i wish it could last

February 28, 2010

Thought we'd venture off the city streets to a more picturesque location for a change. I really love how the lighting played out here.

Start of the semester tomorrow... which basically means the end of my freedom. Sigh.


February 24, 2010

This was quite possibly the most eventful outing we've had so far. This kitty wandered up to us first for a sniff around and flopped over for a pat, then we picked up a groupie in the form of a curious little girl on a tricycle. And to top things off we ran into a local TV star whose house it turned out we were shooting right outside. He was rather interested in what we were doing and what my photos were going to be for. I was so mortified, he probably thought we were paparazzi stalking him lol

morning after dark

February 20, 2010

Running morning errands with my drug of choice.

Sam Edelmans for sale...

February 19, 2010

Yes, I can't believe I'm selling these, but the truth is they are well over a size too big for me. Insoles don't help much and my feet slip around rather precariously when I wear these, so it's time to let them go. More pictures and info listed on the shop.


February 15, 2010

..... Valentine's Day adventures.....

walking on a dream

February 9, 2010

A bit of a self-indulgent outfit... I've been waiting weeks for an excuse to wear this dress - dinner date, cocktail party, class reunions - but none came up so to hell with it I thought! I'd just make my own occasion up.


February 6, 2010

Feeling pretty uninspired these past few days, it's been all work and no play. I'm so looking forward to finishing my summer internship. I think I have about a week off to relax before uni starts for the year. And Valentine's day is coming up soon too. My boyfriend and I haven't done anything special for the past two years so we might make something of it this year just for a change. It involves a yacht ;) What are everyone else's plans?

Been adding tons of stuff to the store too, here are some of the latest items:

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