it’s compromise that moves us along

August 30, 2010

'Walk'n'Roll top' c/o Modcloth, Dotti jacket, F21 pants, ASOS duffle bag, Topshop boots

The transitional weather has been really hard to dress for recently. The morning usually starts out clear and sunny before I leave the house so I (mistakenly) dress accordingly for the day, and end up looking completely inappropriate by the time lunchtime rolls around and temperatures plunge + it starts hailing randomly. Such is the joy of spring in Auckland. I'm dying for summer to arrive so I can get out the slouchy tanks, super sheer tees, denim cutoffs and dresses again!

This imitation Rocco from ASOS obviously ain't got nuthin' on the real Wang, but for $20, kinda just too tempting to pass up.

just added

August 27, 2010

Just added a bunch of stuff to the store. Sorry I didn't get the time to take my own product photos this time! I've used images I saved when I bought the items so rest assured they are pictures of the actual things I'm selling :)


BB Dakota jacket' c/o Modcloth, F21 tank & shorts, ASOS sandals & bag

Currently in love with black and chocolate brown combos. I know they're not supposed to go together but I think that just lends more to the appeal... What about everyone else? What's your favourite color combinations?

neutron star collision

August 24, 2010

Some random shots from just playing around at home... felt a bit guilty about not posting for over a week now.

I finally got my hair cut properly today! I haven't got a cut at the hairdressers in years now. Sufficing with the old DIY trimming didn't seem so bad, but finally I had to admit the cheapness was starting to show. Supposedly I should have more 'movement' now hahah

cold shoulder

August 17, 2010

Schwing Schwing shirt, F21 shorts, Topshop backpack, Sam Edelman boots

Rather uneventful weekend... consisted mostly of rain, sleep, bad tv and adding things into my various fantasy shopping carts around the place. One day, I tell myself...

excessive compulsive

August 13, 2010

This has been a long requested post, so here it is finally - a selection of my favourite shoes :) The pictures are a bit out of date though actually, the collection has grown a wee bit since then haha!

Don't get me wrong from this, I am definitely not rich (oh I wish!) I just choose to spend all my money on shoes and buy cheaper clothes as a trade off. My philosophy is that a good shoe will always fit if you just buy the right size. For clothes, I find that that's rarely the case, (IMO) most designer/high-end labels seem to make things with the proportions of 6 foot models in mind, tops & pants are always cut way too long even though I buy the right size. I always find it so depressing when I try things on that, even though they fit in terms of shoulders and waist, still looks ill-fitting overall because of the length. Since I never have this problem with shoes, they win hands down over clothes for me anyday!

that was yesterday

August 9, 2010

F21 tank, Glassons fur vest, thrifted bag, Black Milk lace flares, Steve Madden heels

Admittedly these lace flares are a tad chilly for winter wear but come summer, they'll become be a staple. Can't wait for the warmer weather to hit, as usual I've acquired a lot of clothing for the opposite season to this one, so they've yet to venture out of the closet into the light of day. So v frustrating.

Jeffrey Campbells for sale

August 6, 2010

I spy

August 4, 2010

BB Dakota Trench coat from ModCloth, Black Milk bandage leggings, Anne Michelle ankle boots

A little while ago I was approached by James (Mr. BlackMilk himself) to shoot a street style lookbook for him. I jumped at the chance - of course - to get my hands on sneak previews of his new designs, one of those being these incredible bandage leggings. For those of you who have been waiting for something like this since the idea was debuted by Stolen Girlfriend's Club in 09, the search is over. These are way better than the originals in terms of design, and I suspect there will be quite a waiting list developing, so get yours here asap!

The lookbook is still in the works, but there will be more to come soon...


August 1, 2010

Ebay blazer, VG dress, Swallow print scarf from ModCloth, Topshop wedges, vintage Dior bag

I love this silky soft swallow print scarf - I ended up creating this entire outfit around it. I really wanted to match the dreamy femininity of it. These Topshop wedges are pretty amazing too, I actually bought them in both blush and black. Was incredibly tempted by the lipstick red versions of them too... but that would definitely have been overkill.