of blossoming

October 12, 2010

'Walk'n'Roll top' c/o Modcloth, Glassons lace biker, F21 shorts, CR bag, Jessica Simpson wedges

Drove past this street with a seemingly endless stretch of cherry trees in full blossom. Looked totally surreal, so we had to stop and take a few photos. Quite a few people had the same idea apparently - there were at least four other cars parking up to do the same thing while we were there.

Weather has oddly regressed back to icy temperatures this week, not complaining though, I might actually get a chance to wear all the winter things I've bought at the end of the season (including a shearling jacket I'm currently obsessed with muahah!).


October 8, 2010

Topshop blazer (for sale here), F21 top & skirt, Jeffrey Campbell heels via Modcloth, Kookai bag, Nasty Gal sunglasses

Without a doubt the quirkiest pair of shades I've ever worn. Am seriously comtemplating getting a pair in black too for more versatility...

Funny story, while shooting this, my bf and I were approached on the street by another photog who wanted to take our photo, we ended up swapping cameras afterwards so we could get a copy on our one too. It's on my facebook page now heheh.

Topshop swallow print blazer

October 5, 2010

Up for grabs! >>clicky here<<

there's no tomorrow, there's just right now

Topshop suede biker, 'Walk'n'Roll top' c/o Modcloth, Sam Edelman boots, Country Road bag

So glad to be back into blogging again... just handed in a monster essay for my Philosophy of Logic paper yesterday so free time is back on my hands! Weather's finally getting into the swing of summer too (yes even though I'm aware that's technically a couple months away), so all in all, looks like it's gonna be a good week!