99 problems

May 30, 2010

Jeanswest tee, 'Shorty Wanna' jacket from ModCloth, F21 jeans, Anne Michelle boots, Topshop rucksack

Among many things, I have a constant fixation with asymmetrical moto jackets which is why I just had to have this one from ModCloth. It's a very unique take, made with soft sweater material for that excellent slouch factor. It has a retro feel to it too which I kinda love with the washed out color. Definitely a closet favourite at the moment.

Found this spectacular location while driving around abandoned parts of the city. It's pretty effing awesome, despite the presence of corrosive sludge ponds around the place as my boyfriend claims. Speaking of whom, I actually had a go at being photographer for once and shot him while we were there! Am thinking of posting the results on the blog... what does everyone say to adding some man-style on here?

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May 24, 2010

F21 top, Topshop pants & boots, vintage belt

A lot of Topshop pieces have been infiltrating my wardrobe of late, I've almost lost track now. Doesn't help that on my latest excursion on the weekend, I managed to come back with two more jackets, a leather biker (yes... another one) and a breathtaking mint green wool blazer that my man splashed out on (UN-believably fortuitous girl that I am). I put some rather blurry photos of them on my Twitter earlier, but these will be making their proper debuts on here very soon...

A few new things have been added to

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pretty vacant

May 21, 2010

Dotti tank, White Heat blazer from ModCloth, Scarlet Room skirt, CR bag, Gmarket boots

Pretty vacant pretty much sums up how I'm feeling right now. So, so tired after this week. All I want to do is cuddled up in bed with my man and make him watch the last season of Supernatural with me. (hint hint...)

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after the rain

May 13, 2010

Dotti tank, F21 jacket, Temt jeggings, Seventhdoor clutch, JC 'Raid' wedges via ModCloth

Despite being among one of the loftiest pair of shoes I own, these wedges are insanely comfortable. Light as a feather, yet with plenty of stomping power. There's just one size left available from ModCloth, so if you are an 8.5 you're in luck! (Otherwise make sure you sign up for their notification in case they restock!)

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the tension and the spark

May 11, 2010

Glassons knit, F21 shorts, bag via YesStyle, Jeffrey Campbell shoes

Had a rather nightmarish experience with Yesstyle. Took them a month after charging me to figure out they were out of stock, then another while until they actually decided to process a simple refund. I thought it might have been a once off, so I tried another purchase but the same thing happened the second time around! No idea what possessed me to do it again, but thankfully it was third time lucky with this bag. Suffices to say though, I'd rather brave Gmarket instead next time.

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May 6, 2010

Dotti jacket, Glassons shirt & tights, F21 shorts, Topshop rucksack, Jeffrey Campbell boots

Thought I'd post some proper shots of the outfit I wore in the last post :)

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